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"And...w-what the fuck is this?"

Rin could only do so much to stop herself from squealing happily like a prisoner with a lifetime sentence who miraculously got released. It wasn't really her thing to act all girly and shit because of a boy, but if it was Len, it was a totally different story. Ever since her talk with Neru about her feelings for Len, she suddenly started feeling overly conscious about her guy best friend. It had been a week since that talk (and since that hug), and Rin knew that Len was starting to notice how weirder she got. One time during that week, Rin was reading a manga during lunch break. Len was standing behind her, and for some odd reason unknown to Rin, he leaned forward and over her shoulder, his chest bumping onto Rin's back, his lips terribly close to her ear. She felt his breath tickle her neck, which sent a shiver running up and down his spine. Up to this day, Len still didn't know why Rin ran out of the room that day, screaming and asking help from all the gods. So now, we see an overly conscious Rin fidgeting in front of a blushing Len who was holding out a piece of paper to her.

"J-just take it, idiot!" Len flustered.

"Wh-why should I take it? I don't even know what that is!" Rin said, placing her hands on her waist and trying to sound like her usual pompous self.

"Goddammit, Rin! Will you just fucking take it?!"

Rin pouted, and grabbed the piece of paper from Len. She rolled her eyes and looked over the writings on the paper...which made her do a double take, look at Len, and read the paper for the third time. She found herself unable to form coherent words. She knew her face was getting redder by the second, but she didn't care (Len was blushing hard, too). She looked at Len seriously, and-



"Are you seriously asking me on a date? ON CHRISTMAS?!"

...yeah, pretty romantic, guys. Len pouted (Rin noted how cute he looked when he did so) and shoved his hands into his pockets, nodding his head. He looked away, an embarrassed frown on his face. Rin blinked a few times, checking to see if she read the date right. She pinched herself and took deep breaths. After a few more pinches and deep breaths, she finally looked at Len (which was harder than she thought). She gulped.

"Th-then...uhm...see you on Christmas, Len." Her voice was barely a whisper, but Len heard her.

"Y-yeah..." He blushed.

"...thank you." Rin stepped forward and placed her hands on Len's shoulder, pulling him down to her level.

She stood on her toes and placed a light kiss on on Len's cheek. After that, she let go and ran away, much to Len's shock.

"Did she just...just...uhh...what just happened...?" Len muttered, his hand over the spot where Rin's lips had made contact.

Rin banged her head against her mattress when she got home.


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