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Chapter 49


The Cullen house loomed ahead as Bella and Edward ran at the same pace. They were happy; their laughter could be heard by the family a mile away.

"Bella's back," Esme said, smiling at Carlisle and they went out to the porch to welcome their youngest daughter.

Rosalie and Emmett came out of their room, each one cradling a twin in their arms.

"You're about to meet your mother, girls," Rosalie said softly, kissing the top of Renesmee's head.

Emmett grinned at the other twin who was looking at her uncle wide-eyed. "And you're finally going to get a name. But if I were to give you one, I would name you–"

"Emmett, stop it," Rosalie said.

"What? It's the third day and she still doesn't have a name," Emmett angrily responded.

"She'll get one today," Alice interjected with a smile. She flitted between the couple, moving at vampire speed as she, too, rushed to greet Bella.

"And you couldn't be bothered tell us what it is?" Emmett shouted, causing both babies to cry. His eyes widened and he began rocking the little one in his arms. "No, no, no. I'm sorry. Uncle Emmett didn't mean to make you sad. I'm not angry. See, I'm smiling. Happy thoughts, kiddos." He was making funny faces, trying to get them to stop weeping.

Rosalie rolled her eyes and shook her head. She walked toward the living room, leaving her hubby where he stood, bouncing on his toes.

She cradled Renesmee in her arms, drawing her close and kissing the top of the girl's head. She tried shushing the infant, making sweet sounds to calm her down.

She walked up to Jasper and nodded her head to ask for a little help. Jasper smirked and sent calming waves toward the two young ones. Soon, the bawling turned to sniffles and tiny hiccups.

Emmett's sigh of relief was priceless. Jasper and Rosalie snickered upon hearing it.

"They've got him wrapped around their little fingers," Jasper commented.

"Mmhmm," Rosalie murmured. "He's going to spoil them rotten." She then had a curious expression on her face. "I wonder how Bella will react to seeing she had twins?"

"She's excited, nervous…" Jasper replied. "A lot nervous." His brows were scrunched together and he went outside to where Carlisle and Esme were waiting.

Edward was ecstatically excited about seeing Bella's reaction to their girls. He was holding her hand as they walked at a slower pace than the new vampire speed Bella seemed to enjoy. He was taking the lead but was stopped abruptly when Bella froze.

He turned to look back at his wife. Her expression showed something akin to fear. Edward went back to her, taking her arms in his grasp. "What's wrong?" he asked.

Bella began to nibble on her bottom lip, a habit she obviously carried with her through her change. And Edward wanted to do nothing more than kiss her right then and there. However, he knew she was worrying over nothing. He brushed his thumb on her chin, making her release her lip. And then he kissed her, slowly, sensually, making her forget all her anxiety.

When Edward pulled away, Bella still had her eyes closed, her lips slightly open and she was leaning a little toward him. She opened her eyes, and had to shake her head to clear away the fog of confusion that had settled in her head. When she realized what Edward had done, she slapped him lightly.

"I hate it when you do that." Bella was pouting, but inwardly, she was trying her hardest to stop herself from smiling.

"Do what?"

Bella sighed and looked at her husband with pure adoration. "Dazzle me."

Edward gave her a bashful smile. "You do the exact same thing to me."

"This won't ever fade, right, despite how long we'll live?" Bella questioned.

"What won't fade?" Edward asked back.

"This feeling, the amount of love I have for you," Bella answered. She was so overwhelmed by the emotions flowing through her, whether it was from the hormones, the change, she didn't know. But one thing she was unequivocally certain about was the love and devotion she felt for one Edward Anthony Masen Cullen.

Edward was beaming. If vampires could fly, he would be soaring in the clouds that very moment. "No, this won't fade. I love you, Isabella Cullen." He drew her in his arms, hugging her tight, and kissed her with all he had to give.

"Ahem…" The couple stopped kissing, not liking the fact that they were interrupted by one very impatient and irritated looking Alice.

Once she had her attention, Alice put her hands on her hips and waited for the couple to pull away some more. When Bella faced her fully, Alice launched herself at her best friend. She hugged the woman she considered a sister and was so excited that she was now just like them. "I'm so happy you're fully one of us now, Bella."

Bella returned the hug. "I'm happy, too, Alice."

Alice then pushed Bella at arms length, going over her outfit, knowing full well that she was wearing Edward's shirt. "What happened to your dress?"

If Bella still had the capability to blush, she would have.

"Stop teasing her, Alice. You know exactly what happened," Edward said.

"What?" Bella asked, looking at Alice, then Edward, then back to Alice. "Don't tell the others, please. It's so embarrassing," she requested softly.

Alice giggled. "Oh my gosh, you're still so human. I love it." She looped her arm with Bella's and led her toward the house.

"Bella," Esme greeted. She had her arms open and went to embrace the latest addition to the vampires.

"Esme." Bella grinned and returned the gesture.

It was Carlisle's turn after and he looked at his newest daughter. "You did it, Bella. Everything you dreamt of, everything you told me." He and Bella shared that bond. She was his patient and he looked back to the time that Bella woke up and he heard her story.

Bella gasped. Her dream felt like it happened so long ago. In fact, it was a lifetime since, when she was still human. "I remember. Thank you for believing me."

Carlisle shook his head. "Thank you for completing our family." He then looked to his oldest companion, his son, who also nodded his thanks.

"Come on, enough of the sentimental stuff," Emmett spoke from inside the house. "We've got two little girls who want to meet their mommy."

Bella was stunned at the reminder. Everyone began to move toward the doorway, but she remained frozen on the spot. Edward went to her and so did Jasper. He started to manipulate her emotions, changing fear to tranquility.

Jasper spoke with his Southern drawl. "It'll be all right, Bella. What you're going through is completely normal. But just for now, I'd like to help you."

"Thanks, Jasper." Bella nodded. "I'm just so scared."

"What are you so afraid of, love?" Edward asked, stepping in front of Bella so she could focus on only him.

"What if they don't like me? What if I hurt them? What if I'm not a good mom? I didn't get to hold them. Would they even know who I am?"

"Bella, they're your babies, of course they will love you. You won't hurt them because you're already worrying about what harm you might cause and you haven't even seen them. I know you'll be a great mother. You took care of your parents when you were but a child yourself. You were ready to sacrifice your life for our girls. If that's not being a good mother, I don't know what else you need to do to be able to call yourself one. And Bella, they know who you are, they remember you."

"They do?" Bella looked up at her husband.

"Yes, now let's go. Before Emmett names our girl." Edward chuckled. Bella took his hand and went into the house, with Jasper following right behind them.

Edward was all smiled when he saw his children. "Rose," he said, nodding once to let the blonde know that it was safe to hand the baby to Bella.

Bella was biting her lip once more as Rosalie approached her. Her sister-in-law had a smile on her face and placed the infant in her arms. She held her breath as the child was given to her. But as soon as their eyes met, Bella gasped.

Renesmee looked up to the new person and blinked. She knew this one. She was their mother.

"Oh my God," Bella whispered. If she could cry right there, she would. She drew the baby close, hugging her closely.

Edward saw the motion and jerked toward Bella, ready to interfere in case his wife forgot her own strength.

Bella saw Edward's sudden movement. "I'm fine," she whispered.

"Are you okay?" Edward asked as he was rubbing her back. He knew it was a very emotional moment for her.

Bella pulled away slightly, staring at her daughter. "Renesmee." She was practically glowing with happiness.

"It's really her?" Esme asked, holding on to Carlisle for support.

Bella nodded, hugging the child to her once more, one hand cradling her head. "I can't believe it. She looks exactly the same."

"Hey, don't forget about this little one." Emmett walked toward them, with Nessie's twin in his gentle hold.

Bella exhaled loudly. She looked at the little girl who looked exactly like the one in her arms, both with bronze-colored hair. With Bella's newly advanced sense of sight, she could clearly make out their features. Both girls had high cheekbones, perfect eyebrows, straight noses and full lips.

She carefully gave the babe she was holding to Edward and reached for the other one. As soon as she had her arms around the second twin, Bella wanted to fall to her knees. She had no words. How could she be lucky enough to have two of them?

"How did this happen?" Bella gazed at her husband who was looking back at her with the same amount of happiness she was radiating.

"Well, you see, Bella, when a man and a woman mate, it means— Ow!" Emmett was rubbing the back of his head after receiving a slap from Rosalie.

Edward only shook his head, still staring at Bella. "We don't know. Just another glitch from your dream, I guess. You know, things still happening, only differently." He kissed the top of Nessie's head. "But I like this version better."

Bella grinned. "So do I." She looked at her other daughter, memorizing her appearance. "Her eyes are so green."

Carlisle nodded. "The exact shade that Edward had when he was still a human, the same ones he shared with his mother, Elizabeth."

Bella looked from her father-in-law, back to her daughter, then finally looked at Edward.

"What are you thinking, love?"

"We named Renesmee Carlie after the people that mattered to us most. That's still her name, right?" Bella inquired, to which Edward nodded.

"Then this precious one deserves the same. Elizabeth Marie, after your mother and my grandma."

A gasp was heard in the room, and everyone turned to where it came from.

"What's wrong?"

"She has my name."

"What are you talking about?" Edward was getting irritated at the thoughts coming from Emmett.

"She has my name," Emmett repeated, his face was pure awe. "Elizabeth Marie, E. M. Em. Just like me."

"Oh good Lord," Jasper commented. He was feeling the anger coming off Edward and Bella.

"Didn't you hear what I said? We're naming her after Edward's mom, not you," Bella said.

"I know, as Elizabeth, but I'm calling her, Emmie," Emmett said, making funny faces at his nieces.

"What?" Bella was livid. "Esme, please take LIZZIE." She emphasized the nickname she had chosen for her little girl.

Esme was quick to obey, taking the infant from Bella.

As soon as her hands were empty, she went after Emmett. "No, this isn't happening again. I know Renesmee will be called Nessie, there's no other way to go about it. But you are not picking your own name for my daughter."

"What's wrong with Emmie? It's a nice name. It's not after some snake-like monster," Emmett defended as he started backing away from the newborn vampire.

"Stop provoking her," Jasper instructed.

"He's being an idiot. He knows Bella won't like it," Edward replied. "Besides, if she won't go after him, I will."

The two arguing members of the Cullen family had already gone outside to continue their disagreement. Edward, Jasper, Carlisle and Alice followed right after them, leaving Rosalie and Esme inside to tend to the babies.

"She has very strong control for a newborn, just as she said she would," Carlisle commented.

"Yeah, my wife's amazing," Edward agreed with pride.

"All right, enough," Bella yelled. "I don't want to hurt you, so let's just settle this amicably."

"Hurt me? You think you can hurt me?" Emmett laughed out loud.

Bella was seeing red. And then the rest of the Cullens saw a flicker… something that resembled a wave of some sort.

Edward suddenly stood straighter. He threw a quick glance at Carlisle, then went back to watch Bella.

Jasper took a step forward upon seeing the same thing.

Carlisle was astonished by what he had seen. "Was that her shield?"

"I think so," Edward responded softly.

"Emmett, back off!" Jasper yelled. He began to send calming waves toward Bella.

"No, my little sis thinks she can do me harm." He was being jovial about the whole exchange he was having with Bella. "What do you propose we do to settle this?"

"Arm wrestling," Bella said smugly. "You and me, right now. You win, you can call her Emmie. If I win, she's Lizzie."

"You're on!" Emmett exclaimed, cracking his knuckles to prepare for the challenge.

Less than an hour later, a grumbling Emmett walked back into the house. Jasper, Alice and Carlisle followed but they were trying their hardest to stifle their laughter.

Edward had his arms wrapped around Bella, congratulating her on her win. "You think he'll stick to his word and not call her Emmie?"

Bella was shaking her head, giggling. "I seriously doubt it. But I'd love to see his reaction when I catch him in the act."

Edward pulled Bella closer. "Thank you for naming her after my mother."

"It was only fitting. Renesmee Carlie has our parents' names. Lizzie deserves to have the same."

Edward kissed her long and deep. When they pulled apart, Bella asked, "Do you think he'll stop sulking if I tell him I want him to be Lizzie's godfather?"

"Hell, yeah!" Emmett was back out of the house in a flash, his dimples deep on his face at the good news. "I'm really her godfather?"

Edward and Bella were laughing. "Yes, you are."

Emmett rushed to Bella's side and pulled her from Edward, twirling her around the way he used to. "You won't regret this." When he was done, he rushed back in to tell Rose.

Edward and Bella walked back toward their house and their kids at a more leisurely pace. Bella still couldn't fathom how she was lucky enough to have Edward, Renesmee, and especially Elizabeth. But at the same time, she knew as joyful as she was at the moment, dread and fear weren't far behind.

She shook her head slightly. No, she wasn't going to think about the negative today. She was blessed with two precious baby girls, and she finally got her forever with Edward. Today was meant for happiness and celebrations. She would worry about everything else tomorrow.