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Chapter one: Discovery

Dean woke up with a shock.
His entire freakin' body hurt and it felt as if there was fire running in his veins instead of blood.
Dean slowly pushed himself up, leaning back on his elbows as he looked around the room. At first he didn't recognize it but then again he wasn't quite with the program by the time they got back to the car after Gordon Walker tried to use him as dinner and Sam had finally managed to end him with barbed wire no less. So when Sam had collected their stuff from the place they were staying at and had booked him and Dean into a new motel, Dean had already passed out in the car from the blood loss and the bite.

Dean let his head fall back between his shoulders, suppressing a moan as a scorching wave of pain spiked through his body. When it had run its course and had faded to just a dull burning sensation, he looked over to Sam, seeing that his brother was still sound asleep. He slowly got out of bed, holding the wall in need of steadying himself as his body was shaking so bad, the room spinning beneath his unsteady feet.

Slowly and painfully he made it over to the bathroom.
By the time Dean finally closed the bathroom door behind him; his body was covered with a fine sheen of sweat.
Switching on the light he cringed as it felt like his eyes were on fire from the overly bright light. He blinked a couple of times to clear his sight and sighed in relief as thins started to come into sharp focus.

Slowly Dean dragged his trembling body over to the sink and opened the tap. His face and body felt like it was burning from the inside out, although splashing cold water over his face wasn't helping much to reduce the fiery sensation that was coursing through his nerves.
Without any warning another wave of pain ripped through him, sending him to his knees as a low grunt escaped his mouth.
The pain was so intense he blacked out from it.


He came to a few moments later, back to a world strangely devoid of any pain, all his senses on full alert.
Something was wrong, very wrong. He just knew it
Pushing himself up on his hands and knees Dean shook his head to get rid of the damn ringing and pounding he had in his ears. He reached up slowly and grabbed the edge of the sink for support to get up as the world was still a little wobbly around him. When Dean finally managed to get up, he leaned against the sink's counter on his elbows, while the heels of his hands was pressed against his eyes, rubbing hard against them to get rid of the burning sensation in them.

Looking up in to the bathroom mirror he nearly passed out again from shock when he saw him self in it.

"NO! NO! NO! "He repeated in shocked disbelief.
"Oh God not this, anything but this…."


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