"You Never Forget Your First Love."


I saw that quote on the Flipped movie poster, on Wendelin Van Draanen's blog, and it inspired me for this Sammy Keyes fanfiction. It's meant to be almost inspiring, for me at least. I'm just testing out my different writing styles with fanfiction. So here goes. Disclaimer: I don't own the quote and Sammy Keyes.

"You Never Forget Your First Love."

It was the first day of spring break for all of the high schools in the area. I was walking in the mall holding hands with my girlfriend, Jannete.

It was raining outside. It didn't seem like the best day in the world.

We passed Journey's, and Janette stopped at the window. "I like those jeans." she commented.

"You do?" I asked, mentally counting the money in my wallet. I definitely had $60. I'd buy them for her. "Let's go in, then," I said to her.

"No, it's fine." she said. Then she scowled at the mannequin with the jeans she liked. "High-tops? I can't believe they're so popular now. They used to be so lame. I still don't like them very much."

I stared at the yellow high-tops the mannequin was wearing. High-tops reminded me of someone I hadn't thought about in a while. Someone I still hadn't forgot, not because I couldn't forget, but because I didn't want to forget.

Sammy Keyes.

I wondered where she was right now. I had first lost touch with her after my freshman year-- my dad broke up with her mom and moved with me to New York for his "big break". It had been almost three or four years since I'd spoken to her.

Had she forgotten me?

After I had turned seventeen, I moved back to Santa Martina, but I didn't attend the same high school I used to. The high school Sammy went to. Instead of attending Santa Martina High, I applied for Carter Harrington High.

I don't know why. Maybe I was afraid she'd forgotten about me. Afraid if my friend didn't care about me anymore.

Maybe I was indenial.

Did she still even live here? I had been back in Santa Martina for since about September-- it was March right now. I hadn't spoken to her. She didn't even live in the high-rise anymore since her grandmother passed away. She lived with her father, who even I didn't have much detailed knowledge about. But what if she moved? And even if she still lived here, I didn't even have her first number.

Besides. I had a girlfriend.


"Casey!" she grabbed my hand back. "Let's do something."

"Do you want me to get you anything to eat?" I asked. I tried to remember where the food court had been. I hadn't been to this mall since forever. Instead I usually went to the one clear across town. It was much smaller and dumber, but it had a Sports Central so all was well for me. But the fact was that I still never came here.

Maybe it was my indenial problem.

"Nooo!" she said. "It's so rainy and it's ruining my appetite. Besides, do you like fat girls?" she huffed.

No, I thought, but I definitely didn't like girls who cared about their weight 24/7. Janette was really nice and pretty, but sometimes she cared a little too much about her clothes, appearance, and weight. It bothered me at times.

"Then, what do you want to..." my voice trailed off, because my eye caught sight of the most beautiful girl in the world.

She had light brunette hair and choppy bangs pushed carelessly behind her ears. She had the most breathtakingly sparkly green eyes I had ever seen. She was wearing dark jeans and an LA Lakers T-shirt.

And high-tops. She was wearing green high-tops.

With a horseshoe on one of them.

But in an instant she was gone and I couldn't exactly turn around because Janette would know I was checking her out. I blinked a few times.

And then I realized who she was with.

Jared Salcido. It was so obvious that it was Jared because his face hadn't changed a bit. But the other girl, who was holding his hand...

Could it be.....?

"Casey!" Janette snapped.

"Y-yeah?" I asked. "Sorry. What?"

"Why are you so spacey?" she giggled. "It's cute."

I laughed. "The weather. My thoughts. I'm confused."

She turned to face me and said, "I love you when you're confused." then she leaned up on her toes and kissed me. I kissed her back but felt empty inside. Did I love Janette? I'd never ever told her I loved her before. She just assumed it.

But still. When she pulled away, all of a sudden, it hit me.

I'd been with Janette for three months.

And of all those three months, I'd never even thought of the phrase 'love' for her. I didn't love her. She was just my girlfriend.

A placeholder.

I felt guilty. Guilty for being her boyfriend and not really loving her when she could be out with other guys who would love her.

"Janette." I whispered. I felt insane. Was it because I'd seen a girl who could have been Sammy? Or was this just a random epiphany?

"Yes?" she whispered.

"I... I don't think we would date any longer." I whispered. She took a step back from me.

Her voice cracked. "Wh-what?"

"I... I don't think I'm right for you." I said, feeling guilty.

"You.. Don't?" she looked ready to cry.

"Don't cry." I begged. "Please don't. I like you as a friend. But I just don't feel like a relationship between us is working for me. And I don't wanna keep dating you and keeping you from meeting other guys... Have..." I took a few steps backward, then I leaned forward and kissed the top of her head. "Have fun." I smiled at her. "Meeting new people."

She blinked. But she didn't cry. Finally she said queitly, "You're sure?"

"Yeah, and.. We can still be friends?"

"Friends?" her voice stayed trapped in her throat.

"Good friends." I smiled.

She slowly smiled back. "You really do care for me." and she hugged me.

The truth was, I did care for her. As a friend.

As a friend.

Janette and I ended up walking around (sort of awkwardly) but still walking around.

Then she had to go and I was strolling alone. I was just about to go home when someone bumped into me.

"Ow!" she said, as her head his my chest. "I'm sorry!"

"No, I'm sorry." I said, and hurried to help her balance. I took her shoulder and held her straight as I stood back. "Better?"

But all of a sudden as we both looked up into each other's eyes--

She was the girl.

The most beautiful girl in the world.

And yes, she was definitely Sammy Keyes.

"Sammy," I gasped, "wow."

She smiled up at me. "Casey! I haven't seen you in like forever."

I laughed. "I know! Wow. You've changed."

"I have? I'm not sure.."

"Yes! You have!" I laughed as I said, "Wow, you.. Wow."

"What?" she blushed. "I'm the same, I promise. I still don't wear dresses or anything besides high-tops!"

I arched an eyebrow at her and cocked my head as I peered down at the green high-tops. "And you wear green ones, too."

She laughed. "I didn't spray-paint these ones. I bought them green. Isn't it weird how one year green high-tops can be so completely hated and then another year they're popular?"

I smiled a toothless smile at her. She was too pretty for words. She had been cute before but we were so much younger then. Talking to her was easier then. What was I supposed to say? Hi? Or 'Hi, you look gorgeous'?

What was a 17-year-old guy supposed to do? I hadn't seen her for, like, two and a half years. Or something like that.

She pulled up her jeans a little to uncover her whole high-top on her right foot. "I still wear your horseshoe." she grinned.

"You do?" I had given that to her three years ago. For her thirteenth birthday.

She was sixteen now.

Finally, she stepped a little closer and whispered, "I missed you, Casey. A lot."

I looked into her green eyes. She looked into my eyes, too.

We both seemed to begetting closer when she quickly stepped back, shook her head, lifted her hand to her mouth and coughed something. She was saying something in her cough.

Cough--"Akh-hemm--Jared--Boy--cough--friend--cough--behind you.."



How did she ever end up dating someone like Jared? What happened to Amber?

I turned around to find Jared strolling towards her. "Acosta!" he grinned, but he looked slightly annoyed.

Like, Oh, look who's back, the boy who had an insane crush on Sammy Keyes in junior high (and the first year of high school before I moved).

I gave a close-mouthed smile. "Hey Jared."

"You're back?" she asked as he went over to Sammy and took her hand in his. "For good or just visiting?"

"To stay." I looked him in the eyes sharply, trying to not let his stupid wandering hands bother me. Jared turned to face her and kissed her.

God, it really bothered me.

I tried not to show it.

But God. Oh God.

I almost turned away but that would be like living evidence that it bothered me.

After they kissed, Jared pulled her close and Sammy tried not to look me in the eyes.

"So." Jared smile-smirked at me. "What's up? When did you come back?" but from the way his eyes were shooting flames at me I guess what he really meant to ask me was, What were you doing so close to my girlfriend?

"I came back at the beginning of the school year. I just go to Carter Harrington. You know, the high school all the way across town?"

"Yeah, I know." Jared snarled, then snapped suddenly, "And if I ever see you that close to Sammy again, then you might want to kiss your face goodbye." he cracked his knuckled and Sammy said, "Jared..! What?"

"I don't want you to talk to him, Sam." he leaned in reeeeal close to her and smiled lightly. "Haven't you noticed? Casey. Acosta. Is. A. Pervert."

Now, the only person being a pervert right now was him, with his wandering hands and what-not. And it really bothered me, him calling me a pervert while he was the one touching her like a creep.

"No, I'm not." I tried to keep my voice even. "I just haven't seen her in a long time. I was her friend, you know."

"You still are," Sammy said, pushing stray choppy hair behind her ears. "You're still my friend, right?"

Still my friend. Still my friend. Still my friend.


God. I hated that she would say that. I was her first kiss, after all. She had liked me at one point, right?


I wanted to hurt Jared. But then the bastard started whispering to her. I swear, he was like freaking kissing her ear while whispering. It was disgusting to watch. After listening for a minute she sort of pulled him back and pleased with her eyes. "I'm sorry, Jared. I.. Uh.. Have too much homework tonight."

"It's the first day of spring break," his voice was louder. "What could you possibly have to do tonight? Seriously, you've been putting this off, for like, weeks."

"I'm just... I just don't.... I just can't... Tonight. I... I'm not..." she looked at him, her eyes begging. "Please, Jared. Can't we just wait?"

He grabbed her wrist and said, "I think we've waited long enough." he smiled at her but sort of glared at the same time. "Don't you think?"

She shook her head.

I knew exactly what they were talking about.

What kind of abusive creeper boyfriend was he? When had he changed? He wasn't like this when I knew him.

First, he told her she couldn't talk to me? Now he's forcing her into sex.

I couldn't let this happen. Obviously she didn't want to.

"Jared," I snapped. "She doesn't want to."

They both looked over at me. "Listen," Jared hissed. "You stay your punk little pretty ass out of our business, got it?"

But Sammy pulled her hand away. "No, he's right."

I was? She had actually listened!

"I'm not ready, Jared." she said. "And if you.. And if you can't accept that, then sorry."

Jared sort of rolled his eyes then said, "So you just listen to him like that? I heard you almost-slept with a guy in junior high, but I don't know who. And if I do find out, Im gonna whoop his ass. Can't you explain that?"

"What?" she asked, then said, "Never mind. Can we talk about this later? I need to be alone."

Jared stiffened. "How come you do that? Sometimes you just sit alone and think. It's weird."

"It's me." she said. "I'm sorry. I need to think about some things before I talk with you." she started to walk off to where I knew she was going. The roof of the mall.

"Wait," Jared said, "Wait, Sam!" but she was aready going. I started to go after her but Jared held me back saying, "Where do you think you're going?"

"If you must know," I said, "I'm going after Sammy and," I paused and started again, "and if you really must know, I was the guy she 'supposedly' slept with." I gave a little smirk. "So go ahead, try to 'whoop my ass'."

He just stood there staring, stock-still.

"I thought so." I said, and pulled away from him and headed for the roof of the mall.

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