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Chapter 6

"Where's Molly? She should be here with me. She's a bad girl for leaving. We're both bad girls." Alberta sighed and shook her head at me as I entered Tania's hospital ward. Tania was sitting on the white hospital bed, slinking away from Dr. Mindralkus. It had been almost a week since she was found and there was still hardly any progress on Tania. "Ivanov is going to be so angry."

"Molly is coming." A voice said behind me. I didn't need to turn around to know it was the nurse from the front desk.

"Guardian Petrov." I said, looking at Alberta. "Can I have a word?" she nodded and exited the room with me.

"What's wrong Janine?" she asked when we got outside the room. I glanced around quickly to make sure no-one was listening.

"You and I both know quickly Moroi gossip gets around the court. We don't need this to get out." I said, before beginning to explain. "A plane just landed outside the court. Thirteen women, nine children."

Alberta nodded, seemingly understanding. "Rose and Dimitri's plan seems to be working."

"I just wish there was some way to communicate with them." I heard footsteps, and looking to my right saw that Molly was coming down the hallway. "I've got to go back to the Hacking Rooms."

I think I was becoming obsessed. Every day, when it was my turn to do some surveillance, the only computer I was interested in was the one that had access to Rose and Dimitri's room. I spent as much time as I could, gathering information about what they were planning. But it was almost as if they planned it in their minds, for I never heard them speak a word about how they were going to break people out of the estate.

Rose was once again sitting alone in the room, this time on the edge of the bed. She glanced nervously at the door several times, and I wondered if she was waiting for Dimitri. But from what I'd observed she always anticipated him coming back. The answer to my thoughts came pretty soon because she was standing within seconds of there being a loud bang as a Strigoi entered the room. I recognised him as Nathan. A blonde human girl dressed very inappropriately was standing behind him, along with another Strigoi man who towered over Nathan, who was tall to begin with.

"We know it was you, blood whore." Said Nathan, his hands gripping Rose's shoulders. "You're destroying our plans. I don't care that Galina doesn't believe me, I know you and Belikov are the ones who are helping people escape."

It was like some kind of switch went off. Rose was suddenly on top of him so fast he didn't see it coming. She pulled a stake out from the back of her pants and plunged it through his heart, as quick as a viper. It was like watching an angel of death deal out her will as she turned to fight the second Strigoi. He didn't stand a chance against her. Rose pushed him to the ground when she had dispatched him.

"Shit." Rose muttered as she looked at the blonde girl, who was huddled against the couch. She held her hands out in a peace offering, but the girl screamed and lunged at Rose.

"Will you chill? I'm not going to hurt you!" she said as she tried to hold the struggling girl down on the floor. The blonde girl said something in rapid Russian that I didn't understand and Rose sighed and slammed the girl's head into the ground. I knew it wouldn't kill her, but still…

"Freaking hell, Inna." Rose groaned, and ran a hand through her hair. She grabbed the tall Strigoi's feet and dragged him out of sight, then did the same for Nathan. When she came back into view it was to lift the blonde girl—Inna—up onto the couch. She paced around the room for a few minutes before rushing over to shut the door. She stood in front of Inna for a few minutes before turning to stare at what I assumed was the computer. Slowly, cautiously, she walked closer to the screen until all I could see was her.

Her dark eyes stood out in contrast to her pale skin, skin that was once so tanned it resembled the inside if an almond. I wondered briefly how long it had been since she was last in the sunlight. Her red lips were pulled down into a frown, her face showing a look of concentration. She opened her mouth and I knew she could tell she was being watched. I never got to hear what she was going to say because at that moment she leapt away from the computer and practically ran to dive onto the bed.

Within seconds she had wriggled to the back of the headboard and I heard a click. The door.

Another Strigoi, this one a red head, entered the room, dragging a struggling teenage girl that looked like a girl version of Dimitri. He let her push against him and struggle before he pushed her to the ground like she weighed nothing more than a feather.

This girl was definitely a fighter though, and the Strigoi spent almost 2 minutes trying to restrain her enough that he could tell Rose something in Russian that sounded like: "Tell her the rules around here if you don't want her blood on your hands." Before he pushed her into the couch—which held an unconscious Inna—and strolled off screen, assumedly out the door.

The girl started cursing up a storm (in Russian) that I was slightly thankful I couldn't understand, and slammed her body against the door I couldn't see.

"You're not going to get out of here. Trust me, I tried."

Rose had gotten off the bed and crossed her arms. The girl walked back into view and stood in front of her. She said nothing, just took in deep breathes, clenching and unclenching her fists.

Rose huffed. "My God, I really hope you speak English, cause this is gonna be hard otherwise." She walked and knelt down to inspect Inna.

The other girl turned her body to face Rose. "Of course I do." Her voice was heavily accented.

"Good. Now help me move Inna to the bed. I swear I nearly had a heart attack when you and Sergei walked in. I thought I was totally busted." Rose picked up Inna's legs while the other girl lifted her shoulders. "There's two dead bodies behind the couch in case you wanted to know. I think that's enough for one day." They dropped Inna onto the bed. "Although," Rose thought for a second, almost talking to herself. "I have had my doubts as to whether Sergei really is on their side. Cause he doesn't seem all that enthusiastic about his job." She propped Inna's head under a pillow. "I'm Rose by the way."

The girl seemed a little shocked at the abrupt changes in subject but held out her hand. "I'm Viktoria."

Rose smiled that permanently snarky smile. "Oh yes, I know. Dimitri's told me all about you."

Viktoria's eyes windened. "You know Dimitri?"

"Of course I do. He's my husband." And after making that shocking revelation, she waltzed off screen and came back two minutes later holding the baby who I still did not know the name of.

Viktoria obviously didn't find Rose's marital status as interesting as I did. "Who's that? And where is Dimitri?"

Rose smiled down at the baby. "This is Aleksei. And I think Dimitri is scoping out the holding rooms."

"Holding rooms?" Viktoria asked the question I was thinking.

Rose bounced the baby gently—it had started crying. "It's where they keep all the Moroi and Dhampir girls before the Strigoi buy them—or kill them."

Viktoria sat down on the couch. "Is my brother a Strigoi?"

Rose looked nervous. "Well… yes, but—"

"So he's dead." Viktoria cut her off.

I think if Rose hadn't have been holding Aleksei she would have thrown her hands up in the air. Or punched someone. "No. You know what? I'm going to tell you something about Strigoi, Viktoria. Not all of them are as bad as the guardians and Moroi make them out to be. It's only the ones who choose the path of evil that we hear about. No one ever tells you that some of them—not many—can choose to be different. They can get their souls back. Becoming Strigoi does not instantly mean becoming a soulless killing machine."

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