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The Birth of an Uchiha

This was his fault, he thought to himself repeatedly as he paced in front of the emergency room door. He had tried to sit still but his mind continued to race, hands clenching fists full of his hair, threatening to pull them out in frustration. He looked back at the door, his body trembling, I should have told her 'no' all those months ago. I knew this was dangerous. What had I been thinking?

Over an hour had passed since Tsunade had kicked him out of the room and still no news. If he lost her then…. Then… he didn't know. What would he do without her? The village needed her, their kids needed her, but mostly, he needed her. She kept him sane; kept him together he didn't know if he could do it without her. All these thoughts flooded him, forcing him to sit on the bench in the hallway, hands gripping the seat attempting to keep him from trembling but failing.

"Uchiha-same?" a small voice brought him back as he looked up to see a nurse a few steps away he didn't know holding a bundle in her arms. When their eyes finally met she continued forward, "Lady Uchiha is strong, she will make it through, because," she paused and uncovered the bundle, "she wanted nothing more than to make your family complete by having this little girl."

In the nurse's arms was their daughter, just born and perfectly healthy. She slept peacefully; a tuff of pink hair lay upon her head that reminded him of her mother. Females with Sharingan eyes were rare mostly because they were rarely conceived and when they were it was almost always dangerous to the mother. He had known this and still he allowed her to try and have this daughter. How could he say no to her? Now here they were, the child was safe but her mother, his wife, was fighting for her life. The nurse reached to hand him the child and unconsciously he took her into his arms. He cradled the child with one arm; his free hand stroked the side of her face causing her to stir slightly. She slowly opened her eyes and his breath caught in his throat. Staring up at him were the same emerald eyes that had comforted him all these years.

So entranced by this child he had not noticed that the nurse had left him alone with her until the small echoes that signaled her first stages of tears. The first cry shot through to his heart forcing him to rock his body and mutter reassuring words as he knew Akira and Haru and enjoyed when they were this size. Nothing would calm her as he attempted to loosen the blanket around her body, freeing her arms, hoping to rewrap her in a more comfortable way. Before he could take hold of the blanket her hand grasped tightly upon one of his fingers, stopping him in his track. She squeezed and her body calmed, her cries softened until they came to a complete stop. She smiled up at him taking his hand in both of hers, never loosening her grip.

A different ache filled his heart as he looked down at his only daughter and made a promise to her, a promise he planned to keep, "As long as I live, I will protect you, and as long as you live, I will love you. No matter what happens, I will not let her wish for you be in vain."

She smiled once more, yawned and closed her eyes; her hands still gripping his as she drifted back to sleep. He pulled her closer to him, wrapping her back up in the blanket, wanting to keep her safe from the world. It was as if time had stopped as he looked down upon the fragile child in his arms; it was as if she had become his whole world. How was it possible that this little girl could make his heart feel light when he was unsure about his wife's well being?

So lost in his thoughts he did not notice Tsunade standing beside him till she spoke, "Sasuke?"

He immediately looked at her and stood, all his concern and anxiety returning instantly, "How is she?"

The woman smiled, "She is stable. Sakura has always been a fighter and this was no different. We moved her to recovery now and she is resting."

She was okay, she was going to live; a wave of relief washed over him as his gaze moved to look down at their daughter. They were both safe and he was going to make sure they always would be. Not just them but his whole family, "May I see her?"

Tsunade thought for a moment then nodded, "As long as it is a short visit and you are quiet, you should be fine."

It wasn't long till he was standing in the doorway of her room gathering the courage to go in, their daughter still sleeping peacefully in his arms. He looked down at her and smiled before closing the space between him and the bed where his wife lay in a sitting positon. Her eyes were closed, hair matted, skin pale, but she had never been more beautiful. He watched the rise and fall of her chest as his free hand reached out and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear, stroking her cheek. She stirred slightly and her eyes opened slowly; a smile spread across her face.

"Sasuke." Her voice was horse but just hearing her say his name made his heart skip a beat. She lifted her hand and reached for his, holding his hand near her cheek, "I'm so glad you're here." Her eyes drifted from his to their daughter, "And I'm glad she is safe."

He lightly squeezed her hand, "I'm just glad you are still with us."

"Let me hold her." she reached for the child in his arms and he handed her over, already missing the weight in his arms. Sakura cradled the child, a smile graced her lips as she drank in the sight of her, "She is beautiful," she cried, "our little angel; our little Anju."

"Anju?" he asked.

She looked up at him, "Yes, I want to name her Anju. She is our angel," she looked back down at the child, "our miracle."

He sat on the bed beside her, his arm encircled them, "I think it's perfect." His lips graced her temple, "Now rest, we need you all better."

She sighed and handed back the child to him, "Take of her, of all of them."

The child back in his arms, he leaned forward and brushed his lips to hers, "Of course I will, now rest."

Four Months Later

Sasuke woke early in the morning and exited their room, making his way to the nursery just in the next room. As he entered a smile came to his lips at the sight before him. Haru and Akira lay on a bed mat on the floor just below the crib. Ever since he had told them at the hospital that it was their responsibility as older brothers to protect their younger sister, he had found them like this often, standing guard of her.

He felt a hand wrap around his waist, "What's going on- oh my, not again." She laughed as she took in the sight, "that is the second time this week."

"They are only being good brothers." He pulled her into an embrace, "It is only natural for them to want to protect something that is important to them." He released her and moved into the room, "Let's get them up then."

Together, he and Sakura got them up and dressed for the day. It wasn't long till they were all fed and out the door to start the day. Walking his family through the streets of Konoha, he couldn't help but smile. Haru was sitting on his shoulders, Anju was carried by Sakura and Akira led the way, talking about how his training was going at school.

This was his family. He thought back to what his life would have been had he not stayed with Sakura and a pain filled him. He was home, wherever they were he was home.

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