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"And make sure that you call.."

"Yes call you when I get out of class, call you after patrolling, and call you when I get home, make sure I lock all the doors and go straight to bed, and then call you in the morning. Would you like to reiterate how I should wipe my own ass, seeing as I can't do anything without you dictating it?"


"Buffy, yes I know, you worry about me, but damn it this is why I moved over 2,900 miles away. I need to live my own life. Nothing has happened in over a year, I think if you maybe managed to keep the phone calls down to once a day, gasp, the world won't end."

"Don't joke, that could happen, and you damn well know it."

I let the silence play out a little bit longer, we had been having this conversation for weeks now, and she still blew my phone up almost every hour. Willow has had to send me three new phones because I kept smashing mine. I tried calling anyone of the gang that would help get Buffy off my back, but no such luck. The only people who were any where close to being as overbearing as her were Spike and Angel, and they at least only called me twice a day.

"Buffy, I have to go, I'm about to walk into class. And yes I will call you when I get out. I love you, and make sure you ask Willow if she has that spell ready to remove that large stake from your ass." I hung up before she could say anything, and put my phone on silent. I knew once I got out of class I would have a million voicemails, but that shit was funny. It was joke between myself and Willow.

I made my way across the campus to my classroom, my American History class. This was one of my favorite classes, one because I loved history and two because major hotties were in this class. I walked through the doors and took my seat in the back of the class. The professor wasn't in yet, so I started taking out my laptop and booted it up. I was taking a sip from my delicious hot chocolate, can't do coffee I already had enough energy without real coffee in my system, when I felt the tingle from up my spine. I knew it was them, every time they walked in I got the tingles. I knew that had to mean they weren't quite human, but I couldn't figure it out. I paid more attention to them then I did the professor. Sure enough they walked by and took seats two rows head of me, like always. They both had blonde hair, the taller one, yummy boy number one I liked to call him, had his hair a little bit longer, it rested just below his scrumptious chin. I never got a real good look at their faces, but just by the side glances I knew he was gorgeous, he was maybe six foot three, give or take, broad shoulders, and long legs. And an ass that made my mouth water. The shorter one, dubbed yummy boy number two, was maybe four or five inches shorter, and he kept his hair cut close to his scalp. From what I could tell he was also gorgeous, these two could be brothers, they looked very similar. The taller one squirmed a bit in his seat, and the other one laughed. I finally snapped myself out of my lust induced haze and realized the professor was at the front of the class starting. I promptly wiped my chin to see if I had in fact drooled and willed myself to pay attention.

Right, I have no idea what that guy was talking about. All I know was that it had something to do with the Civil War. We were suppose to write some paper on it, looks like I will be giving Angel a call. He was alive back then, he could give me a few pointers on where to start my research. I packed up all my stuff and headed out the door, I always wanted to wait for my boys to walk by, but I never had the courage to stay. I made my way to the lawn in front of the campus and took out my cell. Sure enough I had a dozen voicemails and a few text, one from Willow laughing and trying to yell at me at the same time. I dialed Buffy's number, maybe a little harder then I should have.

"Damn it Dawn, stop hanging up on me, and that was NOT funny young lady."

"Oh come on, that was fucking hilarious!" Girl needed to loosen up, more nookie time with Angel would loosen her up. I could hear him in the background trying to calm her down, but the slayer was having none of it.

"And stop leaving your phone on silent, although I guess it's a step up from you turning it off. How are we suppose to track it if it's turned off, what if you get kidnapped. What if a vampire would have gotten you."

"Jesus Buffy, the only time I ever turned my phone of was when I was in class, and I have DAY CLASSES. VAMPIRES CAN'T BE IN SUNLIGHT, OR DID YOU FORGET THAT FACT FROM SLAYER TRAINING 101!!" I realized I was yelling and people were starring at me, even yummy boy one and two. Shit. I took the phone away from my ear, cuz Buffy was in turn yelling at me.

"A play, I'm in a play. Vampires and werewolves, oh my. Right. Sorry." I turned around and started walking faster to the parking lot. Damn it, that was embarrassing. I put the phone back up to my ear.

"Dawn sweetheart, you there?"

"Hey Angel, did you bite her, because I give you permission to do so. "

"That's not funny Dawn, and you know she just worries about you, we all do. We just don't understand why you had to go to college all the way across the country when they have perfectly good schools here in LA."

I sighed. And for the millionth time I answered " Because Angel, I needed to get away. I need to be on my own, live my own life. I understand you guys are worried, but you can't very well put me in a little box somewhere and keep me safe forever. Damn it, I am a grown women and you guys still treat me like I'm that 15 year old kid who is going to get kidnapped any second. Besides, I know how to take care of myself. Between trainings with you, Spike, and Buffy, plus the other girls, I know how to handle myself. My spidey senses are sharper then ever, and I take all precautions necessary. You all need to have a little faith in me. Let me go. Please."

I couldn't keep doing this. It was wearing on me, I felt like I had no control over my own life. Which technically I didn't I was the key, and every nasty demon or what have you wanted to use and control me to their will. But there were certain things that I could control in my life. Schooling, were I lived, how I lived, and not getting kidnapped I could control. I've been here for a few months, and I've had only a few run ins with vamps. They were pretty scarce around here, which was actually kind of boring.

"I understand Dawn…"

Buffy cut him off, he must have had me on speaker phone. " Oh Dawnie, I'm sorry! I know I have been a shit lately, but you have to understand that it is just the fact that I worry about you. I couldn't live with myself if you got into trouble out there and I'm no where near to help. But I get it I do, I will try to give you your space. I don't think I can promise anything yet, but I will start by keeping my phone calls down to a minimum, kind of. And you don't have to call me whenever you do something, but I would like it if you did call me after you patrol. Can we agree on that?" Hell that was more then I thought I would get.

"Sure Buffy, I can manage that. Now I need to go, I'm still getting weird looks, well more weird then usual. I will call you guys tonight. Love you guys, oh and Angel see.."

"Dawn Summers you better not say what I think you are going to say!"

I laughed, "Oh no of course not……. Sex that girl up and see if you can remove that large stake from her ass. Love you. Bye."

And I hung up. Laughing to myself. Got to enjoy the little things. I heard laughing come from behind me, and the shorter was laughing. I don't think he could have heard me, could he, naw. I put my phone in my bag and slung it over my shoulders and I walked up to my baby. No one knew I had this but Spike, he was actually the one that helped picked it out. It was a 2009 Yamaha R1, all black and red. She was beautiful, and Buffy would kill me if she ever found out I had it. I had started stashing away money in a separate account drawing money from the account set up by the Council and Wolfram & Hart. I was technically a part of the Watcher Council, because it fell, they needed all the help they could get. And since I was pretty much raised by Giles, a watcher, and Buffy, a slayer, I had first hand knowledge about a lot of the things that went bump in the night. I also was a real help with research, I knew a dozen different languages, including some ancient dead languages. And a few demon ones, even Wesley would call me for help. But because of my age I wasn't actually in charge of any slayers, I only helped out when I was needed. Which was also why I was employed by Wolfram & Hart, I worked with Wesley a lot, researchy stuff. That and having a big brother run the company, of course I would have my own account there. And a personal jet was to die for.

I pulled the helmet over my head, and climbed on, she started up with a purr. Sex on wheels, yes sir. I stole one last glance at my boys and took off home to change and patrol.

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