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Matt's P.O.V

"Matt for fuck sake!"
I raised my goggled eyes from the mirrored screen on my gameboy, the dying screams of the monster filled the tiny apartment for a brief moment. The blonde hurricane stormed into the room, anger etched into every single feature on his face.
"Don't 'yeah' me! Where the fuck is my chocolate, you said you would get more while I was out!"
I bit my lip for a moment, trying to recall the moment when Mello had asked me to leave my comfy position on the couch to brave daylight. The thought alone made an involuntary shudder ripple down my spine. I flickered my eyes back to the game, his icy blue stare making me uncomfortable.
"I forgot Mells, go and get it yourself if you're worried."
I swear, if Mello could still scream he would've. Instead he stomped out of the room, slamming the door shut behind him. The loud bang echoing around the room.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't take Mello for granted. I know he stuck up for me all those years when the Wammy's kids were intent on mangling me, I know he's kept everything I've told him to himself and I appreciate him for it, I really do. But I will not go outside unless it's life threatening. Then again...Mello with no chocolate could be life threatening. Shaking my head, I turned the game off, throwing it onto the couch.

I could almost picture him walking down the street, every single person cowering with fear as he steamed in silence. The thought brought a grin to my face. Head of the mafia and yet he couldn't get someone to get his chocolate for him. Peeling the goggles off my head, a pang of guilt ran through my stomach. Maybe I should've gotten it for him, but I honestly did forget. It's not like I do these things on purpose, I do try to be a good friend. I sighed, stretching until my limbs popped, which wasn't hard after sitting in the same position for 4 hours.

Standing up, I brushed my black and white striped shirt down, even after leaving Wammy's I found it difficult to make my clothes vary. Perhaps if I did Mello would notice me more and not try to brush me off his back. He doesn't know it, it's the only thing I've ever been able to keep from him. I completely and utterly in love with him.

I have been for as long as I can remember. The first day he wore leather, I had to run out of the room in a hurry to avoid him seeing my...problem with his new very very tight fitting clothes. It was just so...wow, hugging his every curve until you were pretty sure that he had nothing left to hide. Indiscreet? Mello? Never. And I love him for it.

Mello's P.O.V

"Stupid goddamn Matt." I grumbled to myself, flicking my blonde bangs from my eyes. He knew, knew I wanted chocolate and now was just playing this silly ass game to see if he could get me too crack. Like hell I was, did he even know who he was playing with? Of course he did. And that's why he loved it. Tosser. Striding into the shop, I picked up every single bar of chocolate in my flavour that they had. Shoving them over to the woman who was serving, I threw some notes at her before leaving the store, now burdened with at least 19 bars of chocolate. Unwrapping the first one, I bit into it. The loud crack startling several of the people who were walking in front of me. Good. They need fear. And if Kira won't give them fear then I will.

The chocolate ran over my tongue, instantly calming me, until I could see pass the blind rage that threatened to consume me. Letting out a small sigh of happiness I walked faster. The pretty brunette in front of me running her honey coloured eyes over my form for a moment before tearing her gaze away. She would like Matt. That guy hadn't had a girlfriend in so long I swear he's gay. I should try to set him up...or at least buy him a hooker. Let me tell you nothing says hello like walking into the kitchen to find your roommate has a raging hard-on.

I repressed the laughter that built up with the memory, I could forgive Matt for forgetting. But he had better hope not to do so again. Otherwise I would make him regret the day he was born. Turning into my apartment building, I took the stairs two and a time, idly sucking on the piece of chocolate between my teeth. Pushing the door open quietly, I slipped inside. Hoping he wouldn't hear me, I tiptoed into the kitchen, storing my chocolate safely away. A smirk crossed my face, silently padding back to the door I opened it and swung it back with some force, letting an angry growl pass my lips I stomped back into the room.

"They were out of chocolate! Matt you owe me so fucking big before I rip you limb from limb!"

"I-uh-Mello-I'm sor-"

"Don't you ever dare say that word!"

Matt shut up instantly, fear in his deep blue eyes. God he had beautiful eyes. You could easily stare right into his very being and yet know nothing of him. He was just so...sexy and I'm pretty sure he knew it. I mean who wears jeans that tight unless you want people to stare at your ass?

"Mattie, I will make you pay for this is some way, shape or form." I placed my hand on my hip. "And I mean any way I choose."


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