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Chapter two: The change

Previously on Supernatural…

Looking up in to the bathroom mirror he nearly passed out again from shock when he saw him self in it.

"NO! NO! NO! "He repeated in shocked disbelief.
"Oh God not this, anything but this…."


Dean couldn't believe his eyes and I mean he literally could not believe them.
His eyes were blood red, almost crimson, the usual jade green nearly gone, completely eclipsed.

"Fuck!" Dean swore softly, his hands still in a death grip around the sink's edge as if he was trying to keep himself grounded.
Dean's mind was a mess, thoughts and reality swirling around, cracked and jumbled up like shards of broken glass.
Dean just couldn't process what he was seeing or what it meant. He just wished that the rhythmic pounding that filling his ears and mind would quiet down so that he could think, make a plan.
As he stood there, starring at his reflection in the mirror, mesmerized by the sight of crimson vampiric eyes looking back at him, Dean wondered if maybe he was dreaming.

"Yeah, that's it..." Dean thought.
This was all just a dream induced by exhaustion and blood loss after Gordon…or not…

"That son of a bitch!" Dean growled out.

Gordon did this to him; the bastard must have somehow gotten vampire blood into the bite transferring it to him. Changing Dean into this…this thing…turning him into a vampire, the mere thing that he hunted.
Dean suddenly felt the urge to kill Gordon all over again. Rip him limb from limb for this and for trying to kill Sam, again.
Dean's rage and anger only causing his eyes to redden even further.

Suddenly a fierce pain shot up from Dean's stomach right up to his throat, pain that drove him to his knees yet again.
When he could finally breathe again when the pain started to fade slightly some small part of his brain wondered how it was actually possible that he could even draw breath.
"So not the time to worry about that, Dean." He instantly scolded himself for that train of thought because Dean suddenly realized that he had far greater problems then trying to figure out how he was still breathing.

The problems being one, it dawned on Dean that the pain he was feeling was hunger, the need to feed.
Secondly there was a strange sensation in both his upper and lower gums which could only mean that he now had fangs or to be more precise, a retractable set of vampire teeth just above his normal teeth which in itself was just fan- fucking- tastic.
Dean's third problem and this was his biggest one, was Sam.
If Dean lost the shaky control he had over himself and hurt Sammy, he would never be able to live with himself or be undead or whatever the hell he was, point is he couldn't risk hurting his little brother.

Thinking about Sam another thought crossed Dean's mind. Something he would have never considered before and the more he thought about it the more sense it made to him. This made him smile, made the skilful and clearheaded hunter that he was take over and allowed him to suppress the blind panic that was rising inside of him and keep his emotions tightly locked down until he could deal with them and the reality of his situation later, when he could actually face them without freakin' the hell out.

Dean forced himself to get off of the freezing bathroom floor and make his way to the door all the while fighting the intense need to feed and the overly bright light that kept flaring in and out because of his now enhanced vision.
He slowly reached out for the door handle and twisted, opening the door and silently slipping into the dark room, momentarily taken back by how clear and well he could now see in the darkness.

"Sometimes you've got no choice…" Dean thought as he slowly moved towards Sam's bed where his brother was peacefully asleep, completely oblivious to anyone…or anything.


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