Author's Note: Um, hi there! This is my first story ever written because the idea just wouldn't leave me bugged me for a week so I decided to post it up here. I hope you guys won't be too harsh on me, my writing skills aren't that good as other writers. Hope you guys enjoy it! :D

Randy slammed his chiseled fist against the locker, the sound of the clanging contact mingling with his own anguished scream echoed around the empty room. He didn't know if he could yell anymore. Regret and pain shot through him and he slumped down to the floor. It felt just like his heart, cold and hard.

He opened up his clenched fist and brought Cody's leather bracelet to his nose, it still had the faint scent of Cody, sweet and tangy. The ache in Randy's heart finally overruled the pain of the leather strap digging into his palm as memories flooded his mind

With an exclaimed gasp, Cody felt himself being gently pulled into Randy's lap. Calloused hands ran up his smooth thigh and finally circled onto his slim, almost girl like wrist. Randy slide on the leather bracelet in one fluid motion, the letters- R,K,O glinting brightly. A soft chuckle escaped Randy as he watched Cody's eyes widen first with shock then with childlike joy. A breath was hitched in his throat when those pair of mesmerizing eyes turned to meet his. "This ensures that you'll never leave me." Randy whispered with a boyish grin. "Forever", Cody declared with radiating confidence. A chaste kiss was then exchanged between them. Ever since, Cody never took that bracelet off.

Until now. Randy clutched the accessory closer, a lone tear trickling down his face that had fine hair-lined scars all over. They made him look even more attractive, Cody once said, tracing them with slender fingers. But as Randy's father always said, good things never lasted.

"Cody! Randy barked with furiousness , " I told you for the millionth time not to interfere, You. Just. Made. Me. Lose. The. Chance. To. Be. Champion!" He punctured each word with a hit to the bench he was sitting on. "I…I just wanted to help, I didn't know Teddy would….." Before he could finish, Randy stormed away, leaving behind his heart.

Randy let loose a pent-up sob of distress. Tears were welling fast in his ice-blue eyes. Cody said they reminded him of the ocean.

"Honeymoon in Maldives, please RanRan?" Cody endowed his request with a pretty pout completed with beseechingly puppy-dog eyes. He didn't need to ask,Randy never denied anything that Cody wanted.

Eventually, Randy's temper got the best out of him and a few weeks later on Rawm he actually striked Cody. Once his palm made contact with Cody's face that wasn't one of the usual affection, Randy cringed as shock and anger flitted across Cody's face.

Later, Randy returned to an void locker room other than the presence of Cody's leather bracelet thrown on one of the benches.

He laid the blade against his wrist, a drop of blood already welling across the angry red mark. He begin slashing forcefully in rhythm to his self chanting of Cody's name. The soft sacred murmurs were like the sound of windchimes, beautiful but also fragile. Crimson flowed down his arms, blurring the detailed tattoos. Randy closed his already half-lidded eys with a finalitym his energy slowly ebbing away. He uttered through chapped lips " Please don't leave me, Cody. You promised, I'm…I'm sorry." The looming darkness then engulfed his entire body. Forever.

When they found him, the smooth leather bracelet was held tightly near his heart, the letters still glinting with fallen tears.