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Lets just say when the Strigoi attacked the school, Rose and Dimitri were both taken. But were they both turned? Guardian Janine Hathaway wants to know what happened to her daughter.....

Janine pov

"Guardian Hathaway." A voice came from behind me. I turned and saw Alberta Petrov, captain of the guardians at St Vladimir's, coming up towards me. St Vladimir's was the school my daughter, Rose, went to. Emphasise on the "went" part.

A pain like stabbing ice ripped through my chest when I thought of my daughter. Children weren't supposed to die before their parents. And Rose had been dead for almost two years. I had deep regret for not being able to protect her from the Strigoi attack on the school. But I had more regret that I'd never gotten to know her, even though I knew she'd always wanted to know me. At least when she was younger.

What made matters worse was that if Rose wasn't dead, she might as well be. Because her body was never recovered. More than likely the Strigoi had dragged her body away to snack on later, which made me sick. But not as sick as the alternative.

I shook the thought away. I would not—could not—think of Rose as a Strigoi.

I nodded in acknowledgement of Alberta. Her eyes appraised me with the indifference of all guardians who lived in places like the Royal Court. They also shone with pity. I hated it when people looked at me like that. It made me remember.

"We're almost at the exit." Stan Alto shouted at a few of the novices that were running in front of us towards the entrance of the cave. A Strigoi reached out and went for a Moroi and a novice girl. They come first. I regretted having to reach out and protect the middle-aged Moroi before the young girl who had barely started her life yet. But that's what I was trained to do.

The Strigoi snapped her neck so fast she didn't have time to scream, and it was at that point that I dragged the Moroi over the threshold of the cave and into the sunlight. She'd be safe from the Strigoi now.

I turned around, expecting to see Rose and Guardian Dimitri Belikov coming out, but they weren't there. Instead about twenty Strigoi were at the entrance, sneering at us, obviously annoyed that they couldn't walk into the sunlight.

Then I heard a scream a pure terror and I knew I'd know that voice anywhere. That's when I saw Rose.

She was surrounded, but I was proud to see she wasn't giving up without a fight. Belikov was with her, they stood back to back, trying to take out as many as they could. As he plunged his stake into one of their chests, another one came at him and he was out in an instant. He'd barely dropped to the ground when Rose screamed "No!" and the Strigoi she'd been fighting with bit into her neck. Another strangled scream came out of her mouth and then she didn't make any more noise. The Strigoi were dragging their bodies away.

"Rose!" I barely recognised my own voice as someone held me back from going into the cave.

"Hathaway. What the hell are you doing? We have to get out of here." It was Alberta. Her words didn't make sense to me. Why would I go? I had to get Rose!

A few more guardians came over to see what was going on. I didn't like the looks they were giving me.

"We can't just leave her in there!" I think I may have said other things, but my mind wasn't really attached to my body.

"Janine, Rose is dead. There's nothing we can do." Alto said quietly. If he thought those words were going to stop me, he was wrong. I broke out of Alberta's grip, but someone must have knocked me out because the next thing I remember is waking up in the school med clinic.

I came out of my reverie and tried to distract myself with the guardian in front of me. Alberta's face had a very serious look on it when she spoke. "Two female Moroi and a baby were found in Russia and brought here. They're in really bad shape."

I nodded, waiting for her to go on. Speaking wasn't one of my favourite things to do in the world.

"One of them is a woman named Tania Dragomir."

That actually caught my interest, not something that was easy to do. Tania was related to my charge, Vasilisa Dragomir. She was her aunt, and was presumed dead when her body was taken by Strigoi about 10 years ago when she was 18 in an attack that wiped out most of Vasilisa's family. I waited for Alberta to tell me who the other girl was.

"The other girl is Molly Drozdov."

The name Drozdov would be familiar to anyone who lived in the vampire world. The Drozdov's are one of the twelve royal Moroi families. But the name Molly didn't ring any bells in my memory, no matter how significant a look Alberta was giving me.

She eyed me warily when she continued. "She went missing in the attack on St Vladimir's."

I now knew why she'd told me specifically about Molly. She was taken along with Rose. My pulse suddenly started racing. I didn't want to give myself false hope, but this girl could know what happened to my daughter.

"Where are they?" I asked, not wanting to show I was only interested in Molly. I don't think I fooled her though.


When Alberta had said the women were in bad shape, I hadn't realised how bad she meant. Tania's neck and arms were covered in bruises, most of which were bleeding and I noticed she had cuts that were scabbed over. I knew instantly that she'd been fed off. A lot. If anyone tried to touch her, except Molly, she freaked out. Badly.

Molly was in better shape, but not by much. She clung to the small bundle in her arms as if her life depended on it. At least she didn't scream when people tried to touch her.

"Miss Drozdov, I know this is hard for you, but we really need you to give the baby to the doctors so that they can make sure he's okay." Dr. Mindralkus said soothingly. I'd always wondered how child psychologists stayed so calm while they dealt with kids, teenagers in particular. She was obviously very good at her job. But I didn't want to over think it. I knew Rose had seen a counsellor...

"No." Her eyes widened and she shook her head, inching away from the Dr. And clearly trying to put as much space between her and the hospital bed as possible. "They'll do tests on him. They'll think he's evil."

"No, they won't. They just want to make sure he's healthy. They won't do anything to hurt him."

Molly still seemed reluctant to let go of the baby boy, but she slowly handed him off to an awaiting nurse, her eyes following her as she left the room. It had me thinking that I should have been that protective with Rose while I still had her...

"Okay, Miss Drozdov—"

"It's Molly. Please don't give me any royal crap."

If the Dr. was surprised by Molly's choice of words, he didn't show it. But then, he was probably trained to expect anything. "Okay Molly, what have you and Lady Dragomir been going through for the past two years? Everyone is really glad you are back."

Molly sat there for a while, just collecting her thoughts by the look of it. Dr. Mindralkus didn't rush her. "The Strigoi in Russia want to start a revolution." She began, speaking really quietly, as if scared someone would hear her. "But they need to overthrow the Moroi royalty first."

"And how are they going to do that?"

She took a deep breath. "They're using dhampir and Moroi girls to be their blood whores—no surprises there. But there's more to it. Did you know that male Strigoi could produce life? Well, not with other Strigoi, obviously. It's like how everyone knows it. Dhampir and Strigoi equal baby dhampir. Human and Strigoi equal baby dhampir. Strigoi and Moroi equal baby Moroi. The Moroi girls they choose are all from royal families because apparently our blood is stronger than regular Moroi. The dhampirs are chosen by how good they are at being guardians. They'd obviously produce better "specimen". They plan to send the kids of Strigoi to the academies. Once they're in they have to get as far up in politics as they can so that when one day there is enough to take over the royal court, the Strigoi can start their "evolution". They want to rule over all kind, and make all humans aware of their existence. I suppose it's a smart plan. No one would suspect a thing until the very last moment. But they didn't count on us escaping."

Everyone in the room was shocked. Okay, that's probably an understatement, but I couldn't make my mind understand anything but shock. Strigoi were using girls for some kind of demented breeding program? The thought made me sick.

Dr. Mindralkus remained calm. No surprises there. "Were you used for this breeding program?"

Molly looked out the only window in the small hospital room, her expression unreadable. "When I was first bought—yes bought, he actually paid for me—by Ivanov, I didn't realise what was going on. I thought he just wanted me for sex and blood. I figured he got bored of Tania, and wanted someone younger. Not that 28 is all that old. At least, that's what he told me. But that was before he started to use us at—at..." she shuddered, and looked a little green. "at the same time. I didn't realise I was pregnant until Tania told us the real reason we were being kept chained in his room." She looked down at her hands sadly, on the verge of tears. "I was allowed to keep my baby girl for four months. Tania only got two months, but she told me it didn't matter, she was used to it. All her kids have been taken away from her too. She's had 11."

11 kids in 10 years, all of them taken away by Strigoi. I wondered how Tania coped with that.

"I don't know where they were taken, but I know the Strigoi are going to start filling her head with evil. There was no way I could get her away from Ivanov. He was too strong, and the estate we lived in is really high tech. They can see your every movement." Molly now had tears running down her cheeks. "Her name is Lillian."

"Molly, how did you and Tania get away from them?" Dr. Mindralkus, who was frowning, showed the most amount of emotion I'd seen in her today. Even if it wasn't much.

"I still don't really know. I just had Brady a month ago. Tania miscarried at four months. Ivanov hurt her bad for that. She couldn't walk for a week. I don't think her body can handle having any more kids." Molly wiped her eyes. "I knew Ivanov would kill her if she didn't get pregnant again. But she just couldn't." She started sobbing slightly. "I tried to use a bobby pin to unlock our chains, but he caught me. He tried to hurt Brady, but I wouldn't let him. I think he only stopped cause he didn't want to harm part of the "future of civilisation"." She shook her head. "He hurt me and Tania instead, and said if we tried it again then he'd kill us."

"But you did try it again, didn't you?"

She shook her head. "I didn't want to endanger Tania or Brady."

"Then how did—"

"Rose Hathaway got us out."

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