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After knocking the winged monster to the ground, the mammoth monster went back to finish what it started. Its trunk wrapped itself around one of the statues and threw it into the air. It fell and shattered at the legs. The winged monster then used its beak and crushed the statue's head. The mammoth then decided to destroy the second statue by stomping it. It stood on its hind legs, and swiftly brought down its foot, expecting to hear sounds of stone cracking. Instead, something blocked its stomp, and the next thing it knew, something kicked its belly and sent it away from the statues.

Ultraman Tiga is a statue no more.

The winged monster thought it can ambush it enemy from behind, but the giant of Light swiftly caught it by its wings and swung it around. After a few circles, he let go, sending the spider-like creature crashing into the mammoth who had just managed to get up. Like any other spider, it had trouble getting up again once upside down, while its wings flapped around helplessly. The mammoth roared at Ultraman Tiga with pure hatred and sent a barrage of its scales towards the giant. Ultraman Tiga responded by protecting himself and the third statue, which was still on the ground, with his energy shield. Not wanting to risk damaging the statue, Ultraman Tiga jumped high into the air and landed behind the monsters. The mammoth turned around, deciding to engage the moving enemy rather than an immobile target. It charged towards Ultraman Tiga, but he merely stepped aside and punched the beast from its left. Before it can even turn around, Tiga had leapt into the air and landed right on its back. Despite its effort to shake Tiga off, the warrior had a firm hold on it and was continuously delivering punches to its head.

Tiga was about to land another blow when a web-like substance caught its leg and pulled it down from the mammoth's back and straight into the clutches of the still upside down winged spider. The creature then tightened its eight legs around his body and legs, effectively locking him in a tight spot. Taking the opportunity, the mammoth charged, with one of its tusks aiming at its enemy. Luckily for the giant, his captor was careless enough to let him still able to use his arms, so he managed to stop the tusk from piercing his neck. Still, even as he mustered all his strength, he can feel the tusk in his hands inching towards his neck. Leaning his head onto his shoulder, he then let go of the tusk. The tusk missed its intended target by a mere few inches, but went straight into the flesh of its dark comrade. The spider let out a strange hiss in pain, but still refused to let Tiga go. Still, it had brought the warrior enough time for him to formulate a plan. Crossing his arms above his head, he then swung his arms downwards as the jewel on his head emitted a red spark. This action of his caused his body colours to switch to only red and silver. (1) With the increased strength his new form granted him, he covered his right hand over his left fist and hammered his knuckles straight into the mammoth's head, thus knocking it to the ground. Then he gripped the legs holding him captive and snapped them apart. He immediately got on to his feet and grabbed the mammoth's trunk. The monster never got the chance to react while Ultraman Tiga lifted it into the air by the trunk and then slammed it right onto the spider. The pathetic spider didn't even manage to make a sound.

Sure that his enemies would not be able to move, Tiga leapt a few steps backwards and prepared to launch the finishing attack. The Warrior of Light charged and focused Light energies into a reddish orange energy ball at his chest and thrust the sphere forwards like a baseball pitcher, launching a stream of orange energy beam. (2) The deadly beam struck the mammoth, and it exploded; dragging the other monster to its destruction as well.

After defeating Darkness's minions, Ultraman Tiga turned his attention to the other statue. As he approached it, he saw three dragons flying towards him. He looked closely and saw they were riders on the dragons. No sooner had he spotted the dragons, Aurors started Apparating into the almost flatten pitch. Knowing he needed to work fast before being mistaken as an enemy, he used his Light powers to shrink the statue and placed it inside an energy orb within his palm. Giving one last look at the Aurors, he took off into the skies.

'Harry! Where have you been? You were gone for the entire morning and afternoon!' Hermione enquired as Harry entered the Burrow. The entire Weasley family, except for Arthur and Percy who were still at work, were quite eager to listen to his reply as well. Ron especially, who felt he had been left out.

'I was out getting some books,' Harry replied, lifting his bag so everyone can see.

'Blimey, what kind of books are you so desperate to read? Can't it wait until we all go get our stuff at Diagon Alley?' Ron asked in disbelief.

'These are books about my family, Ron. I have been waiting for months for these. I wanted to see them for myself when the store got them.' Harry answered matter-of-factly.

'Couldn't you just write to Lupin or ask him about your parents the next time you two meet?'

'Lupin probably doesn't know much about the generations before his grandparents,' Hermione said before Harry can give an answer. Harry just nodded in agreement.

'Oh.' It's all Ron say. 'Well, at least you're just in time for dinner, though if you miss it, I can always eat your share.' The rest of the family seem satisfied with his explanation as well, as they all knew how much Harry would want to know about his family.

They were half way through dinner when two owls flew into the dining room and dropped two newspapers on the table: one for Harry, and the other for Arthur. Harry picked it up and read: THE EVENING PROPHET SPECIAL EDITION! FREE! Harry unrolled the paper and saw something he wasn't expecting at all: A snapshot of Ultraman Tiga fighting the two monsters.

'Dad, the article said this issue has a special feature!' Fred exclaimed as he pulled the first page out. He took out his wand and pointed at the photo, muttering the incantation that was instructed below the shot. The photo then tear itself out of the newspaper; flew towards the nearest wall, and started growing as big as the wall itself.

Harry was busy reading the article when the Weasleys and Hermione focused on the picture which is now functioning like a video-screening device. As they watched the silver, red and purple giant fighting off the monsters, Harry discovered how the press got hold of this footage. According to the article, after the Aurors arrived with dragon as reinforcements, only to discover their enemies defeated, they proceeded with a large area sweep. They chanced upon a Muggle photographer who went into shock after witnessing that event. They wiped his memories and confiscated his camera which was used to capture the video of the entire fight. The rest of the article speculate about the beings' origins and theories and statement from the Ministry, but Harry wasn't interested. He put the paper away and started eating quietly, while the others watch the footage again. Even after they decide to eat, they talk entirely about what they had watched and the article. Even Mrs. Weasley, who doesn't approve of people having loud discussion during meal times, made an exception.

After dinner, Harry thanked Mrs Weasley and excused himself from the dining table, telling them that he would like to start reading the books. He went straight up to Ron's room, leaving the rest still talking about what they seen; and was about to close the door when Hermione came.

'Harry, we need to talk.' She said in a whisper and immediately entered without waiting for Harry to say anything. Once inside, she shut the door and casted a spell on it to prevent eavesdropping.

'Harry, what exactly happened during this morning?' She questioned her friend in a voice slightly similar to what an officer might use when questioning a suspect.

'What do you mean Hermione? I thought I told you all I'm picking up books,' Harry stuck to his story.

Hermione let out a sigh. 'Harry, you might fool Ron, but I know better. While you're away, I came in to wake up Ron, and I noticed that your Firebolt isn't in here.'

'I keep it under the bed,' Harry pointed out as he pulled the broomstick out so the witch can see it.

'Nice try Harry. But there are still other things.' Hermione said, this time sounding like a detective who had solved a mystery. 'When you returned, Ron mentioned Diagon Alley, and you did not deny going there, indicating that you indeed picked those books up in Diagon Alley. Yet, you did not use Floo; meaning you went to other places not accessible by Floo before going to the bookshop, or did not go there at all.' She stopped, giving her friend a look that says 'Now what do you have to say?'

'Hermione, I went to some Muggle shop via the Knight Bus before going to pick the books…' Hermione held up her hand, signalling for him to stop explaining.

'Harry, please don't lie anymore.' Hermione countered, sounding slightly hurt and disappointed. 'I notice you are silent during the entire meal, and you don't look comfortable when you saw the footage of the incident that happened when you are out. It might be true that you did go to a Muggle shop this morning, but I know for sure you did not buy those books today. That time when you open your trunk to search for your assignments for me to check, I saw those books in there.'

Harry slightly opened his mouth, but said nothing. Hedwig flew towards him and pecked his forehead before landing on his head, as if to say, 'You're busted.'

'Sorry Hermione.' Harry began. 'As you might have guessed, yes, I was there at the site, and had something to do with those strange beings.'

Hermione remained her silence, so Harry took it as a cue to continue talking. 'You see, the reason I didn't tell the truth just now is because I don't understand the whole situation myself. I had a dream last night……'

Harry told Hermione everything: his dream, the barrier that only he can see, his unexplained desire to go there and his methods, the statues, the woman in white, and what she told him. Harry paused before talking about the arrival of the monsters, giving his friend the opportunity to ask questions if she had any.

'Harry, have you ever thought that this might be a trap?' Hermione asked. 'I mean, it's obvious by now that it isn't one, since you're back. But have you considered that possibility before you went there this morning?'

Harry just shook his head, but before she can say anything else, he answered, 'Hermione, just let me finish the story first, please?' She nodded. He continued telling her about how he tried to defend the statues and how he was knocked off his broom in the air. Hermione's eyes widen with shock upon hearing that.

'Then, just when I thought it's the end, everything around me was bathed in bright light, and the next thing I knew, I survived the fall.'

'But Harry, just what exactly happened? Something must have rescued you… That giant!' Hermione exclaimed. 'That giant that you said you're supposed to awake must have rescued you!'

'You're half right,' Harry said quietly, leading Hermione to give him a quizzical look. 'I didn't awake Tiga. I am Ultraman Tiga.'

As he revealed the secret, his memory flashed backwards to the fall. He remembered the light that surrounded him. He also remembered the strange feeling as memories and knowledge regarding the warrior's fighting abilities started forming in his mind. The next thing he knew, he was seeing the monsters at a smaller scale than he used to, and was beating the daylights out of them.

'And after that, I took off into the skies, then secretly teleport myself, as Harry, back into the forest in that area. I spent the whole afternoon looking for my wand, Cloak and Firebolt, all while avoiding the Aurors.'

Seeing the sceptical look at Hermione's face, Harry took out a Y-shaped device from his pocket. (3) It was mostly white in colour, with golden stripes along the sides. In the middle was something that looks like an orb. Hermione studied the device for a moment and realise the similarity between the device's stripes and orb in the middle, and the pattern of Ultraman Tiga's shoulders and chest.

Hermione thought she was going to faint.

Author's Note: To help the readers who doesn't watch Ultraman Tiga and would like to know how his attacks look like, I have posted the links and the time of the video where you can watch those moves in action. I apologise for my lack of description knowledge, and would also like to thank the users who upload those videos. I have enjoyed them very much.

(1) Power Type (In this form, Ultraman Tiga has higher attacks and defences, but slower agility) .com/watch?v=kaMt4y0sSns&feature=related 1:08

(2) Delacium Light Stream –.com/watch?v=kaMt4y0sSns&feature=related 2:24

(3) Spark Lens (transformation device) .com/watch?v=weC1uIB0c2U&feature=related 10:09

.com/watch?v=UO9uCLwFFVQ 1:44 (activating spark lens)