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Howard laughed, Beetlejuice Just what exactly was Vince talking about?

"Vince, what are you talking about? What's Beetlejuice?"

"Okay what? You've never seen," He paused in disbelief "I'll tell you off for that later, that film is legendary. Though, the main characters, the couple, die and find themselves mysteriously brought back to their house with no idea how they got there, they wander around and discover that they can't look in the mirror."

"That's your idea of a horror film is it? People not being able to look at their own reflection, I should've known. I'm going to get Naboo." Howard sighed, watching as Vince wandered off to the mirror in the hall.

"No, Howard wait." Vince shouted, beckoning Howard over with his hand. Howard stood next to Vince the mirror and looked for their reflection, a reflection that wasn't there. Vince screwed his face up in what might have been deep thought but Howard also decided it might be shock and horror that he would never see his face again.

"Are you okay Little Man?"

"Yeah, so do you think that blue cloudy stuff was poison and killed us?"

"You don't honestly believe we're dead do you? Naboo probably just charmed the mirrors to not reflect."

"What would be the point in that?" Vince quizzed.

"So you won't get your grubby finger prints all over them?"

"Hey, my hands aren't grubby. We should really go and talk to Naboo, straighten this out yeah?"

Howard nodded and Vince led the way upstairs into the living space.

Naboo smirked; watching as the two men stood explaining what happened and begged him for help.

"Guys, you're dead. Gassed and poisoned. Basically, get used to it cos it's not going to change."

"Well, thanks for the sympathy sir, thank you very much."

"Oh c'mon Naboo, aint there anything you can do – rustle up a magical quiche that can reverse the spell of the gas?" Vince begged.

"Vince, I can't just rustle up a quiche it's far more complicated than basic beige magic. Though I can give you this, it's a guide for the recently deceased basically gives you the ins and outs of being dead."

Vince glared at the large book and dumped it into Howard's arms, after all books was more Howards domain. Vince liked shiny things, though today wasn't very shiny at all it was black, black as death black as… black, maybe Goth would come back, at least now he could pull off the dead look.

"Anyway, I'm going out." Naboo announced. Vince and Howard sighed.

"Okay, yeah. You're friends die but you just pop out for a bit we don't mind." Vince grumbled. Naboo rolled his eyes.

"Look, I've now got two spare beds that need filling. I've got to get my money from somewhere. I'm sorry your dead, but really it's your faults. I told you to walk to town. Now, get reading!" and in a puff of smoke he was gone. Vince mumbled… what could only be described foul language under his breath and wandered around the room, trying to get into being a ghost.

"Good old Naboo, considerate as ever. So, does this mean we're like stuck in here forever now?" Vince asked, perching on the arm of the sofa, looking over his fiancés shoulder, at least he was stuck with the person he loved and not with someone like Gordon Brown.

"I don't think so, we might be able to go outside. You stay here, I'll go and look." Howard smiled, putting the handbook down and making his way to the door, he stepped out onto the doorstep and found himself face down in some sand, well this is odd he thought, he looked up and screamed. Above him was the all too familiar face of Xzantar, the Xooberonian guard/cave man from many years ago. He flinched and brought his arms to his face, covering his pride and joy – his moustache.

"Please, don't kill me… wait I'm already dead, wow I need to come up with a new catchphrase now."

"Oi, Howard. When you've stopped talking to yourself do you wanna grab my hand?" Vince shouted from the open door, now seeming to be floating in the sky. Howard couldn't refuse that offer for the not-life of him and grabbed onto Vince's hand, who pulled him back into the flat.

"Guess what. We can't leave the house unless we want to end up buried up to our necks in sand again."

Vince groaned.

"So our afterlife is just going to be spent sitting around in this dump? Watching as Naboo brings people into our rooms to wear our… my clothes! Howard. I can't be stuck wearing this all the time, I'll be out of trend."

"You look fine to me, and it'll just be me and Naboo who'll see you. No one will care, and anyway can we move onto more pressing matters."

"Pressing matters?"

"Yes darling, matters like the fact that we're dead."

Before Vince could reply Naboo re-appeared at the top of the stairs, smiling, behind him the two new occupants: Harold Moon and Lance Dior.

Vince and Howard could've screamed.