This is the sequil to No More Problems Right?

It's two and a half years later

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Where'd you go?
I miss you so
Seems like it's be forever
That you've been gone
~Where'd You Go by Fort Minor

Jasper, Emmett, and I were the only ones by the two caskets now.

We interlocked our fingers together and bowed our heads. Jasper's hands were stone cold and I could feel Emmett's wedding band digging into the side of my finger. We repeated our parents' favorite prayers over and over until all three of use were crying so hard we could barley speak.

We lifted our heads.

"I can't do this anymore." Emmett mumbled as he wiped his eyes with his hand. "I've already said my goodbyes."

He slowly walked back to the car where Rosalie was waiting.

"I can't believe it." Jasper choked on his words. "They can't be gone."

"I know." My voice was raspy from all the crying.

"What's going to happen to us?" Jasper asked me with big eyes.

I sighed. This was hard on all of us, but Jasper was having the hardest time with it out of Rosalie, Emmett, me and him.

'You're his brother Edward.' Dad told me one day. 'If anything ever happens to us, you have to take care of him. He's always going to need you.'

He hasn't needed me sense we turned thirteen two and a half years ago. He went from looking at me as a father figure to looking at someone more fit to be a father, Dr. Carlisle Cullen. And now it was up to me again to take care of him again.

"Remember?" I wrapped my arm around his shoulder. "We're going to live with Emmett and Rosalie."

"What's going to happen to the house?"

"I'm not sure Jazz." I sighed.

I rested one hand on Dad's casket and one hand on Mom's. They were side by side, being buried next to each other, just how they would have wanted it.

"You ready Jasper?" I asked.

He nodded yes.

"Edward?" He said in a breathy voice as we made our way back to the car.

"What is it bro?"

"W-why did that guy shoot them?"

"I don't know." I felt like I was going to cry again, but I didn't. It was like I already cried so much and my eyes couldn't produce any more tears. How do I explain a drive by shooting to him anyways? "I don't know."

He wrapped his arm around my shoulder, and we headed to the car.

"My poor babies." Esme silently cried in the woods that was separated from the cemetery only by a small chain link fence, her vampire vision allowing her to see the funeral clearly.

"I know honey." Carlisle was behind her and wrapped his stone hard arms around her and held her close to him.

They watched their sons cry over their empty caskets.

So did you get what happened?