Tweeted by: (at)DarkiraFF on 4/20/2010

Prompt: Ground Frost

Pairing/POV: Seth

Rated: T


It sparkled in the morning light where the sun hadn't touched; one side powdery white, the other dark with damp. I put my bare hand over the carving, absently brushing away a year's worth of dirt and leaves from his name. I knew he wasn't here, below this stone, below this cold dirt. He left his body here, but he'd moved on and joined our elders, keeping watch. Still, part of me liked touching it. I could almost hear his voice, yelling me out of bed to go fishing on a chilly morning like this one. It made me smile.




A/N the first of my twitter-prompt drabbles! Thank Darkira for the prompt, and look for her story, Brand New Start.