Dear all,

Thank you so much for your support. I'm blown away by all the positive messages and reviews I've received since announcing my upcoming publishing adventure last week.

This story means so much to me and reworking it has been a great experience. The thing is, when I post here on FFN, or one of the other fanfiction sites, I read the chapter through once and then send it to my beta. Immediately upon getting it back, I post it, eager to hear what you guys think. I never really took the time to dive into the minds of the characters fully and spend time just brainstorming before I started writing. Taking the time to do this while rewriting has been so rewarding, and has added a whole new level of understanding the characters, especially the professor, his way of thinking and way that he changes and grows throughout the story.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the book will follow the same plot and characters that you've come to know (and hopefully love) here, but there will be more depth, background and description, as well as new completely new scenes. I really hope you'll enjoy the book just as much as you have enjoyed the fic. Your encouragement is everything to me and I literally couldn't have done this without all of you cheering me on. Thank you.

I am writing the epilogue as we speak and it will be up as soon as humanly possible along with more info about the book.

Again, I'd like to repeat; this will not affect my other stories and I will still write fanfiction as I always have.