Title: The Saints of Atlantis

Rating: Teen, mostly for violence and the McManus swearing.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of the Boondock Saints, either movie, or Stargate Atlantis

Summary: There's more than one group of people who want the Saints out of the Hoag Maximum Security Prison. Most of them want the Saints for their calling of killing evil men, but one is different. They want the men for their genes, and they have the pull to get them out.

A/N: I love the Boondock Saints and All Saint's Day. I was particularly taken with Il Duce's background and the death of his father. Why was the man unable to 'help' the mafia? It didn't sound to me like a store owner getting shaken down, but someone trying to get him involved with something. Also, Noah's friend Louie obviously knew nothing about Noah's home life. By the dates given in both movies, the twins were anywhere from three to five years old when Louie set Noah up for twenty five years to life in prison. The threat to their lives and their mother's life was however, made very clear.