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"Ohayo, Neru-chin!"

Kagamine Rin, a young girl who studies at Yamaha Gakuen, bounced happily towards her friend, Akita Neru. Neru smiled at her and gazed back outside the window, drooling. Rin placed her bag on her chair, sat on Neru's desk and gazed outside, too. She saw a young boy with green messy hair walking sleepily (and aimlessly, too) at the school grounds. She chuckled.

"Ah, I see. Mikuo, ne?"

"AH! R-r-r-r-rinrin! How can you call Hatsune-senpai by his first name so casually like that?" Neru flustered, getting redder and redder.

"Eh? Why not? He is my club mate. By the way, he sucks at softball. Seriously. I'm better than him." Rin laughed.

"Rinrin, shut up!" Neru laughed as she stuffed an onigiri into Rin's mouth.

The door suddenly slid open and in came Kagamine Len, the lead singer of the school's band (and also, Rin's classmate who has the same surname as her), Imitation Black. The room became quiet and everyone stared at him. Len had a scary atmosphere around him and everyone sort of feared him. The only ones who could really approach him in his class were Neru and Rin, as they were kind of like childhood friends. Len sat down on his chair, hung his bag on the table, prepared to sleep throughout homeroom period when Rin suddenly slammed her hands on his table. He glared at her, his cerulean eyes clearly saying: "What the hell's wrong with you?"

"Oha- ITAIIIII!" Rin pulled back her stinging palms and bit her lip, glaring at the table as if it was the one who purposefully hurt her. Len stared at her as he rested his chin on his hand. He chuckled.

"Are you an idiot or what."

"Shut up, Len...! 'sides, the idiot one is you." Rin said, pointing at him, her finger almost touching his nose.

Len pushed her hand away and frowned at her.


Rin's eye twitched. This time, she placed her hands heavily on Len's table and leaned in closer, her face full of frustration.

"You better keep your promise that you'll treat me to today's lunch! I don't care if you don't have money; just keep your promise!" Rin pouted.

"...Let's see, you're not my girlfriend so, yeah, I think I don't really have that much obli-


Everyone in their class looked at the doorway and all the girls (excluding Rin and Neru) swooned, fainted, screamed and whatever action a fan girl might do when they saw who it was. This time, it was Len whose eye twitched.

"Ka... Kaito... what the hell're you doin' here?" Len glared at his band mate.

"I came as quickly as I could when I sensed that you were teasing Rin-chan again." Kaito said.

"Sensed, my ass. You mean you eavesdropped on us, ice cream head."

"Haha! That's Len for you, Kaito." Gakupo laughed.

"Shut up, eggplant." Kaito huffed.


Rin suddenly went storming towards Kaito's direction. The latter suddenly went all fatherly and opened his arms, waiting for a hug. He was smiling like an old pervert, completely with the pink sparkly background and sentimental BGM.


"GAKUPO-NIICHAN!" Rin squealed as she hugged Gakupo.

"Ahaha! Yo, Rin-chan!" Gakupo smiled at her, ruffling her hair and giving Kaito an apologetic look.

Len slammed his hand onto his mouth and stifled his laughter. Neru had her face buried on Len's desk and was stomping the floor as she tried not to laugh. They were quite on the verge of tears, as Kaito stood dumbfounded beside Gakupo, who was being snuggled by Rin. His fan girls were all giving him looks of pity. When he finally got to his sense, he could suddenly hear the stifled laughter of Neru and Len. He pointed at them in an accusatory manner.

"LEN! NERU! SHUT UP!" He sputtered. his face turning red from the embarrassment.

The two blondes couldn't hold it in any longer. They burst out laughing. Kaito's flustered reaction and his tomato red face was too much for them to handle, not to mention Gakupo giving Kaito a pat on the back (even though he was still hugging Rin). During all this, a green-haired girl in ponytails walked past the noisy classroom.

"Really now. How can they be so noisy this early in the morning?" She said to no one in particular, her voice hinted with annoyance.

She got a glimpse inside as she walked past and saw Len. She giggled.

"My Len is really so cute."

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