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Considering that it was Matt who was left in charge of the whole situation, it was actually dealt with reasonably well.

After relocating my stunned dead weight to the sofa, he'd – somewhat incredibly – done the responsible thing and called the police. I'd been in too much of a dizzy fog to actually pay much attention, but from what I overheard, he explained it all quite decently. I'll admit to being surprised, but at the same time, I kind of realised that maybe I'd been overly harsh to him every time in the past. To be fair, when he banged the rocks together, he just occasionally managed a spark.

By the time the cops arrived I was slightly more conscious, and I could answer the questions they asked me; though I was still pretty glad they kept it short. I was also glad they left out asking me what might have motivated Near to do it. Having to explain that would've been long, and awkward, and complicated.

And so, with far less fuss than I'd expected, they'd flung my ex-boyfriend into the back of their squad car and driven away. They'd probably want me to come in to answer some more questions sometime soon, they said, but the likelihood was that Near would be going down for a while for attempted manslaughter with few questions asked. Apparently they'd actually run into him once in the past, which surprised me. The policeman who told me this seemed somewhat reluctant to explain fully, and though I probed, all I could gather was that his crime had involved indecency and sheep. I didn't really need to think too much to figure the rest out, though.

Cruel though it felt, I had to admit that it made me all the more glad to be rid of him. I had to admit to myself now that I hadn't really loved Near for a while anyway. Matt, on the other hand…

Well. I can't really call it 'love' yet; we haven't known each other long enough for that. But I think, now that Near's out of the picture, we might be able to make a proper go at things. I can pile all the insults I want onto that little redhead, but in the end… I think I'd quite like that.

…How embarrassing.

But I guess… Whatever happens, happens, now. I mean… I sort of persuaded him to move in with me almost instantaneously. Just on impulse – it felt like the right thing to do. I'm not sure if it actually was, but I guess we'll find out pretty soon. The more I think about it, the worse an idea it seems, but… Maybe I'll be proven wrong. I just don't know.


No, it was definitely a bad idea.

I look up as the redhead enters the room, quickly feeling somewhat embarrassed as I notice how he's only wearing boxers. He's only been here for a few days, but he's already settled into his old-home habits again, and apparently that includes wandering about in a state of near-nudity. I guess that's fair enough when you live alone, because there's nobody to see you… But still.

I stare pointedly at the TV to avoid gawking at him; that's what I'd been doing before he entered the living room, anyway. Matt had decided to bring his gaming collection in its entirety with him, and much to my own surprise, I'd discovered the delights of Zelda. He insisted on being retro, so he only had Gamecube Zelda games with him; but they were pretty damn good so far.

I hear a soft laugh behind me, and the soft patting sound of the redhead approaching. He sits down beside me on the arm of the chair, and watches my progress with a practised eye. I can sense a derisive comment on its way. Then again, Matt doesn't seem capable of particularly hurtful insults, so I'm not too worried.

"Why are you even trying that, Mels…? It's as if you want to blow his arms off."

"Well, I don't know how this works, do I..?" I mumble indignantly, wincing a little at my ineptitude as I manage to repeat my prior mistake again almost perfectly. Matt shakes his head slowly. If nothing else, he's always truthful.

"No, that's true."

I suppress a growl; I can't help it! Even if he's not trying to fuck me over, he's managing it..!

"You do it, then, if you're so wonderful," I hiss, shoving the controller towards him. He grins, and I get a distinct feeling that I may have made a grave mistake.

"All righty then, I will~!" he crows, taking the controller from me and quickly directing my little green-clad hero in the proper direction, thumbing the right buttons at the right times with practised smoothness, which I am ashamed to admit, I sort of admire. Before long he's straightened things out for me, and he hands the controller back with irrepressible smugness, offering me a cheeky wink. "See, it was easy really~!"

I roll my eyes and nod listlessly, resigned to just give him the answer he wants. I mean, unfortunate though it is, there's no getting around the fact that he is better at gaming than me, and he knows it too. It's annoying, but it's just the way of things.

I continue along feebly for a while without Matt passing comment, which pleases me; maybe I'm not doing so badly after all..! I mean, I'm getting places, and I haven't blown my arms off for a good few minutes… Then again, I haven't touched anything capable of doing that for a few minutes, either. Whatever!

I'm just starting to get really absorbed in what I'm doing when a sad little voice from beside me interrupts my newly formed Zelda mindset. I'd be angry usually, but… Some small part of me always seems to want to understand Matt, for some reason. Well, nobody's perfect.


I pause the game – feeling a momentary spark of pride in my sensible thinking – and turn to him quietly. "Matty…?"

He turns to me, green eyes somewhat troubled. It's not an expression I like to see on him. He's always supposed to look blank, or cheery, or in throes of sexual ecstasy… Not frowny..!

"Melly, I'm horny."

"… I see."

I catch myself wondering if this is a direct result of watching a small elf run about in a cave, but quickly dismiss the thought. He might be many things, but I don't think he's a paedophile. Maybe, then, it's something to do with me… Oh, that would make me feel so special.

I realise abruptly that my answer just now probably wasn't very helpful to the redhead, and quickly attempt to make eye contact again. "I, um… Ah. Well…"

He cuts across me. "I could go for a wank, maybe…" he murmurs thoughtfully. "But ever since we did it, I've found getting off by myself to be really quite a lonely, dull experience…"

I pause awkwardly. I can't believe he just told me that in such a casual voice.


… I don't really like to accept it, but I suppose if I'm honest, I… I do quite like sharing that kind of intimacy with him. I mean… It's fun. And… Ah, I should really stop trying to put reason behind every action I take with him. I shouldn't have to do that, right..? I don't have to do that. I try hard to convince myself.

No, I don't have to do that. I can't ignore the fact that a part of me wants Matt, in several different ways. It's time I just let things be.

I take a deep breath.

"…Maybe… I could help you out, then."

Matt doesn't seem to see the significance of my words, doesn't seem to see that this is the start of me actually taking a willing approach to us and our relationship. But then, I didn't expect him to. He's only Matt- though I guess I should try to get out of that mentality now.

"Really…? You will…? Oh, smashing~!"

… This has got to be a mistake. All of it; getting him to move in, getting serious about him, encouraging him like this…

But I suddenly realise that it doesn't matter, and that I don't care. He is Matt, and I think I can endure some tedium for him, because deep down, this was what I wanted from the start.

I toss the Gamecube controller aside and pull him down into a searing kiss.