Thank you to all the lovely reviewers and your beautiful compliments, I thank you. Here's the final chapter/epilogue to Notches On The Tin Man's Bedpost. I hope you enjoy! Also, if any of you would enjoy a sequel LET ME KNOW! Lol, and if you want, give me a few comments on what you'd like to see if further stories were to take place. So, ciao for now. ;D


"Now we all know of the interesting and quite odd relationship between Start Industries' former CEO, Tony Stark, and controversial author and journalist, Riley McDermott." Chicago's own, Oprah Winfrey spoke into the camera and out to the audience, "Are they a couple, do they hate each other? What's the big deal between the two of them? Well, today, we're going to find out, ladies and gentlemen, Tony Stark and Riley McDermott!"

Everyone's attention shifted to the left as Riley and Tony walked out and took a seat in the uncomfortable yellow couch next to Oprah. Tony held onto Riley's hand as Oprah began to speak.

"Now, I guess it's no secret that you two are together, judging by the holding of hands," Tony smiled and kissed Riley's cheek. The audience 'aww'd' and Riley smiled, "Now isn't that just the cutest thing! Now, Riley, I know it must be very strange to go from the life you had, having a kind of underground fame as a journalist, to your personal life on the cover of People magazine not only with your new book, but also with your relationship with Tony, how do you feel about all this?"

Riley thought for a second, "Well, it's all just very peculiar and interesting to me, this fascination that people have with a certain people's personal life. It's all very strange to me."

"Yeah," Tony started, "Riley's not the person to be very cooperative with the press or give them a straight answer about anything."

"I'm adapting quite well to it though, still don't like it very much, but I'm dealing with it. A small price to pay." She looked at Tony and smiled slightly.

"How does a relationship like this develop, or come to be? It's no secret you two are very different, how exactly did that happen?" Oprah asked, eagerness in her voice.

Riley and Tony looked at each other for a moment, and Riley started, "Well, I'll tell you..."