Chapter 2: Spitting Image

"Um, where am I?" Selena questioned. "How did I get here? Last thing I remember is that I was getting ready for a concert but now I'm here. Wait, where... is here?"

"Uh, you fainted!" Alex blurt out. It was the only excuse she could come up with.

"Huh?" Selena was super confused.

"Yeah, you're hallucinating right now. I'm a figment of your imag-inat-ion." She made a gesture of wiggling her hands above her head.

"O-kay, hopefully I'm revived soon because this is so weird." Selena replied with a sigh.

Alex was surprised that Selena actually believed her. Guess she wasn't so smart.

"Could you… wait here for a second?" Alex questioned but didn't give Selena a chance to reply as she rushed out of the room.

She burst into Justin's room with a sudden shout of, "Justin, I'm in sooo much trouble."

"What else is new?" Justin inquired cleverly.

His Selena Gomez CD was turned down to a soft volume and he was reading a book at his desk.

"Haha, very funny." Alex countered. "But seriously, Justin, I need your help."

"Why should I help you?" Justin asked, clearly annoyed as he tried to focus on his textbook.

"Selena Gomez is in my room." Alex said quickly.

Justin practically jumped up from his seat. "W-W-What? How!" But he quickly regained his common sense. "You're lying."

Alex grabbed Justin by the arm and pulled him toward her room. Selena was sitting on Alex's bed, her head in her hands.

"Is that proof enough for you?" Alex questioned, pointing toward Selena.

Justin started smiling like a maniac and jumping up and down like a little girl. "Oh my goody gum drops! I've got to get my autograph book!"

He made an attempt to go get it but Alex pulled him back.

"Justin." She spoke sternly.

Sighing, Justin realized his mistake, frowning he replied. "How did this happen?"

"I did this spell to make her disappear…" Alex whispered. "But it went horriblely wrong."

"What! You tried to make Selena disappear?" Justin exclaimed in his best whisper. "How could you, y-you demented demon!"

"Just fix it." She groaned, shoving him toward Selena.

Alex expected Justin to be very happy to be face to face with Selena Gomez but he looked shock and kind of disgusted.

"Backlaria onedayica!" Justin recited, and with a sudden wave of energy they were both in the sub station.

"What just happened?" Alex questioned, confusion plastered all over her face.

"We went back a day, that's what the 'backlaria onedayica' spell does." Justin explained, he sounded sad.

"Justin, what's wrong?" Alex asked, walking over to him.

"You and Selena look exactly alike!" He exploded.

Alex was slightly shocked from his outburst. She was so nervous about the spell she never noticed.

"You know… it's kind of funny. You loved Selena Gomez and turns out… she looks almost exactly like me." She chuckles. "So… in a way it's kind of like you were a big fan of me. Very ironic, eh, Justin?"

"Shut up." Justin grumbled, pushing Alex away playfully.

The End

Okay, so that was not how I planned to end it! But I couldn't come up with any good ideas for this fic. I guess it's a two-shot. I hope you liked it nonetheless. By the way "Backlaria onedayica" is a spell I made up. That's why its so lame sounding. lol