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Susan ran into Peter on her way out, he looked excited, "Su, the watchmen caught sight of some of Miraz's men." He said breathlessly, Susan frowned at his all too eager expression and watched him head back towards the room with the stone table.

Susan hesitated before rolling her eyes and following him back, she glanced behind her and saw Edmund walking next to Lucy. Behind them came the rest of the Narnian refuges and Legolas and Gimli. She bit her bottom lip and hastened to stand next to Aragorn who looked a little surprised at how fast the room filled up.

Caspian came to stand next to her, after shooting Aragorn an odd look Susan could feel her cheeks start to burn a little bit. She was hyper-aware of how both men scrutinized one other and looked up to catch Edmund's eye. He was snickering and shaking his head, Susan glared at him though her heart was starting do flip flops every time Aragorn looked her way.

She still wondered at Aragorn's rather odd behavior earlier but decided not to bring it up, what with Caspian standing next to her. Peter waited until everyone was inside, before he started talking "It's only a matter of time, Miraz's men and war machines are on their way. That means those same men aren't protecting his castle." At his words Susan felt a thrill of foreboding and exchanged a worried look with Aragorn.

"What do you propose, we do your Majesty?" asked Reepicheep, both Prince Caspian and Peter started talking at the same time. "We need to prepare for war." Was Peter's exclamation and Caspian's was, "We need to get ready to-" Both Caspian and Peter studied each other, Susan hated how her brother shot Caspian a vastly superior look before continuing, "Our only hope is to strike them before they strike us." He said after Caspian lowered his gaze.

Aragorn spoke up, "My liege, while you would have the element of surprise your numbers are still thin. If we are going to attack them, you may lose forces that could be better used here." He said in a commanding tone that caught everyone's attention.

Susan caught a glimpse of her brother's expression and inwardly groaned, while he looked like he was contemplating what Aragorn said he looked angry. "It's crazy, no one's ever taken that castle!" Caspian added. If Caspian hadn't spoken, they might have gotten Peter to give in but Peter was still seething with righteous indignation.

"There's always a first time." Peter said, spreading his arms and Susan decided to speak up "If we dig in, we could probably hold them off indefinitely." She said. She winced as Peter glared at her but met his gaze with one of her own.

"Look, I appreciate what you've done here but this isn't a fortress it's a tomb." Peter said while addressing Caspian. "Yes, and if the Telmerine's are smart they could just wait and starve us out." Edmund pointed out.

"We could collect nuts." Said a little squirrel that was sitting next to Reepicheep. If Reepicheep could, he would have rolled his eyes "Yes! And throw them at the Telmerines! Shut up! ." Reepicheep said scathingly to the squirrel. "I think you know where I stand sire." He added to Peter.

Susan glared at Reepicheep, "While we can't collect nuts, the squirrel does have a point. Though I doubt we'll be able to find any supplies now, it was a good suggestion." She added, smiling at the squirrel.

Peter turned to look at Glenstorm the centaur, Susan sighed as she recognized the look on her brother's face. "If I get your troops in, can you handle the guards?" he asked. She winced as Glenstorm's face fell. "Or die trying my liege." He finally said in a solemn voice.

"That's what I'm worried about." Lucy said quietly from her perch on top of the stone table. Susan was inwardly relieved that Lucy had spoken up, "Sorry?" asked Peter in a not so nice tone. Lucy met Peter's gaze head on, "You make it sound like there's only two options, dying here or dying there." She said and Susan's eyes widened as she realized what Lucy was getting at.

"I'm sure you weren't listening Lu." Peter said in a patronizing tone and turned away from her. "No you're not listening! Or have you forgotten who really defeated the White Witch Peter?" Lucy asked.

Peter's face turned ugly, "I think we've waited for Aslan long enough." With those words, he turned and left the room. Susan approached Lucy who looked downcast, "At least you tried Lu." She whispered.

One by one, everyone else slowly filed out until only Aragorn, Susan, Lucy, Edmund, Trumpkin, Gimli and Legolas were left. "Why is Peter being so stubborn?" asked Lucy, it was a question that none of them quite knew how to answer.

"I think he's afraid." Edmund finally said and everyone looked at him. Susan nodded, "I think you're right Ed he's had a hard time adjusting to the fact that he probably won't be king any longer." She said. Lucy raised her eyebrows, "But didn't Aslan say 'Once a King or Queen of Narnia, always a King or Queen'?"

Susan nodded but Aragorn spoke up, "I think what Her Majesty is trying to say Milady, is that Prince Caspian will be the new ruler of Narnia and thus Peter won't be needed after he has helped Caspian win the throne." He said, whilst addressing Lucy.

Susan grimaced at Aragron's usage of her former title, "Peter has never liked being considered being second. That's why he's been so insufferable ever since we've arrived, he's trying to prove to everyone that he's most suitable to being king."She said, there was a dead silence in the room as everyone absorbed what she said.

"And he thinks that by being a..a..jerk is going to help change things?" Edmund asked in a stupiefied tone. Susan sighed, "If he thinks that's he's right then yes." Gimli scoffed and shook his head. "Could you try talking to him?" Legolas asked Susan, Susan bit her lip as everyone twisted to look at her. "Peter doesn't like it whenever I try to be logical." She muttered.

"Well you do have your moments Su." Ed said smirking, Susan threw him a glare, "I'll try, I'm not promising anything though." She relented finally after a few moments of tense silence. "Thank you Su." Edmund said with a small smile in her direction, Susan nodded and headed off doubly aware of their eyes on her back.

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