All right so I've been trying to find a good Narnia/LOTR fic but there's only been two that I really like. So I decided to write my own, and here are the links to the other stories that I liked. .net/s/2992727/1/The_Hobbit_the_Ring_and_The_Fellowship


Aragorn , Legolas, and Gimli were still tracking the band of Uruk-Hai that had taken Pippen and Merry. As each day seemed to grow longer, Aragorn seemed to grow more anxious he could tell something big was about to happen.

That night they took a rest, and Aragorn told Legolas and Gimli his suspicions , "I don't know why but I feel as if someone or something is calling to us." Legolas nodded his eyes worried, "It feels like the Great Magic."

He whispered, Aragorn raised his eyebrows, "The Great Magic?" he asked dubiously. Legolas nodded earnestly, "It is said that a long time ago, a great lion made this world he was able to awaken the forests with a roar. And he could make the earth do his bidding, he could run faster than a Mearas."

"What was this lion's name?" asked Gimli with an uneasy look in his eye, Legolas glanced at him, "His name was Aslan." As soon as he said the name, they heard a loud piercing lion's roar. Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli all stood up with their weapons drawn.

And then Aslan approached, Legolas bent down on one knee, "Milord Aslan, it has been too long since you have roamed Middle-Earth." Aslan nodded, "Rise, son of Thirundil I have a charge for you and your companions if you will accept."

Aragorn inclined his head towards Aslan, "With respect Aslan, we already are on a mission and must decline." Aslan stared at him thoughtfully, "Aragorn son of Arathorn, your other companions Merridoc BrandyBuck, and Perrigrin Took are safe, I have entrusted their care to one who you thought dead. "

Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli looked stunned, "Gandalf is alive?" whispered Gimli. "Yes son of Gloin, your old companion has returned, stronger from his ordeal and ready to serve Middle-Earth. My charge to all of you is to go one of my other worlds' and help save a nation from dissolving."

Aragorn stepped forward, "It would be an honor to fight in your name." Aslan smiled, "You have spoken well son of Arathorn, the world you are going to is Narnia. My people are being exterminated by Telmerine soldiers, they are led by Lord Miraz his nephew the rightful heir to the throne has fled. Because Lord Miraz's wife gave birth to a son, two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve have come to help retore the prince to his throne. They need your help to win the war."

While he spoke he made eye contact with each of them, "Remember, no matter how long you spend in Narnia no time passes in this world. Now get on my back, we have a long way to go and little time to get there."

Aragorn and Legolas got on eagerly, while Gimli eyed Aslan with worry. "Do not fear son of Gloin, I will make sure you won't fall off." Gimli nodded turning red, while Legolas and Aragorn smirked, slowly Gimli got on and sat there quivering with fright. With a great roar Aslan bounded through the woods, with Gimli hanging on for dear life.