Yuri Melodies Chapter Three

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Chapter One


When Ritsu goes online, she checks if a certain bassist was online. She had been unsuccessful in her quest to talk to her childhood friend normally again. She would be ignored and she'll feel cold again. She would lock herself in her room and cry there. She always held the supposed to be lyrics Mio had mailed her. She had thought it was a love letter.

6:45 pm

Ritsu spots the name she had been hoping for pop up in her list of online friends. She clicked the name and quickly typed.

Ritsu: Mio! You're online. Thanks God! Please don't be angry at me. I know I shouldn't have done what I did during the school festival but I can explain. I've loved you for a long time already Mio. I know I'm not usually this direct but I couldn't handle how hurt I felt when you started avoiding us. Well...More precisely, when you started avoiding me. Please reply. I really want to talk to you. I miss you. And I love you.

7:15 pm

Mio: I'm sorry. I'm really sorry if I caused you all that pain. Please forgive me Ritsu. *crying*

Ritsu: You replied! *shouting 'you replied'* You don't have to say sorry Mio. But I really was hurt. I mean, I cried a lot.

Mio: Really? I'm really sorry if I caused you to cry Ritsu. *crying* I'm really sorry.

Ritsu: Don't apologize Mio. 'Apologize! You made me a crazy person these past few days!'

Mio: I'm so sorry! * bowing down to her laptop as if it was Ritsu*

Ritsu: I'll forgive you Mio *snickering to herself* if you...kiss me.

Mio didn't reply.

7:30 pm

Ritsu: Mio!!!

Ritsu: Helloooo!!!

7:55 pm

Mio: Sorry Ritsu. I fainted. *blushing slightly*

Ritsu: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!*laughing, rolling on the floor*

Mio: It's not funny. But if I have to I'll do that! *blushing*

Ritsu: *surprised* Really? *feels guilty*

Mio: *blushing madly*

Ritsu: *feeling really guilty* You don't have to do it. I'm not really angry at you. I just told you I love you, didn't I?

Mio: *relieved* I'm so happy.

Ritsu: I'm happy I can talk to you normally again. You have to explain why you avoided us though. *a little angry*

Mio: Okay then. You see...I discovered...that...*blushing so hard that she can't type anymore*

Ritsu: That what? *really curious*

Mio: That I'm a...*blushing* 'I can't even write it down'

Ritsu: Say it already! *annoyed*

Mio: *quickly types* I'm a lesbian and I have a thing for girls!! *after she reads what she had written she was surprised*

Ritsu: *equally surprised*

Mio: 'Better tell it now.' And you know...I love you. *blushing madly*

Ritsu didn't reply

8:30 pm

Mio: Ritsu?

8:55 pm

Mio: *slightly irritated, worried* Ritsu! I repeat! I love you! Ok, I love you!

9:25 pm

Ritsu: I'm sorry. I fainted

Mio: *eyes pop in surprise* You, the great Ritsu Tainaka, fainted?

Ritsu: *irritated* Yes. I, the great Ritsu Tainaka, fainted.

Mio: Why?

Ritsu: Because you said you loved me.

Mio: *slightly hurt* Don't you love me?

Ritsu: I do. I just wasn't expecting what you said.

Mio: Oh.

Ritsu: So why did you tell Nodoka first? *jealous*

Mio: Because I feel a different aura around her that with you. 'Her aura is like mommy's'

Ritsu: Oh! Ok, then.

Mio: So...What now?

Ritsu: I know! *grins evilly* I'll go over at your house and we'll make out!

Mio: *almost fainted as she read Ritsu's reply* Are you crazy?!

Ritsu: Prepare food too. I'm starved! Bye!

Ritsu is offline. Mio sweatdropped but she couldn't help but be excited.

9:40 pm

"Hey Mio. Are your parents at home?"Ritsu asked as she kicked off her shoes and listened for the familiar voices of Mio's parents.

"They're out. They went to visit my grandfather and they'll be out for the whole week." Mio said in the cold voice she uses to hide her feelings.

Ritsu was surprised. Not by Mio's cold voice but by her saying that her parents left to visit her grandfather and Mio didn't come. Mio even ditched school to visit her grandfather when he called Mio.

Ritsu was touched. Mio stayed for her.

She grinned and pulled the taller girl for a kiss. They broke apart, and went up to Mio's room. Then they did their thing.

A/N: End! If you wanna know what 'their thing' is, just use your imagination or read a rated m Mitsu fic.

Ritsu: Finally! All the drama paid off!

Me: How was it? *shines*

Ritsu: Ehh!!!*blushing* *changes the subject* I can't believe you made me faint.

Me: *teasing* You fainted for about an hour. HAHAHAHA!!!*can't stop laughing*

Ritsu: SO. NOT. FUNNY. *attempts to tackle me*

Me: *ducks just in time**sticks tongue out*

Ritsu: *hits face first on the wall* *bleeding* *dying*

Me: *to the staff* Get the medic! Ritsu's in trouble!!!!*panics*I can't lose my main character! *suddenly realizes its the end of the fic* Oh! It's fine, then.

Mio: Hey! You can't let Ritsu die!!

Me: *shines* How was it Mio? How was Ritsu?

Mio:*blushes* *turns to audience* Bye now! *closes curtains*

Me: *protesting* Hey!! *sighs in defeat* No choice then! Thank you for reading! BYE!!!