A/n: For this fic, 100 Monkeys sexy, singer Jackson will be playing the part of Jasper, clean shaven Ryan Reynolds is playing the part of Peter and Rob is doing his finest work as little lost boy Edward (no, of course he's not actually a child). Om nom.

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Peter Damon stepped through the door of The Cherry Pit and immediately felt a smile spread across his face. The tension and stress from his work week left his body and his shoulders relaxed. His eyes flitted over the other patrons as he strode confidently forward. A few of the regulars lifted a hand or tipped a glass in acknowledgment.

As he walked across the room, he knew eyes were on him. Why wouldn't they be? Peter was an attractive man and he damn well knew it. He could easily have any man or woman in this joint, but there was only one he was really interested in at the moment.

Finding his favorite booth free was like the whipped cream topping on his rapidly improving mood. He slid into the seat, his eyes instantly trained on the pub's small stage.

The Cherry Pit was host to local bands almost every night of the week, but Fridays were reserved for the best. The current band's lead singer was presently owning the audience, guitar in hand and smooth, sexy voice on the mic.

The man on the stage was everything that Peter was not. While Peter was all impeccable shirt and vest combo with neatly pressed slacks, Jasper Whitlock was the epitome of grungy. His blond hair was long and scraggly and currently held in place with his signature red bandanna. Peter's soft brown hair was just long enough to be pleasing to run your fingers through and just gelled enough to look carefully tousled. Peter worked a 60 hour work week busting his ass to get places in life. Jasper taught self defense classes during the day and made music and sweet love at night. Jasper liked to joke that they were both kicking ass and taking names, his just came with phone numbers and hot kisses.

Peter watched Jasper perform with hungry eyes. The man had a gift. He communicated his passion through his music and his singing never failed to cause Peter's blood to simmer in his body. As he sang and played, Jasper's eyes caught random members of the audience, holding their gazes for a few seconds at at a time.

When Jasper's eyes met Peter's, his eyebrows quirked perceptibly. The grin that spread across his face was slow and wide. His blue-green eyes at once softened and smoldered, making Peter's cock twitch in his pants as they drank him in.

With a wink, Jasper let his eyes wander away to engage the next audience member, but Peter wasn't jealous. He knew what would happen as soon as the singer's set was over. Instead of thinking about the other patrons in the room who were also privy to his impassioned performance, Peter chose to concentrate on the little things he loved. He loved the way Jasper's lips pursed when he was playing and not singing. He loved when Jasper's voice took on a slightly higher pitch, making people grin along with the words he sang. He loved the look of pure happiness on the other man's face as he shared his gift with the room.

A few minutes later the band's set ended. Jasper turned to his bandmates and had a quick conversation before turning toward Peter. He leaped off the stage deftly and only vaguely acknowledged a number of well wishers before sliding into the booth beside Peter. His hands instantly went for the other man's neck, wrapping around it and tugging him forward. Peter didn't have to be asked twice. He ducked his head, meeting Jasper's lips as all the energy from the music and the atmosphere translated into insatiable kisses and grasping hands. Peter grabbed Jasper's black undershirt with both of his hands, pulling the other man harder against him as his mouth opened and their tongues danced to the rhythm of the music being pumped overhead.

When their kiss broke minutes later, they were both breathing raggedly. Peter's eyes wandered up and down Jasper's body, taking him in. He gave a little groan as Jasper's tongue darted out to lick his swollen lips. He ducked in again, his hand cupping Jasper's cheek this time as he kissed him slowly. He felt Jasper's lips turn up into a smile against his mouth as he kissed back. The singer's hands were gentle now as he ran his fingers through Peter's hair.

This kiss broke after only a few more seconds. Jasper chuckled. "And here I was beginning to think you didn't miss me," he said as he unwound his hands from behind Peter's neck. He picked up the beer Peter had doubtless ordered for him and put it to his lips, drinking down the cool liquid gratefully.

Peter watched Jasper's throat move as he drank, taking in the other man's fine features. "Come on, you know better than that. It's just been a busy few weeks, that's all."

Jasper scoffed. "Let me guess. Your office buddies took you out for the night and you had to play the game with some pretty little trinket on your arm. Who did you take? Charlotte?"

With a sigh, Peter let his hand drop from Jasper's face down onto his thigh. "Come on, Jasper," he said quietly, rubbing the other man's leg soothingly. "How many times do we have to do this?"

"Honestly, what's the worst that could happen?" Jasper asked, irritation creeping into his tone. "Like it somehow impedes on your ability to kick ass at your job because you take it in the ass?" Jasper rolled his eyes.

"There you go again, fighting the good fight. Look, I'm here now, and I don't want to have this discussion. We've been over this," Peter said warily, letting his hand roam to Jasper's inner thigh as he spoke.

Jasper grumbled but his argument fell away as Peter moved his hand over the crotch of his jeans. "You're lucky I'm not looking for anything serious," he muttered, putting his arm behind Peter on the booth as he let his fingers brush the other man's neck.

"Mmm," Peter agreed. "I am at that." He leaned in then, kissing Jasper's taut lips softly. At first, Jasper refused to return the kisses, but the combined pleasure of Peter's hand working over him and his lips moving against him melted his resolve. Jasper gave in with a quiet groan, placing one hand back on Peter's neck while the other traced the muscles of his chest through the shirt he wore.

As Peter's lips and lightly biting teeth made their way down Jasper's neck, the singer tilted his head back against the booth obligingly. He knew Peter had a hard time balancing both parts of himself that he felt the need to keep separate, so Jasper let the other man speak what he felt and what he wanted through kisses and touches. He turned slightly, craning his neck toward the door as Peter took his earlobe in between his lips.

Then, Jasper's breath caught in his throat. "Oh. Now, look at that," he murmured as his eyes caught on the figure that had just stepped through the doorway.

Peter, somewhat reluctantly, looked up to see what Jasper was talking about. Then he let out a low, appreciative whistle.

Jasper worked his fingers through Peter's hair as he took in the man who was still standing in the doorway. He was tall, though the way he carried himself was slumped inward - slightly defensive. His eyes peered up from beneath long lashes as he glanced around the place. But his face - God. His face was a combination of the finest features Jasper had ever seen. Strong jaw, high cheekbones, and his lips... holy hell. Kissable was putting it mildly. There was a light smattering of stubble on his chin that made him look older than he most certainly was - but it was his eyes that betrayed his true and obvious youth. They were a vibrant shade of green, startling in their depth and beauty, but they were also painfully uncertain. Jasper noticed the way he stood a little straighter when two guys walked passed him toward the bar. He was trying fairly desperately to look like he belonged here and he was failing miserably.

The stranger reached up and pulled the hoodie off of his head, unleashing the most absurdly perfectly disheveled, bronze colored hair. Some of it immediately fell into his eyes in an endearing fashion. Jasper was struck by how strongly he wanted to go to the stranger and brush his hair back with gentle fingers.

And, also, how he wanted to run both of his hands through the stranger's long locks as he shoved his tongue down his throat.

But mostly, Jasper felt a sort of tenderness toward the stranger. Despite the bravado he was attempting, he looked like a little lost boy and Jasper wanted to make him feel safe.

Then Jasper noticed he wasn't the only one looking. Of course he wasn't, this boy was beautiful. But Jasper felt an uneasy inkling in the pit of his stomach at the predatory way some of the bar's other patrons were staring at the kid - like ravenous hyenas licking their chops in anticipation. Jasper knew a thing or two about some of the other guys in here; guys who were looking for a pretty, innocent, easy face. They'd have him strung up on every kind of drug, doing exactly what they wanted before he could blink.

Peter's hand squeezed his thigh. "I know that look," he said quietly, slightly disapproving. "You can't save everyone from themselves, Jasper."

Jasper scoffed lightly, still tracing idle patterns against the back of Peter's neck. "You come here, with me, to get away from the dog eat dog game out there." He turned, kissing Peter softly once before he stood. "Besides, look at him. He seems...interesting." Jasper waggled his eyebrows comically and Peter couldn't help but smile back. He rolled his eyes and lifted his arms in a 'well, go on then' movement before resting them on the back of the booth.

As Jasper crossed the place to where the stranger was glancing between the bar and some of the other tables and booths, Jasper noticed another patron was making his way toward the boy. His eyes narrowed and he picked up the pace. It was entirely possible this boy could hold his own against the other carnivores in here, but the man who was headed for him was the worst sort of predator. He was the type who viewed the boys he went after as conquests. He'd chew this kid up and spit him out without a second thought. James Hunter.

Jasper got to the stranger only a second before James and he threw his arm around the kid's shoulder. "There you are!" The kid stiffened, immediately trying to back away but Jasper held him tightly. He leaned in and murmured against his ear in the most calming tone he could, "Easy there. Just trust me. Go with it."

The stranger relaxed only slightly and Jasper was relieved that he didn't fight it. He called over his shoulder to the waitress as he lead the stranger to his booth, "Hey, Angie! Few more cold ones over here, yeah?"

He let go of the pretty boy stranger as they got closer to the booth. "Have a seat. That pack looks heavy," Jasper said kindly, indicating the heavy looking backpack the stranger carried over one shoulder. His green eyes were wary but he sat, running a hand through his hair nervously. "I'm sorry about that," Jasper said apologetically. He tilted his head discretely at James who was still glaring in their direction. "That guy is bad news."

The stranger looked up from underneath his lashes again. The effect was even better up close. The mixture of innocence, defensiveness and a tiny tinge of arrogance was somewhat bewitching. "What gives me the feeling that he'd say the same about you?"

Peter chuckled and Jasper grinned. "It's true, James doesn't like this cheeky bastard very much. But then, James doesn't like anyone who can see behind the oh so charming exterior he puts up."

Jasper shook his head. "This is Peter Damon by the way," he said, gesturing to Peter. "And I'm Jasper Whitlock."

They were interrupted as Angela brought them a round of ice cold beers. The stranger grabbed his with a murmured, "Thank you," and cradled it between his hands, betraying his continued nervousness. "I'm Edward Cullen."

"Well, Edward, it's a pleasure to meet you," Jasper said, grinning his most charming grin. He could see Edward's slight smile as he returned his eyes to the table, drinking his beer almost self consciously. Peter's hand came up and he started combing through the tangles of Jasper's messy hair with unhurried fingers. "So, do you really think we're bad news?"

Edward quirked an eyebrow. "You could be," he acknowledged. "But no, I don't think you are." His eyes seemed to sparkle with quiet humor. "And I'm usually right."

"About people?" Peter asked.

"No, about everything," Edward said, not entirely serious. Jasper and Peter exchanged a look. How could someone be at once vulnerable and cocky? It was a conundrum.

And they liked it.

"So, Edward. I haven't seen you around here," Jasper prompted. "What's your story?"

Edward ran his hand through his hair self consciously again. "It's a little adolescent," he admitted.

Peter found himself charmed at the fact that this boy seemed to have no filter. Like he didn't know enough about the world let to know when to bluff and when to hide behind a mask. "We're not here to judge you, kid." He grinned easily. "Neither of us are your father."

"Yeah, well," Edward chuffed. "That's exactly what I'm doing here." He sighed and straightened up, looking them both in the eye before he continued. "I suppose the long and short of it is that I'm twenty-one years old and I don't know that I've really made a single decision for myself. I mean, my mom and dad, they've given me everything I could want in life. You know? I've grown up knowing I was going to follow my dad's footsteps - become a doctor.

"So I'm sitting there, busting my ass when I realize I don't want to do this. My parents - they mean well and they love me, but they've been so busy protecting what they feel my interests should be. You know?" He growled softly and ran his hands through is hair again. "Fuck, that does sound like rebellious teenage angst bullshit," he grimaced.

"No, man. We've all been there," Jasper said, shaking his head slightly. "There comes a point in every guy's life when he's just got to do what's right for him," he continued, turning to glance meaningfully at Peter. In response, Peter narrowed his eyes slightly and gave a strand of Jasper's hair a light tug. Jasper smirked and turned back to Edward. "So you lit on out of there I take it?"

Relieved that these strangers were actually listening and hadn't been put off by his tale, Edward nodded slowly. "I uh... I hitchhiked here from Chicago," he admitted, glancing down at the bottle of beer in his hands. He was irrationally proud of himself for this fact.

Peter frowned, about to say how dangerous that was, but Jasper spoke first. "That's the way to do it. You can't live life constantly afraid, you know?"

Edward looked up, a little surprised. Then he grinned an alarmingly gorgeous, lopsided grin. "Yeah. It was...liberating."

They continued talking, just small talk as Edward got more and more comfortable with the two of them. Though he didn't come right out and say it, he was obviously inexperienced with intimacy and attraction - with boys and girls. He spoke of one girl when he was seventeen, but other than her, no names came up in their vague conversations.

But he didn't show any discomfort at the displays off affection between Peter and Jasper. Far from it; he looked curious, even a little envious. Jasper had tried innocently brushing his foot against Edward's leg under the booth. Each time he did it Edward's eyes would flutter just slightly and he would shift in his seat; not uncomfortably, but in a way that made Jasper think that maybe the younger man was getting the same red hot tingles of raw want in the base of his belly that he was.

Now, the question was how to move this along without scaring Edward away, because Jasper thought it was a distinct possibility that he would explode if he didn't get to kiss those perfect, pouty, pink lips soon.

Jasper was driven out of his little fantasy when a chair thunked down at the head of the table and none other than James Hunter plopped himself down in it, his chest against the chair back. Jasper scowled. "What are you doing here, Hunter?"

"Now, now," James tsked at Jasper. "Don't be rude, Jazz. Your mother raised you better than that."

"Your filthy mouth needs to stop talking about my mother. You're not welcome at this table," Jasper said, his voice low and dangerous.

James snickered. "Are you going to introduce me to your new friend?"

"You were asked to leave," Peter said, his own voice angry.

James waved his hand at that side of the table and looked over at Edward. His eyes, as they took the young man in, were hungry in that ravenous sort of way. Edward tried to hold his gaze with hard eyes but he found it difficult not to want to squirm. James was making him very uncomfortable. "Well, you have a voice of your own, don't you boy?" James asked, reaching out to stroke Edward's cheek.

Edward recoiled and Jasper saw red. "Hows about you keep your filthy hands to yourself?!" he demanded, getting to his feet.

"Jasper," Peter warned, but Jasper was incensed.

Snickering, James looked up at Jasper, not seeming even the slightest bit worried. "Just what are you going to do about it?"

Edward stood then. "Come on, Jasper. Let's go home," he said insistently.

Jasper's eyes darted up to Edward's, surprised. Edward's gaze was steady and sure as he stared back. "You being in jail would put a damper on my night," Edward added.

Peter, seeing that Edward was dead serious, got out of the booth, throwing some money down on the table.

Finally, Jasper turned to James and simply gave him a smirk. "Looks like I got places to be, Hunter."

Without a second look, he took Edward's outstretched arm. Peter fell in on the other side of Edward and together the three walked out of the bar.

"I hope I didn't embarrass you," Edward said quickly as soon as they were out of the bar.

"Did you mean it?" Jasper returned, trying not to sound as eager as he felt.

Edward looked down. "Yeah," he said hesitantly. "I...If you want to," he looked over to Peter nervously. "I mean, I don't want to intrude on anything you got going here," he babbled.

"It's okay," Peter said. "Believe me, kid. We want to." He tilted his head in the direction of the parking lot. "Let's go. My car, his place." Peter nodded at Jasper.

Jasper's apartment was a small but comfortable one bedroom. It was surprisingly neat - a complete contrast to his sloppy appearance. As soon as he came in the door, Edward slipped out of his shoes.

Jasper looked at him, completely amused, and Edward shrugged sheepishly. "Your carpets are white."

"Your shoes aren't dirty," Jasper pointed out.

Edward shrugged. "Habit," he explained.

Peter shut the door harder than he intended and Edward jumped. Peter chuckled. "Relax, kid."

Running his hands through his hair, Edward tilted his head, looking at Peter. "Why do you keep calling me kid?"

"Because you're a baby," Peter responded, raising an eyebrow. "Compared to me."

Edward chuffed. "Come on. You can't be that old."

"I'm twenty-eight," Peter responded, crossing his arms and leaning against the door. "Does that bother you?"

"No," Edward said quickly. "That's around what I had assumed." He looked at Jasper, curious. "And you?"

"Twenty-three," Jasper said.

Edward nodded, looking back down at his feet. "See, neither of you are very old."

The room fell into silence then, none of them really knowing who was going to make the first move. Relatively few seconds later, Jasper decided he was done waiting for that kiss.

Moving slowly, so there was absolutely no question about what was happening, Jasper put both of his hands on Edward's cheeks. He felt Edward's skin flush beneath the pads of his fingers as he stroked his cheek softly. Edward was looking down, but he wasn't moving away. His hands came up and wrapped around Jasper's arms. Jasper could feel he was trembling just slightly, but he wasn't running.

Leaning in the scant two inch height difference between the two of them, Jasper kissed Edward's full lips with lightest of touches once, twice, then again before backing away just an inch. He watched Edward's face, gauging his reaction. Neither man moved for a moment but then it was Edward who tilted his head up slightly and caught Jasper's lower lip between both of his, kissing him shyly.

Smiling against Edward's lips, Jasper kissed him back, his kisses slightly firmer. He didn't pull away this time, but let his kisses linger slowly, completely unhurried. His hands went from the younger man's cheeks and threaded into his hair, finally feeling the baby soft strands between his fingers. Edward gave the tiniest moan and Jasper had to struggle not to grind his hips into the other man's in response.

Peter remained leaning against the door for a few minutes, just watching the slow, sensual make-out session as desire built in him. Then he couldn't take it any longer. He wanted a taste.

He strode forward, wrapping one arm around Edward's waist and pulling him out of Jasper's hands. He pressed the bronze-haired man against his body, making no effort to hide his arousal as his lips descended on Edward. Where Jasper had been gentle and slow, Peter was demanding and eager. Edward's hands flew up and he made a startled noise, but again he didn't pull away. Instead, his hands came up to Peter's shoulders as Peter's ran up and down his back. Then Peter's tongue was in his mouth. It was almost too much. Not bad, but so much sensation all at once.

But then Jasper was there, his hands on Edward's shoulders, massaging lightly. The effect was grounding and nervousness slipped further into the back of Edward's consciousness. He opened his mouth wider, letting Peter's tongue find his own. He tasted good, Edward realized; faintly of good beer and musky man. It was delicious.

Jasper's hands looped around Edward to the zipper of his hoodie. He slid it down, the zipping sound loud in the relatively quiet room. Edward let Jasper pull the hoodie off of him, releasing his hold on Peter just long enough to shrug out of it. "Fuck," Jasper murmured in appreciation. Edward's blue shirt was tight on his body, showing off the definition of the muscles of his back and arms.

Desperate to breathe, Peter and Edward's kiss broke, both of them panting for air. Jasper took the opportunity to pull Edward back against him. He looked at Peter over Edward's shoulder. "Lose the vest," Jasper rumbled. Then he put his lips to Edward's neck, trailing hard, wet kisses along the skin there. Edward watched through hooded eyes as Peter slipped out of his vest, tossing it to the ground. Then he did Jasper one better and unbuttoned his shirt, his eyes watching as Edward's eyes took in his tanned, well-defined six pack. Edward licked his lips in anticipation, a strangled mewling sound coming out of his mouth as Jasper found a particularly sensitive spot right above his collar bone.

Peter stepped forward, holding Edward's eyes as he moved his hands to the other man's shirt. He tugged it up and over Edward's head, throwing it toward the growing pile of clothing on the floor as he slipped out of his shoes. Letting his hands follow the light scattering of chest hair down Edward's body, Peter bent slightly, capturing Edward's lips again. Edward's hands similarly explored Peter's bare chest as he tilted his head to better accommodate the nips and licks Jasper was tracing all along his neck.

When Peter's hands got to where Edward's happy trail met the hem of his jeans, he paused. He broke his kiss with Edward so he could look him in the eye as he undid the button and slid the zipper down. He didn't release Edward's eyes until he had pulled both the jeans and the boxer shorts Edward wore down his legs.

Edward's breathing was staccato, his face flushed and his hands still as he stepped out of his jeans. Jasper peered down over his shoulders and gave a whistle against Edward's ear. "Well, hey big daddy."

The tension in the set of Edward's shoulders eased visibly as he laughed.

"This is nice. Very nice," Peter agreed. He was already taking off his own slacks as he spoke.

"Umm, thanks," Edward said, pleased but uncertain if this was how he was supposed to respond. He swallowed convulsively. "I've never-" he started, but trailed off. "I mean, I haven't-"

"Shhhhh," Jasper soothed. "It's okay," he murmured against Edward's ear, pressing a soft, reassuring kiss there. "You don't have to do anything. Just let us make you feel good." He reached around and put one hand flat against Edward's bare chest, feeling the speed of his heartbeat. "Okay?"

Edward let out a long, shaky breath but he was leaning back against Jasper's chest and tilting his head into Peter's hand. "Yeah. Okay," he muttered finally. He let Jasper guide him backward.

Jasper sat on the couch pulling Edward down to sit beside him. "Lay down," he commanded softly, guiding Edward down so his head was resting on Jasper's still jean-clad lap. In the mean time, Peter had moved to stand at the foot of the couch and was pulling Edward's socks off his feet. He took a moment to run his fingers lightly down the soles of Edward's feet, breaking the tension once again by making Edward chuckle.

"You," Jasper said, pointing at Peter with mock hard expression, "On your knees."

Peter's cock twitched at Jasper's commanding tone. He walked slowly back around the couch and knelt where Jasper had thrown one of the pillows down on the ground. As he knelt he guided Edward's leg closest to him down flat against the cushions so he had a better view of, and better access to, his hardened length. He leaned down, pressing a kiss against Edward's thigh as he waited for Jasper's next command.

"Feel him," Jasper directed in a husky tone. His hands where running through Edward's hair as he spoke. "Tell him how you like how he feels."

Without anymore prompting, Peter's hands instantly went to Edward's cock. Edward gasped as both of Peter's hands circled his shaft, fist over first. The small jerk of his head sent a pleasing vibration through Jasper's core and he tugged Edward's hair just a little roughly. Edward's eyes fluttered closed as Peter began moving his hands over Edward's shaft - not pumping, but merely feeling him. "I like how you feel like silk over granite in my hands. I can feel all your heat and how hard you are for us." He let one hand drop lower, finding and moving over Edward's balls as his other hand held Edward's cock, his thumb working over the tip in slow circles. "I want to feel this in my mouth, and inside me," he said gruffly, glad that his cock was free of any confines as guttural sounds tumbled from Edward's lips.

"Taste him," Jasper commanded. "Slowly. Lick the tip of his cock. Be very thorough."

Peter leaned in, wrapping his lips around the tip of Edward's cock as directed. He pressed his tongue flat against the head, swirling it in circles around one, concentrated spot as Edward hissed in pleasure, his hand coming up to Peter's bare back and stroking randomly. Peter let his tongue run along the underside of Edward's tip, careful to lick around the entire circumference as he let a single finger trace around and in between Edward's balls.

Jasper rested one hand lightly on Peter's head while the other stroked under Edward's chin. "Suck him off. I want you to feel his cock in the back of your throat." He leaned down so he could whisper close to Edward's ear. "You like that, darl? Isn't Peter a good dick licker?"

As Peter began working Edward's cock in and out of his mouth, Edward gasped. "Jesus Christ. That's... just. Yeah. Oh."

"I think he likes it Peter," Jasper drawled, amused and turned-on. Edward could feel the bulge in Jasper's jeans against the back of his head quite clearly.

"Yeah," Edward breathed. "Fuck. Yeah. It's good. Fucking... it's fantastic," he mumbled, his hand roaming up Peter's back and tangling in his hair.

"Make sure you take him all in, Peter. I know you can do it," Jasper said.

Peter was more than thorough. Inch by inch he worked his way down Edward's cock, using the tip of his tongue to trace patterns as he bobbed his head up and down. When Edward felt the head of his cock brush the back of Peter's throat he threw his head back, arching his hips up as he tried to stop himself from thrusting hard into Peter's mouth.

"Don't hold back, Edward," Jasper murmured. "Peter loves it when you fuck his mouth. Don't you, Peter?"

The vibration of Peter's hum around Edward's cock made the younger man groan - a long, half whimpered sound. Unable to stop himself this time, Edward bucked his hips, his length sliding further down Peter's throat.

"Fuck," Jasper cursed, wishing now he'd lost the jeans before they started this. He was painfully hard at this point. He chose to act out his lustful exuberance physically by leaning down and capturing Edward's lips with his own. He thrust his tongue into Edward's mouth, swallowing the other man's moans and whimpers eagerly.

Only a few minutes passed by before Edward loosened himself from Jasper's kisses. "I'm... fuck. I'm gonna," he said in a throaty babble.

"Let it go, darl," Jasper encouraged. "Peter's gonna swallow every last drop."

With that, Edward's fingers dug into the skin of Peter's back as he let out a long cry. His cock convulsed in Peter's mouth and as Jasper promised, Peter swallowed every sweet drop. When Edward was spent Peter licked his way back up, diligently cleaning him up and making sure he hadn't missed any. He sat back on his haunches, watching with a haughty grin as Edward caught his breath. Edward opened his eyes finding Peter's and smiling back. "Jesus that was fucking incredible. Intense."

Both of the other men laughed quietly. Jasper brushed the hair out of Edward's eyes, away from his clammy forehead.

Abruptly, Edward sat up and Peter sat beside him. Both of the other men were surprised when Edward all but attacked Peter's lips, kissing him voraciously."Did you mean it?" Edward asked between kisses.

"Mmm, what? What? I'm... confused," Peter said, boggled but not unwilling. Jasper watched the two with great amusement.

And a little jealousy. Jasper squirmed in his jeans again.

"Do you want," Edward was slightly out of breath. "Do you want me to fuck you?" he said, the words all running together with his nervous excitement.

Peter stared at him for a moment, a little gaped mouth while Jasper covered quiet chuckles with his hand. Then he smiled, an impish grin, as he traded his fingers down Edward's shoulder, over his forearm and finally wrapped them around the younger man's wrist. He guided Edward's hand to his hardened length, wrapping both of their fingers around it. "You feel this?" he asked, running their joined fingers slowly up and down his shaft. "This is all for you." Peter leaned in, his lips touching Edward's in a slow, smoldering kiss as they both pumped his cock. "Does that answer your question?"

Breathless, Edward nodded. Then he turned to Jasper, again surprising both the other men as he plunged his hands into Jasper's hair, pulling him forward into one of his enthusiastic, hard kisses. He frowned though as his roaming hands met cloth instead of bare skin. "You're still dressed," he said unnecessarily.

Jasper smirked. "You just noticed this?"

"I was a little distracted," Edward defended, smoothing Jasper's unruly hair back. At some point the bandanna had gotten lost.

"So, are you going to help me out or what?" Jasper asked, his voice gravely.

Edward was obviously a little surprised but he recovered well. "Yeah, I think I could do that," he murmured, slipping his hands underneath Jasper's shirt without hesitation.

He let his hands roam against Jasper's heated flesh. "You're so hot."

Jasper quirked an eyebrow in amusement. "Thank you."

Peter chuckled, enjoying watching the impromptu strip show as he lazily ran his hand over his cock. "Come on, Edward. He looks even better without the clothes. Trust me."

At that, Edward pulled Jasper's shirt up and off, tossing it away from where they all sat on the couch. He raked his fingers down Jasper's chest, causing the other man's breath to catch in his throat a little. With a slight smirk, Edward traced his finger around Jasper's belly button.

"Shit, you little tease," Jasper laughed, tugging on Edward's hair in retribution.

Edward's hands finally continued down, undoing the button of Jasper's jeans. With Jasper's help he got them down and off, one hand rubbing over the tent in his boxer shorts.

Jasper stood, pulling Edward up with him. With both hands on either side of the other man's face, Jasper pulled him forward for a kiss. Edward kissed back, letting his tongue slip and slide into Jasper's mouth with purpose as his hands pushed his boxer's down. Jasper wiggled a little, letting them side down his body before kicking the underwear off.

When their kiss broke Jasper kept his hands on Edward's face and for an instant, something passed between them that was almost tender. Jasper kissed him once more quickly before letting him go and stepping to the end table. He pulled a bottle of what looked like lube from a drawer there and waved it at Edward.

Ridiculously, Edward felt his face get hot as he blushed.

Jasper poured a liberal amount of lube on his hands before flinging the bottle nearby enough that they could get to it easily if they needed to. He stepped forward, taking Edward's cock in both of his hands and stroking slowly, coating every inch of him in the slippery liquid. As he applied the lube, he nipped and licked lightly along Edward's jaw line. "Don't be afraid," he murmured softly. "You're not going to hurt him." He gave Edward a cheeky grin. "Peter and I aren't exactly virgins. Just go with what you feel and he'll tell you what he wants." Jasper glanced over Edward's shoulder at where Peter reclined on the couch. "You'll find that the only way to get Peter to shut up is to shove a cock in his mouth." Peter rolled his eyes, but he was grinning nonetheless.

Edward leaned in, littering Jasper's neck and shoulders with tiny kisses. "Not for nothing, but isn't the bedroom, I don't know, more comfortable?"

"It can be," Peter said, getting to his feet. He pressed himself against Edward's back, sliding his hands around the younger man's waist and resting them on Jasper's. "But, it's high time I had Jasper's lips wrapped around my dick," he said with a light leer. "And that's easier this way, just trust me." He leaned in as Jasper did over Edward's shoulder and they kissed, pressing the other man in between them. The combined sensation of Jasper's hands working over his cock and Peter grinding against his ass was nothing short of heavenly. He needed to be in one of them.


As if they sensed his eagerness, or because they too were ready to have each other, Jasper and Peter broke their kiss. Peter turned around, but not before giving Edward's neck a quick, sharp, bite. Edward yelped, turning around out of Jasper's grasp. He rubbed his neck as he watched the scene unfold in front of him.

Jasper walked over to where Peter stood and sat, not on the couch but on the floor with his back against it. Peter adjusted his stance so he was standing over Jasper, his cock right at face level as he leaned over, bracing himself against the back of the couch. Jasper wasted no time. He was worked up and more than ready to hear the noises he knew he could elicit from Peter. His hands wrapped around the base of Peter's shaft as his lips closed around the head of his cock.

Peter's head flew back as he let out a moan. "Fuck, baby. Yeah. You know how I like it."

Edward walked forward then, his lust overtaking his jitters. Remembering Jasper's advice to do what he felt, Edward pressed his chest lightly against Peter's back as his hands came around to stroke the other man's chest. He ran the pads of his fingers over Peter's chest in random patterns with the softest of touches. Where his skin touched Peter's back, Edward could feel the delicious shivers that coursed through the other man's body. "Jesus, Edward," Peter barked, his voice strangely strangled. Christ, the kid hadn't even really done anything yet.

Encouraged, Edward kept running one hand over Peter's skin, tweaking his nipple experimentally as he did. He was rewarded when Peter whimpered. Whimpered. Fuck, that was a turn on.

So with his other hand, Edward pressed the tip of his cock against Peter's asshole.

Edward was surprised how easily he began to slide into Peter. It was strange because, as easy as it was, it was so fucking tight and, Jesus Christ, so ... hot. Heat just enveloped his cock, squeezing it in an unfamiliar and yet - holy hell - spectacular way.

Peter rocked back, rotating his hips slightly and causing new sensations to roll through him from both ends. "Come on, baby. Fuck me hard," Peter demanded through gritted teeth.

Well, fuck, Edward could take direction when he really wanted to.

Not needing to be told again, Edward thrust into Peter forcefully. "Yes!" Peter cried, thrusting in turn into Jasper's mouth.

Jasper wasn't kidding about how vocal Peter was during sex. The man shouted the most filthy things that Edward thought he'd ever heard as he cried out for Edward to fuck him harder, or faster, or deeper. Edward always was more than happy to comply, driving himself in and out of Peter again and again as his hands rubbed over the other man's sensitive nipples and he kissed and bit along his shoulders.

"Oh, shit." Peter had one hand running over Jasper's head, stroking through his hair and then down around his chin as Jasper worked over him. "You feel so good. You both feel so good."

Peter reached back, finding Edward's ass with his hand and squeezing the skin he found there. "Come on. I'm almost there. Bring me home, kid."

"Unnngh," Edward cried out, his wordless moan muffled against Peter's skin as he bit down on his shoulder. Peter threw he head back, his hand hand tangling into Edward's hair as he kept the younger man's face pressed against his skin. Peter pushed his ass back once more against Edward before he could feel the other man's cock begin to spill inside of him. The sensation and Edward's teeth on his skin and Jasper's lips and tongue over his own cock drove Peter over his own edge.

"Fuck! Fuck. Jesus sweet mother of Mary God," Peter shouted as he came hard straight down Jasper's throat. With his hands braced flat on the floor, Jasper was deep throating Peter at that point. He lifted one hand off the floor to run a finger between Peter's balls, encouraging them to empty.

Panting, Edward slipped out of Peter and threw himself onto the couch, exhausted. Peter was leaning with both arms on the back of the couch now as Jasper slowly licked his cock completely clean. He released Peter's cock with an audible pop and smacked his lips, chuckling. "You are one loud mother fucker, you know that?"

"Well, Jesus. You try being worked from both ends." With a groan, Peter sat on the opposite end of the couch from Edward, watching as Jasper pushed up off the ground.

"Oh, nuh-uh. Get your ass up. You're going to stain my couch," Jasper grabbed Peter's arm and hauled him to his feet. "You too," Jasper grabbed Edward with his free hand and tugged him up.

Peter groaned. "I'm sleepy," he pretended to pout. "Where are we going?"

Jasper snickered at Peter's antics. "Where do you think we go with dirty boys? This is exactly why I insisted on getting the apartment with the big shower."

"I'm awake!" Peter said enthusiastically. He wrapped an arm around Jasper's waist, pulling the scruffy musician toward him for a thorough tongue kiss as they all but sprinted into Jasper's room. Jasper didn't let go of Edward's hand as they went.

As soon as they had all stumbled into Jasper's large, walk-in shower and he'd turned the water on, Edward pushed him roughly up against the tile wall and then dropped promptly to his knees. "Fuck!" Jasper hissed as Edward's mouth closed closed around his aching, rock hard cock. "Jesus - where the fuck is that innocent kid we met a few hours ago?"

Peter laughed, stepping up beside Edward to kiss Jasper once. "You complaining?"

"Shit. Hell, no. I'm just... oh fuck, like that," he encouraged Edward even as his hands pulled Peter toward him. "I'm just...fucking basking."

Peter took Jasper's earlobe in his mouth, biting down slightly before he growled, "Bask away." Then he proceeded to kiss and nip his way down Jasper's neck. Jasper had one hand tangled in Edward's hair, guiding his pace while the other ran up and down Peter's back.

When Peter got to Jasper's nipples he took first one, then the other in his mouth, licking and biting down and making Jasper make the most amazing little noises in the back of his throat. Then he continued his path down Jasper's body and joined Edward on his knees.

Peter guided Edward's head back as he leaned in, running his tongue along Jasper's cock. Getting the idea quickly, Edward imitated Peter's movements on the other side of Jasper's length. They worked Jasper together for a few seconds before meeting in the middle. Their lips met and their tongues ran along each other around Jasper's cock.

"Oh, mother of mercy. That is the hottest thing I've ever fucking seen," Jasper mewled.

Peter let Edward take over again, knowing Jasper was close. He worked his way up Jasper's body quickly this time. When Jasper finally, finally came, his groans of ecstasy were muffled against Peter's mouth.

Spent, Jasper slumped against the cool tile, tugging on Edward's hair lightly to get him to stand up.

In between kisses and an easy camaraderie, the boys managed to get each other relatively clean. They turned off the shower and got out, still randomly and lazily coming together for kisses and the occasional smack to the ass. Still naked, they all fell into Jasper's bed, utterly spent.

Jasper curled up chest to chest with Peter - a position they were both intimately familiar with from prior association. This time, though, Jasper reached back and pulled Edward's arm around his waist. With a smile, Edward pressed his chest against Jasper's back, conforming himself along the other man's shape. Peter gave Edward's hair a playful ruffle before his eyes fluttered closed.

As he drifted off to sleep, Edward felt that maybe, just maybe, he might have found a place of his own. Somewhere he belonged. Somewhere that felt right.

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