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It's too early in the morning to be having these thoughts. These thoughts of not being good enough. I try to brush them off as I stumble to my adjoining bathroom, willing myself not to notice the cold, empty side of my bed.
It's hard not to notice.
The thoughts continue...
Late nights at clubs where men tease and make empty promises that don't even last until the light of day.
Why the fuck do I even bother?
When I return to my room, I don't even bother making it back to bed. Instead, I sit in a chair, consumed by my thoughts.


I reach beside me for my well-worn corduroy pouch and pull out my pipe. Thankfully, it's still packed from yesterday, so I light up and inhale eagerly. The smoke floods my lungs, and within seconds I'm hit with that sweet feeling of calm. The relief is instantaneous. My mind has slowed down and those lingering thoughts are gone...for now.

Two more hits cause my stomach to growl loudly, and I realize I haven't eaten anything since yesterday afternoon. I grab a pair of clean boxer briefs and slip them on, hoping I can find something to make in the kitchen.



The rest of the apartment is quiet as I make my way into the kitchen. I figure that my roommate Irina is still probably passed out in her bed. I try not to make too much noise as I bend down to rifle through the fridge, finally spotting a package of breakfast sausage. I look to see what else I can use and end up grabbing some eggs and a not quite shriveled red pepper. I take a second to grab the cream for some coffee, thanking my lucky stars when a quick sniff lets me know it's still good.



I also decide to grab a yogurt so I have something to snack on while my food cooks. My damn stomach won't shut up, so I finally address its noisy grumbling.

"You're going to get fed. Chillax!"

The sound of an unfamiliar snicker behind me makes me freeze.

Turning slowly, I'm suddenly face-to-face with one of the most gorgeous men I have ever seen.

"Hi," he says as his eyes roam all over my body.

I suddenly feel incredibly self conscious. It doesn't help that I'm holding the package of sausage right in front of my own... package.



"I'm Garrett," he offers and sticks his hand out. I can't help noticing that he's only wearing boxers and a threadbare t-shirt.

I fumble around with the food I'm carrying before finally placing it on the counter. I look back up to see his hand still extended towards me, waiting.

"M-Marcus," I reply, cringing as my own name gets stuck in my throat. I have no idea why he's making me feel all twisted up. He's not even worth getting frazzled over. He's most likely Irina's latest conquest...but there's something I can't shake about the way he looks at me.



"I know," he replies, and my jaw drops. His perfectly pink lips curl into a smirk before he continues. "I'm Irina's cousin. I just moved here and she said it was cool to crash for a couple of days..."

I want to stop staring. I know it's impolite and probably rude, but I can't pry my eyes from his angular jaw that's peppered with stubble.

"Sure," I finally manage to spit out.

Eventually my stomach reminds me why I'm in the kitchen in the first place, and I grab a bottle of oil before turning the heat on under a skillet.



The oil heats up quickly, and I toss in the sausage while I chop up the pepper. Garrett is still in the kitchen, making no move to leave, and I can feel the heat of his gaze follow me wherever I go.

I scoop up the pepper and dump it onto the cooking sausage, flinching as a spray of hot oil sears the side of my finger.

"Fuck!" I shout, spinning around like a hopeless idiot.

Garrett is fast to act, grabbing my finger and sticking it under cold water. It takes all my strength not to moan at the contact.



When he's still holding my hand three minutes later, despite the harsh reddening of my burn subsiding to a light pink, I pause. I have a feeling that I already know the answer, but I need for him to say it.

I've spent too much of my life hiding things away, keeping too many things secret, and I don't want to continue with that. I also don't want to second guess myself, but I can't help doing so. My failure rate when it comes to attracting the right kind of guys always makes that seed of doubt start to grow.



"I...I think it's okay," I tell him but make no move to take back my hand.

Garrett looks up and stares directly into my eyes, not allowing his gaze to waver in the slightest. I feel my hand move as he gingerly brings it up between us until it rests right in front of his mouth. I can feel my breath hitch, and I watch as his lips skim my finger where the skin is tinged pink. He doesn't pull back immediately, instead allowing his lips to linger on me, causing my legs to go momentarily weak in the knees.



"All better?" Garrett whispers, his lips forming the words against my finger.

"Mmhmm," I manage to mumble out, and I wonder if he can feel how fast my heart is beating through the pulse of blood in my hand.

He finally lets go, and it takes me a second to regain my composure. Garrett shifts behind me, and his body slides purposefully against mine. I fear that he's just been teasing me and is now making an escape. Instead, he walks over to the stove. Picking up the spatula, he turns back to me and winks.

"Maybe I should cook?"



I nod, fearful that any words that come out of me right now will make me sound pubescent. I swallow thickly, hoping to gain some semblance of control, and walk over until I'm standing right next to Garrett. I feel a rush of heat spread through me, and I know it isn't coming from the pan. Biting my lip, I take a chance and rest my hand on his shoulder.

"How's it looking?" I ask.

He cranes his neck to look at me, and his eyes capture mine.

"Really good," he answers, and I really hope he's not talking about breakfast.



While Garrett stirs the sausage so it doesn't burn, I stand next to him, cracking eggs. No words are spoken, but there's a loud current of electricity humming between us as I grab another pan to make some omelettes. I stand over the eggs, stirring them until they're cooked, then transfer them to a plate.

While I should probably grab some silverware and plates, I don't want to leave Garrett's side, so I lean over him under the guise of checking on the meat. When I do, my arm brushes against his ass, and I want to do it again.

And again.



I have a feeling that Garrett is amenable to this idea, as he arches his backside towards me, causing my hand to brush up against his perfect ass again. My fingers still, as panic creeps in.

I close my eyes, trying to decide what to do next. I can remove my hand from him, ignoring that any of this was real. Because in all honesty, shit like this never happens to me. Gorgeous men don't walk into my kitchen dressed in thin shirts and sexy boxers, waiting for me to attack them with kisses.

Or, I can grow a pair and...kiss him.



Bracing myself for the worst, I slide my hand up his back. I thread my hand through his messy black curls before cupping his face and pulling it towards me. My lips land on his cheek, brushing against prickly stubble that I ache to lick. Instead, restraining myself as much as possible, I place one more soft kiss to his cheek before letting go.

Tension pulses through me as I wait for his response. I'm flooded with relief when he finally looks at me, grinning before his tongue darts out to wet his lips.

"So, after breakfast, how about lunch...and then dinner?"

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