A/N: 'In Dreams' was originally posted here all by itself, but after writing 2 more Shenko-centric drabbles in the space of only a few days, I decided it might be good to compile them all here. This is essentially going to be a collection of femShep/Kaidan related one-shot pieces. From time to time I may throw in some FemShep/Thane, or, possibly FemShep/James if that's alright with everyone. I've got 3 Sheps that like to pick at my brain, and while this first piece could be about any one of them, I had my main paragon Shep in mind when I wrote this. I may adjust the rating if I get into naughtier fic later on (which tends to happen with me).

Description: Small little oneshot during the second game. Shepard misses Kaidan so much that at times, she thinks he's actually there.

Warnings: none.

In Dreams

The darkness is broken by the backlight of fishtanks, throwing the rest of the room into shadow and adding blue highlights to his ink black hair. He walks on silent feet, making his way with slow determination toward the bed and the sleeping woman within.

She sleeps fitfully, her brows drawn together in a frown above her closed eyes, thick lashes resting like feathers on her smooth cheeks. Despite her restlessness, she looks younger in repose.

Eyes drinking in the sight of her, he crouches down, bringing his left forearm down beside her on the bed and resting his chin atop it. He reaches out with his right hand, wishing to soothe the lines of worry, to caress the bare shoulder visible above the edge of sheets and blankets.

Brushing her cheek with his palm, he whispers her name.

Eyes flying open, Shepard sat up, clutching the covers to her chest. But like every night, he isn't really there.