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Chapter 44


Bella's pregnancy had progressed with little change from what she went through in her dream. While she had been drinking blood from the get go, she opted to try animal blood first since she recalled enjoying the almost raw chicken she had at the island. But minutes later, she was running to the bathroom to throw everything up.

Edward was right behind her, holding her hair away from her face as she continue to heave. Both Carlisle and Esme were at the doorway, ready to help out when needed.

"She needs to drink human blood, I think," Carlisle suggested.

Edward looked over his shoulder at the people he considered his parents. "You're right. It would only get worse as she continues to grow."

Bella reached for Edward's hand as she slumped against his cold body. She felt so weak, her skin was clammy, her breathing shallow.

Edward ran his fingers through her hair and Bella savored the cool feeling on her scalp. "That feels so good," she whispered. Her eyes were still closed and she let her head fall on his shoulder.

She tried to get up to brush her teeth, while Edward held on to her for fear that she would stumble if he let go. As Bella began to clean herself, Esme stepped into the bathroom to help.

As quick as lightning, Rosalie was at the bathroom entrance as well with a glass full of blood in her hand. After hearing Carlisle's suggestion, she had gone into the kitchen and grabbed a bag of O negative blood that they had stored.

Edward saw what his sister was offering and shook his head. "Transfer it to a different container."

Rosalie nodded, and headed back to the kitchen in a flash. "Something not so transparent, Rose," Edward called out after her. Not a minute later, Rosalie was back with a very opaque Styrofoam cup.

"Where did that come from?" Bella asked when she saw the cup. Her sense of smell had improved with the pregnancy and the scent of fresh human blood made her mouth water.

Rosalie rolled her eyes. "Alice bought it for your birthday party, when she thought you'd allow her to invite other people."

Bella huffed in amusement. She took the cup and breathed it in. "It smells so good."

Edward smiled; his hand still on her back. "I never thought I'd say this but, drink up, Bella."

Bella grinned back at her husband, raised the glass and took a sip. When she drew the cup away, her mouth and teeth were all red. For a minute, Edward saw what Bella would look as she hunted.

"How are you feeling?" Carlisle asked.

Bella smiled up at her father-in-law. "I think I'll be able to keep this down."

Carlisle was shaking his head. "That's good. Then after, maybe you'll be able to eat some regular food as well. You need to keep your health up, Bella."

Bella nodded at that. "Okay." She finished her drink and got up to brush her teeth once more. She didn't want to risk Edward getting tempted, or accidentally tasting the blood on her lips.

Everyone left the bathroom, save for Edward, who was staring at her through the mirror.

"How are you really feeling?" he asked.

"Much better now," Bella mumbled through a mouthful of bubbles and toothpaste.

"Tell me the truth."

"I am."

"I heard a bone crack while you were sleeping, Bella," Edward continued. "You have to tell me, or Carlisle, everything. We need to know each minute detail so we can figure out how to go about this without you dying."

Bella quickly finished and wiped her mouth with a towel. She turned to Edward and hugged him, then pulling away just enough that she could stare into his eyes. "This is different. Yes, some of my bones will probably break, but we already know that. And we also know what's going to happen. Everything will be all right. I'll be fine. We'll be fine." Bella put a hand on her protruding belly. It had only been a week, and yet she looked as though she was already six months pregnant.

Edward leaned down and placed a tender kiss on her stomach. "I just wish we're at the end already. I hate not knowing what's going to happen. What good is it to have powers like seeing the future and mind reading if it doesn't work when you need it?"

Bella giggled at Edward's tirade. "You've gotten so used to just hearing people's thoughts that things became too easy for you. Maybe that's the only reason why you like me, because I'm quiet up here." She tapped her temple for emphasis.

Edward shook his head, playing along. "No, that's not it."

Bella's eyes shone with liveliness. She loved seeing this side of her husband. "Tell me."

"Because you and I are meant to be. We're soul mates."

"Aha!" Bella almost jumped up in glee. "You said it. Soul mates. That means we have souls to be such. Meaning, YOU HAVE A SOUL."

"Yes, yes, I figured it out some time ago that maybe we did, maybe I did. But . . . for all the wrong I've done, I don't know how lucky I am to have found the one person I've been looking for, the one person I need even when I didn't know what I needed, exactly. When things get out of hand, you're there to take me away and let me live in your silence. I never expressed my longing for a family, yet here you are, giving me exactly that, sacrificing your life for my happiness." Edward was laying it all out in the open as solemnly as he could, but then Bella cut him off.

"Shut up."

"What?" Edward was baffled at the sudden anger he could see on his wife's face.

"I don't want to hear that anymore. I love you, you love me. If you could do this for me, if you could go through the pain for me, I know you would do it, no question asked. I'm just the same as you. I'd do anything for you, for better or for worse. So enough with the sadness, okay? Let's be happy, we're having a baby for Christ's sake!" Bella stormed off, leaving Edward to stare after her and wonder what he had just witnessed.


Bella stayed locked up in their bedroom, cleaning. At least she tried. Their space in the Cullen household was immaculately spotless. She knew Edward, and maybe Esme, made sure that she wouldn't inhale any allergens that could cause her and the baby harm. Yes, she felt drained and weak and tired, but she wasn't an invalid. She was getting sick of Edward's persistent babying. She knew what she signed up for when they went on their honeymoon. She knew what was going to happen when she got pregnant. Why couldn't Edward just enjoy their time together? This pregnancy was a one-time thing. They should be relishing every second of it. But no, Edward constantly worried, and her ire was about to reach a boiling point.

When she got to that realization, it was as if someone had popped her balloon. Her anger quickly deflated and she questioned why she was even irate in the first place. It was just natural for Edward to be scared and worried. None of them had ever experienced this. As far as most of the vampire world knew, a human bearing a hybrid was unheard of.

She unlocked the door, and left her sanctuary in search of her husband. But before she could take a step down the stairs, Rosalie was right beside her. "He went hunting with Esme," the blonde told her after seeing the curious expression on her face.

"Oh." Bella gingerly took one step at a time, careful not to lose her balance. Her big round stomach had caused her to wobble precariously a few times. "Is he mad at me?"

Rosalie's laughter rang through the air. It was a melodious sound. Bella never got tired of hearing her vampire family laughing. She often wondered how hers would sound once she was turned.

"As if he could ever get mad at you, Bella. He thought you needed space. And for once, we agree. He's too . . . motherly," Rosalie commented.

Bella could only raise an eyebrow in response before looking down at the way Rose was holding on to her.

"Touché." Rosalie winked and led Bella to the living room so she could sit on the luxurious couch. "Do you need another drink?"

Bella shook her head. "I do need to talk to Carlisle though. Is he here or did he go hunt, too?"

"No, he is." At Rosalie's response, Carlisle appeared in front on the girls.

"What do you need to discuss with me, Bella?" Carlisle asked.

Bella bit her lip and looked at Rosalie, then back at Carlisle. Alice, having seen the bag of blood being opened, had encouraged Jasper and Emmett to go hunting with her. And with Edward and Esme gone as well, it was just the two blondes who were staying with Bella in the house.

"I think there's something wrong with me," Bella said softly.

Rosalie was alarmed, and so was Carlisle. "Wrong? What's wrong? What are you feeling? Why didn't you say anything sooner? If you had, I wouldn't have let you trudge down those stairs. Edward will kill us both!"

"No, wait, stop! It's not like that. It's . . ." Bella tried to find the words.

Carlisle sat beside her and waited patiently for Bella to explain what she felt.

"Earlier, Edward and I were talking. I'm sure you heard us. One minute I was happy, then the next I was ready to chew his head off." Bella sighed. "I just got so angry at him, and he didn't do anything wrong. He was just being helpful, supportive, and I ended up driving my husband away. What kind of a wife am I?" Bella was in tears as she ended her speech. She was sobbing uncontrollably, her hands covering her face.

Rosalie only looked at Carlisle before sitting on Bella's other side. She took the young woman's hand in hers and held it in an effort to console her.

"Bella, you're pregnant, which means your hormones are all over the place. You'll feel emotions from every range of the spectrum. This is natural. Edward understands that," Carlisle said, thinking about the medical degrees that Edward had as well. He knew his son was aware of the many complications of human pregnancy. Carlisle also knew this added to Edward's fears. A human pregnancy was complex enough as it is, but a half human, half vampire one . . . this was definitely one for the books.

"It was never like this in my dream. I was only weak physically, but emotionally, I was okay. Well, aside from stressing over Edward, I was fine," Bella added.

At that, Alice, Jasper and Emmett came through the door. Both men were carrying bags upon bags of baby items, with Alice leading them toward the third floor of the house.

But Jasper stopped upon seeing Bella. He unceremoniously dropped everything he was holding and was almost doubling over at the barrage of emotions he was getting from the human.

"Jasper!" Alice yelled, rushing to her husband to help him up. Carlisle was also beside him in an instant. Bella, Emmett and Rosalie only looked on, unsure of what to do.

"What's going on?" Emmett asked, his arms still loaded with boxes and bags.

"Emmett, just set those down and go help," Rosalie demanded, still sitting with Bella.

"What's wrong with him?" Bella asked, concerned for her brother and friend.

"Bella, stop," Jasper said weakly. Carlisle, Alice and Emmett were all trying to help him up, but it was as if he was being weighed down by his own powers. He had to stop channeling into Bella's feelings, but it was like a vacuum sucking him in.

"Stop what?" Bella asked, her anxiety creeping higher and higher.

Everyone could only stare between Jasper and Bella. There was obviously something wrong happening, but no one knew what it was.

"Stop feeling . . ." Jasper begged as he crumpled to the floor.

"Jasper!" Alice was screaming.

"What?" Bella and the others said out loud.

Just then, Jasper felt as if a door was slammed in his face. Bella's emotions were gone. It was like they were blocked straight away. He stood up slowly, being aided by Alice. "What was that?"

"What was what?" Bella looked on in terror. That didn't happen in her dream.

"You. It was as if a tidal wave of your emotions just hit me head on. And it felt like it was pushing me down, drowning me," Jasper told them all as he sat on a seat, far from Bella. He was looking at her in trepidation.

That was the scene Esme, and more importantly, Edward came upon. And fear spiked up in the room once more.

"What happened?" Edward rushed to Bella's side, holding her close, checking for any injuries. He heard the various thoughts from his family, and all of them were alarmed about Bella.

"I'm okay," Bella answered. "Something's wrong with Jasper."

Esme gave Jasper a once-over, but saw nothing amiss.

"I'm all better now. But earlier, when I walked in the house, I could feel Bella's emotions. There were too many and they were too strong. I didn't think they would completely overwhelm me, but they did. It was like a physical punch. I felt it," Jasper said emphatically. "In all my years, I have never encountered anything like it."

Everyone looked at each other, trying to come up with an explanation.

"Could it be the baby?" Emmett asked.

All the Cullens turned their heads to face him.

He shrugged. "I mean, Renesmee had powers, right? This could be the baby's powers manifesting."

Edward was shaking his head, but he was hiding the gesture from Bella. If this was the baby's ability showing, that could only mean one thing. The baby wasn't Renesmee.

"No, it's probably just my hormones. I mean, Edward's talent is mental, not emotional. It has to be something that coincides with his ability. The baby can't be an empath. My baby will have powers that would be like Edward's." Bella's pitch was going higher. "Tell them, Edward. Our baby has mental powers like yours. Because if she doesn't, that would mean . . . that would mean . . ." Bella couldn't even finish her sentence because of her sobbing.

Edward pulled Bella as close to him as he could; trying his hardest to comfort her.

"What did we do differently?" Alice spoke up.

Bella raised her head from Edward's chest, tears still streaming down her face. "What?"

"What's different with this pregnancy from the one in your dream? Did this happen?" Alice asked.

Bella shook her head. "No, I didn't have any outbursts like this. We didn't even leave the house. None of you could even hunt because the wolves . . ." She gasped and stared at Edward. "The wolves. Jacob, Seth and Leah were with us the entire time to help protect us. Jacob was here. I didn't have any emotional episodes because he kept me calm, at peace."

"No! We are not telling the wolves anything. Did you forget that Jacob imprinted on your daughter?" Rosalie's voice rang out.

"But maybe having Jacob here will keep her emotions at a minimum," Jasper suggested.

"No, you can use your abilities on her if it gets out of control," said Edward.

Bella pushed at his chest, trying to get away from his grasp. "I'm right here! Don't talk about me as if I'm child that needs to be controlled!"

Edward let her go, avoiding her getting hurt as she struggled to be released. "That's not what I'm saying. I only want you to be calm. It's bad enough that carrying the baby is causing you physical harm. You don't need the emotional stress on top of that."

"Fine! Jasper can do his hocus pocus. But don't ever talk about me like that again." Bella marched herself into the makeshift clinic since she couldn't climb up the stairs by herself. She didn't want to be around any of the vampires. She knew she would regret her actions later on, but at the moment, she didn't want to suppress anything.

No one had anything to say after that. The Cullens were all speechless and helpless. They wanted to do something to make it easier for Bella. But the only thing they could do was wait; wait until the baby was born. And hope that this new development with Bella wouldn't carry on to her change.