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Ok everyone I have seen that my Fem Naruto and Sasuke story's seem to do well however I have been a way for a long time for my Naruto story's, I will get back to them but for now I hope you settle with a new Fem Naruto story which is also a high school AU so please enjoy.

New kid in school

Girl's hung all over the beautiful male as he sauntered through the halls. His sheer arrogance and cockiness was evident in every step he took, in every glance and smile he made to any female he saw. Stealing the hearts of women everywhere was just what Sasuke Uchiha did, he lived off the praise of others, the looks of adoration and even the glares of jealousy in the eyes of the less superior males.

For Sasuke Uchiha this was an everyday event. The girls would cling to his clothes and make up lies just to get a moment of his time and attention. And from all the praise showering upon him, his ego would continue to grow.

However no-one knew how empty inside Sasuke felt, they didn't know that each time they would throw themselves at him that he would become less likely to fall in love with them. Heck Sasuke didn't even know if he could ever experience love anymore, due to that all girls were easy prey to him.

"Man, don't you ever get fed up of all the attention?" mumbled a random male student to his friend as they walked straight past Sasuke. The one who spoke just glared at him with jealousy before continuing down the hall.

"I hate the attention, but I also find enjoyment in toying with the fangirls," Sasuke thought to himself as he continued to strut down the large corridor of Konoha High, shooting a few 'flirtatious' smiles at a group of female freshmen.

A chorus of excited screams emanated from the group as they began chatting away all enthusiastically.

"Did you see that?" said one of them a little too loudly, catching Sasuke's attention as he walked past, he slowed down slightly to eavesdrop.

"I know, I can't believe it!"

"I know everyone is going to be so jealous," said another girl excitedly

"I only smiled and their already falling head over heels for me. There is no girl in this school that can resist my charms," he felt satisfied from his thoughts, bringing a truer smile to his face.

"I know, after that gorgeous smile he winked seductively then he mouthed out the words 'I love you'! I can't believe it!" screamed another girl; he began to walk off at that point.

"Well that didn't happen but whatever. Even if I denied it, I doubt anyone would believe me, I just don't want people to think my preference is freshmen," sighed the 17 year old junior as he reached his classroom.

Upon entrance to the room he became the centre of attention, as usual, and with a trademark smirk most of the girls were swooning."If you're done with your little show Uchiha, I recommend you go to your seat," Iruka Umino asked in a slightly irritated tone,"You're lucky you got here on time," the slightly shocked look on Sasuke's face brought rare moments of glee to most of the male members of the class.

Sasuke, deciding to obey Iruka, shrugged before placing his hands in the pockets of his trousers. As he did another 'flirtatious' smile to the girls he sauntered over to his seat. The seat was situated on the third of the four rows, and it was right next to the window, allowing him to doze off and stare directly at the giant tree situated outside the building."

I'm so bored" he thought.

"Ok, so I have an announcement to make to the class," Iruka said in a softer tone than he had just spoken in. In response, the levels of attention dropped significantly, to the extent that Shikamaru fell asleep on his desk, Ino and Sakura diverted their attention to Sasuke, Chouji had started eating again, Sasuke stared out the window, Sai sat there with his fake smile creeping his teacher out and the rest of the class seemed to be concentrating on Iruka.

"Why do I even bother?" Iruka thought to himself as he shuffled his feet slightly hoping to catch the class's attention.

"Ahem, as I was trying to say, today we are welcoming a new student to class." At this surprising statement, everyone's attention diverted to Iruka.

"Ah crap I'm late on my first day!" screamed the blonde haired girl as she sprinted through Konoha High's long corridor."I knew I shouldn't have stopped for ramen," the girl spoke out loud as she continued to run, catching the attention of students in other classrooms who spotted her through the windows on the doors of their rooms.

"WOAH, look at that blonde chick!" exclaimed a young male who spotted the blonde beauty run past his class. A few of his friends ran to the window to notice the figure disappearing down the hallway.

"Nice ass," one of the males commented. This was followed by a cry of cheers from the small group.

"Who was that anyway?"

"How should I know? I wish I did know though, I would so do that," another male said, causing some female listeners to blush and others to be confused.

"What are you guys talking about?"

"Didn't you see, there was this hot blonde running past the class" replied a boy with spiked brown hair.

"Well I'm sorry I'm not good enough!" an orange haired girl suddenly screamed.

The boys looked between each other before asking,"What's her problem?"

"Everyone please return to your seats!" demanded a teacher with black sunglasses.

Everyone was looking at Iruka, expecting him to introduce the so called new student to the class. Instead they just saw him standing there in embarrassment, which was obvious from the slight blush on his face."Um, where's the new student?" Hinata asked shyly from the back of the class. If Iruka hadn't been so used to Hinata's quietness, he would never have heard it.

"Well she should be here but she seems to be late," Iruka replied, furthering his embarrassment "Anything else?"

"What does she look like?" Kiba asked before Hinata got the chance to continue.

"Well I haven't met her before, so I can't tell but apparently she has Principle Jiraiya's seal of approval," he said in a joking tone.

"That doesn't mean much, nearly every woman he sees has his seal of approval," mumbled Shino in a serious tone which took a lot of humour away from his comment.

Iruka just sighed to himself and walked over to his desk to sit down.

The girl continued to sprint down the hall, her long blonde hair waving side to side as she reached the door of a classroom and she opened it expectedly only to find the shocked looks on everyone's faces.

"I think I have the wrong room," she commented.

"She's beautiful!" a young black haired male with a bowl cut stuttered whilst blushing. Seemingly in response to this, she turned on her heel and ran out the room slamming the door shut.

"And once again you fail. How low can you fall Lee?" Neji commented causing the class to laugh at the bowl haired teenagers' plight. Lee just looked at the floor with a deep blush, balling his hands into fists.

"Damn you Neji!"

"Damn wrong class again! There's only one more to pick now, finally!" the girl thought to herself as she dived to the door, throwing it open.

The door flung open rapidly, causing the class's attention to drift to the figure standing in the door.

"Ah this must be the right class," she said excitedly "I was told the teacher had a large scar across his face, so I guess that must be you," she finished with a wide smile on her face.

The entire class sat astonished by the girls dazzling looks and attitude. The male students gaped at her shining white smile, her perfect faintly tanned legs, her long blonde hair and deep blue eyes and most of all her above average bust. There was not a single guy who didn't get indecent thoughts as they stared at her.

"So I get another disrespectful student. Geez, why me?" thought Iruka whilst clearing his throat. "Everybody this is Naru Namikaze. She is the new student that from today on, we shall be having in our class," before turning to look directly at the girl."Would you mind introducing yourself to the class?" he asked in a calm tone which took all his self-control, due to the scar comment.

The girl just nodded in response and walked over to Iruka and turned to face the class,"Hi, I'm Naru Namikaze, I'm 16 years old, I love sports and my favourite food is ramen. I have too much energy sometimes and don't know when to shut up for my own good and... Well that's all really," she told the class.

The whole class already got the thought stuck in their heads that she was the stereotypical airheaded blonde. However, despite this, it didn't do much to divert the lustful gazes from the males of the class. "So has anyone got any questions?" she asked cheerfully, noticing the gazes from the males of the class.

"You got a boyfriend?" shouted Kiba, who was still drooling at the girl.

The girl shook her head and instantly sighs of relief chorused through the entire male body of the class.

Iruka, sensing where this was going, cleared his throat and kindly asked Naru to go to her seat. As she walked down to her seat she noticed there was one boy in the class who wasn't staring at her with absolute lust. He was perhaps the most handsome member of the class with his well styled black hair and equally dark eyes and she felt her heart thump slightly but she dismissed it as she walked straight past him and sat behind him in her designated seat.

Sasuke just sat there in his seat thinking about the newest member of the class."Another airheaded girl. I suppose that's obvious," Sasuke thought as he concentrated deeply on his hands.
"She is merely more prey for me," he thought confidently with a small smirk growing on his face, "by the end of today I'll have her around my little finger."

Class moved on rather quickly for Naru who spent her time looking out the window. Doing work that required mental concentration had never been her strong point. By nature she wasn't a stupid person, she was just very energetic and impulsive,which gave everyone the illusion of her being an idiot. Once class was dismissed, she quickly pulled back from her seat and stood, getting ready to leave, packing her pencils and rubber into her bag.

"Hey," she heard a voice, causing her took look up from her bag, where she met two dark eyes that caused her mind to go blank for a short moment."I'm Sasuke Uchiha" he told her whilst shooting one of his trademark 'flirtatious' smirks at her.

Naru just stared at the boy, sensing the arrogance around him and for some reason it just irritated her."Oh I'm Naru nice to meet you," she replied, trying to walk past him but he quickly moved to block her way."Um, could you move please?" she asked whilst biting her lower lip slightly as anger started to rise within her. She didn't know why, but something didn't feel right.

He leaned down meeting her eye to eye, faces just inches apart, and once again he shot her one of his signature smiles."I was just wondering if you needed someone to show you around the school?" he said in a fake considerate voice.

"No, I'm fine," she replied, trying to keep some composure whilst looking at his handsome face. She knew what his aim was and she was determined not to lose.

"Shame," he replied in fake disappointment."I was looking forward to spending some time with you" he replied still smiling.

"Well too bad for you then," she replied, staring back angrily; neither of the two noticed a small crowd forming around them.

"You don't know what you're missing," he whispered seductively to her.

"I'm sure whatever I'm missing is something I wouldn't particularly want from you" she replied angrily, a few of the males who overheard laughed slightly at the fact that Sasuke probably just got rejected.

His smile was quickly replaced by an angry; cold look.

"What's your problem?" he shot back angrily at her.

"Personality change much?" she thought as she stared coldly back into his eyes."The problem is that the smile that others would mistake as flirtatious is really laced in pure arrogance. You are trying to claim me Sasuke Uchiha, and I regret to inform you..." she walked to the side and walked down the row directly next to the one he was blocking "...that you have failed," she replied in a slight whisper and she continued to walk towards the door.

"I'd never fall for a man like you Sasuke!" she shouted as she walked off. Just as she reached the door, a small smirk began to form on her lips at the thought of having thwarted Sasuke's crack as she slammed the door behind her resounded through the classroom, and the stunned Sasuke flinched slightly.

All the girls looked sympathetically at the boy who stood motionless between the rows. Clenching his fists, Sasuke began glaring sharply at the floor in frustration over his very first rejection.

"Just you wait Naru. You think you're different but just like them all, eventually you too will fall to me."

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