Two weeks had passed since Dumbledore's death had been revealed. Chaos was a word you could very well describe how the magical world felt. Dumbledore, the icon of the light side, had been discovered to be nothing more but an twisted old man and Voldemort who had been feared, yes he was to be feared but at least the was honest, was the so called 'good one'. Everyone on the dark lord's side, world hard to pass through laws, remove laws and make sure that the magical world stays safe and hidden from the muggles.
Tom knew that it would take some time before people would trust him, but then again, Rome was not built in a day either. The ministry of magic was slowly being remade; new posts, old posts were given to competent people who knew what to do. Half-breeds like werewolves were no longer classified as beasts. Thanks to the wolfsbane potion no one would need to be afraid of them anymore and people would no more have to fear for their lives. A werewolf could now have an employment and live a normal life as any other citizen.
All renovations would take time but the future was shining.

Lucius and Narcissa had a very silent divorce where both were happy, Lucius bought a 'small' house for Narcissa and her long time lover, whilst he stayed in the manor where Tom now usually spent all his days and nights. Draco lived there too but he was very busy, as one of the persons responsible for the reconstruction of the Ministry.

Rodolphus and Bella were married, but that did not stop either from doing what they wanted, Harry who was on a very good foot with Bella did not car, because he knew that Rodolphus loved him.

Rabastan proposed to Severus who accepted, their wedding was not big or elaborate but it suited them fine. Neither was much for big complicated things. Severus continued as the potions professor at Hogwarts and because Rabastan did not wish to be separated from his 'wife', Rabastan applied for the position as the DADA teacher.

Hermione, like Draco was very busy with the ministry but that did not stop her from taking coffee breaks now and then, flooing back to her apartment which she was sharing with Bill and Charlie. Because you can't be married to two people at the same time, they decided to only have promising rings and that suited Hermione very well. Marriage had never really been her thing.

Not so much to everyone's surprise, Neville and Luna got married. It was a very beautiful wedding where the bride wore yellow. Lucius had been so happy that he had smiled through the whole ceremony.
And Minerva continued as the headmistress of Hogwarts, for many years onwards.