The 3 of them were reunited and then they went home. "Why did you leave me?" Hinata asked as she hugged her mum then her dad.

"Because sweety we had to" Hinata dad said "we had no choice but now look at us we are together again and that is all that matters." Her dad hugged her tight "we will never leave you again I promise."

"Okay" Hinata said resting her head on her dads shoulder as the walked through the village. "I missed you so much"

"We missed you to baby" her mum said "we will always be here from now on."


That night hinata was sleeping in her room when a man jumped through her window and picked her up and then jumped back out of the window and then ran off into the night but as he past the gate of the house Hinata's dad jumped out from behind a tree and said "let go of my daughter now"

"Ha ha ha" The man laughed "you think I will just give you your daughter back."

"It's your choice either hand her over or die" her dad said "i will kill you myself"

"Never you leaf pancy" The kidnapper said laughing "I am stronger than you"

"Shut up" Hinata's father said stepping forward and then smashing his hand into the kidnappers chest. "See that you are dead now bitch"


Hinata woke up the next morning in her fathers arms "What's wrong daddy?" She asked lifting her head and looking around.

"Nothing hinata I just was thinking about putting you into the ninja academy" her father said it will be a good experience for you."

"Okay" Hinata said rolling out from her fathers arms and then walking outside and almost ran into a little boy. "Sorry"

"It's okay" the boy said "I am neji your cusion"

"Cool I got a cusion" Hinata said "I will be joining you at the ninja academy"

"Nice its pretty hard we start in a week and we all will be just starting so you wont be behind us" Neji said bowing and then runnng off down the hall.