A/N: Something I wrote a few years ago after reading another story.

Inspired by 'Realms Away From Live' by Delenn.


He couldn't feel her anymore.

The bond that they had shared for what had seemed like an eternity was now gone. It felt as though somebody had reached into his chest and yanked out his heart, leaving behind and empty void that could only be filled with the pain of her absence.

He couldn't stand the utter emptiness of the forest around him. There were no sounds to distract him from the pain he was feeling. Tears clouded his vision but they were quickly wiped away. He refused to cry. Crying only made it real. It couldn't be real.

The wind whispered through the trees and for a moment he could have sworn he heard her sweet voice calling out to him. He looked around, hoping that he would see her walking towards him.

But with a clap of thunder his hope was destroyed. He finally allowed himself to fall to the ground and cry.

The worst part was he never got a chance to tell her he loved her. That she was his breath, heart and soul. She was the reason he lived.

And now, he had no more reasons.


He had but a single choice to make; Live with a broken heart that would never heal, or die to be with the woman he loved.

To him the choice was easy.


I'm not the only one who thought Ares really loved Xena, right? I think he should've felt her dying. He should've felt something. He loved her.