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Date: 29/08/10 29th August 2010

Burn in my Light

Naru lay on her bed tiredly, staring at the plain white ceiling with a perplexed look plastered all over her face. "Well that's definitely not how I pictured my first day at Konoha High," she thought as she brought her arm over her eyes, allowing her to see nothing but a thick darkness.

"Sasuke Uchiha."
The name echoed inside her mind as her expression turned grim. "You are a selfish, egotistical and quite frankly, evil man. You seduce women to use them as a play-things until they no longer amuse you. Why do you do this?" she found herself balling her hands into fists subconsciously as she thought about him. "And yet, why do I feel that, deep down, you're not really the monster that you show to the world?"

Naru then uncovered her eyes and returned her vision to the plain ceiling. "Enough of him already," she thought as she started to steer her thoughts to the other man she met that day. "Ryousuke Mizuhashi" she whispered, lips curving into a small smile, before sighing. "Just when I thought everything would be the same as Suna, you appear before me like a knight in shining armour. Soothing my troubled mind with your strong, but caring touch that made me feel safe again."

"You banished the darkness, ordering it to leave and it moved to your will, fleeing in defeat. If Sasuke is the dark, does that make you the light? To be honest I can't be sure, the light has never come to save me from the darkness before. Yet I know, black is not a colour you identify with," she thought as she quietly recalled Ryousuke ordering Sasuke to leave.

Sighing to herself again she remembered the handsome blue-haired man walk with her back to Hinata, who was currently the only person Naru considered a friend at Konoha High.
"Hinata. Shy, kind and an extremely caring individual, she spoke to me with no resentment, no jealousy. It made me happy when she said she admired my actions towards the Bastard. She threw her arms around me when Ryousuke walked me over to her, her eyes were full of tears. To be honest, it confused me. Despite my confusion I couldn't help but smile at her actions. When I found out that she tried to get help for me I found myself thinking of her as a friend, something extremely rare for me to do."

"A friend, huh?" Naru chuckled tiredly before continuing "In one day I made a friend and an enemy, far beyond all expectations. Maybe I really can survive here" before continuing she contemplated her next words; "Maybe I can finally be at peace," her expression turned grim again, "Maybe the devil will forget about me..." tears escaped her eyes, "Gaara."

As the tears streamed down her face, the irritating cry of the phone caught the blondes' attention, forcing her to get off her bed and walk into the living room of her apartment where the phone was situated. "Quit thinking of him!" she screamed in her mind, wiping the tears away "Quit remembering him!" her thoughts screamed once again. "No more memories of the past! Think of present instead. We will never see that man again!" The small declaration calmed her completely as she picked up the phone.

"Oh hi mom."

(Scene Break)

Just like Naru, Sasuke was doing his own form of serious thinking. To him, the day was an absolute nightmare for both his ego and his reputation. He was known as the man who could capture any woman's heart, and he thrived off that feeling, but now those words were no longer true and it infuriated him. "Naru Namikaze, how did you resist my charms? My words? Why did I feel as if I had done something wrong when you cried? This foreign feeling, might it be guilt?"

The very thought that someone could be immune to his charms was once just a petty dream by those who hated Sasuke Uchiha, but now the thought was a reality. Sasuke knew he would never hear the end of it. "If I don't make her fall for me the entire school body will never forget about it. Those males who stare at me with contempt will mock me and act as if I am on their level. I AM NOT!" growling to himself at the very thought of such a thing.

In a vain attempt to rid his mind of his thoughts, he left his seat in the living room and walked to the stairs which led down to the basement, making sure to give Itachi a nod, acknowledging his older brothers presence before descending the stairs. There, he was met with a large array of gym equipment and a very appealing punching bag, which he had his sights on.

Licking his lips eagerly, Sasuke quickly threw on his gloves. He had a lot of anger he wanted to get out of his system, and what better than beating up his punching bag could do that for him? Especially when he imagined that it was Ryousuke Mizuhashi. As he laid his first punch into the bag his thoughts drifted off to the blue-haired man who he hated with a passion, "That man, how dare he try to make a fool of me?" he started as he increased the intensity of his strikes.

"Attacking me from behind! You're not just an asshole, you're also a coward! If you were here right now I'd knock you down cleanly with a right hook to the jaw," with that thought he swung his right arm with devastating power into the imaginary image of Ryousuke, smirking proudly as he imagined the cries of pain from the man as his jaw snapped under the pressure of his fist.

Not letting up on his assault, Sasuke laid a few punches to Ryousuke's abdomen. The sound of the leather being hit was interpreted differently in Sasuke's mind, and the very thought of hurting the bastard made Sasuke smile. "YOU COMMAND ME TO LEAVE!" Sasuke screamed out loud, increasing the pace of his punches. "WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT? I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG!" he continued as his punches got even heavier causing Sasuke to break out into a heated sweat.

"YOU JUST WANT NARU FOR YOURSELF!" he screamed with animalistic fury which seemed to ignite a fire in his cold black eyes. "YOU ARE TRYING TO MAKE ME LOOK BAD IN FRONT OF EVERYONE AND I WON'T ACCEPT IT!" his enraged voice seemed to echo throughout the entire house, instantly catching Itachi's attention. "I" he started throwing one devastating punch to Ryousuke's side, "AM NOT!" he got louder, throwing two punches at Ryousuke's face, smiling as he pictured the man's face begin to bleed, "GOING TO LOSE TO YOU!" he finished punching the imaginary Ryousuke one last time which sent the image flying, when in reality it was just the punching bag.

Panting heavily, Sasuke allowed himself to sit down, his body enveloped by a thin layer of sweat.

"I won't lose to you," Sasuke said quietly this time, as Itachi began to descend the stairs wondering what had got Sasuke so riled up. "I will make you mine, Naru," he finished as he brought himself to his feet, meeting a very shocked Itachi in the process.

"What was all that about Sasuke?" the older Uchiha asked with concern, but before he knew it Sasuke had walked straight passed him and ascended the stairs, leaving Itachi alone in the basement. "We're going to need a new punching bag," he started before a smirk found its way onto his face.

"Naru huh?"

(Scene Change)

The high pitched scream of the alarm clock snapped Naru to her senses almost instantly. In mere moments she was out of the warm bed and met with the bitter cold of morning. It was even worse when you wore nothing but a loose hoodie and some pyjamas shorts as nightwear. Shivering slightly, Naru brought her attention to the source of the high pitch scream. The device which emitted the unwanted noise read the time 7:00am in blocked letters. Naru deciding enough was enough slammed her hand down hard on the clock silencing it. For the record Naru Namikaze was not a morning person.

"Damn mornings, they always come so soon. I mean one second your eyes close and the next you're waking up to another freezing cold morning," the blonde muttered as she walked over to her wardrobe to fetch her tracksuit, which consisted of a pair of mildly tight black and orange tracksuit bottoms and a zip-up black hoodie with a orange trim. "Morning run, shower, get dressed, breakfast, brush teeth and then school. What a fantastic morning schedule I have," Naru thought sarcastically as she stripped away her nightwear in exchange for her sport wear.

After she was fully dressed she tied her long blonde hair back, not caring for how messy it seemed. It wasn't like she'd run into anyone from school she reasoned, so she assumed that she had nothing to worry about on that perspective. The rest of her preparation took barely any time at all since all it included was some light stretches to warm her muscles and grabbing her IPod off the bedside cabinet and scrolling the song list to something acceptable. When she found a good song she set off for her run.

(Scene Break)

Naru loved running and it was one of her main hobbies. She always took pride in her speed and stamina, which won her quite a few competitions when she lived in Suna. She loved the feel of the hard concrete beneath her feet as she pounded her legs, powerfully propelling her to even greater speeds. The feeling of the cold morning air filling her lungs was something she was accustomed to, so it didn't bother her as much as it did when she originally started doing morning runs.

Her only problem with Konoha's streets was the mist that veiled the city every morning, making navigation extremely hard and thus hindered her progress. However, every cloud had some silver lining, and in this case it was the fact that it hid her messy appearance. As she rounded another corner she began to smile. For her, nothing could beat a morning run.

Hey, nothing you can say
Nothing's gonna change what you done to me
Now it's time to shine
I'm gonna take what's mineā€¦ take what's mine.

Her IPod sang. The lyrics at any other time would have struck her as rather ironic, or at least fitting for this moment in her life, but since all her concentration was on what was in front of her she paid no notice to the lyrics. Despite this, she absentmindedly hummed the tune to the song.

The streets of Konoha were still rather empty, or at least there were so few people that the mist hid them all from sight. Not that she really cared; actually she was relieved at the small fact. Everything was going perfect for her until she spotted a hazy figure directly in front of her, causing her to panic since she knew she was going too fast and would inevitably collide with the figure,

Everything seemed to happen in an instant. The figure stopped in its tracks but Naru just kept moving. Her legs wouldn't stop fast enough, and she ended up colliding into the strong figure bringing both of them to the floor painfully. Naru found that she was completely aware of everything now that her headphones were removed due to the impact.

"S-sorry," Naru sputtered a lame apology, "I was going too fast and I guess I didn't see you coming," she finished, but guilt was quickly forgotten as she realised she was lying on top of her victim. And what a well toned victim it was, she added. She shamelessly touched the man's abs instinctively, blushing at how firm and tight they were. "Does he have a six pack?" she found herself wondering with great interest. "NO BAD NARU! THIS IS SO INNAPROPRIATE!" she screamed in her head, quickly getting off the man.

"S-sorry," she muttered again feeling embarrassed at her antics. The only upside was the fact that her victim was yet to see her face and she was so glad this particular victim didn't recognize her, especially after she heard the man's voice.

"No, don't apologise, it was my fault," the voice replied in a voice that Naru was all too familiar with. Her eyes widened in shock upon recognising that voice.

"Sasuke?" she questioned quietly, begging the gods that it was some foolish delusion.

"Yeah. Do I know you?" the man replied groggily. The tone was just like hers when she woke up in the mornings, and she reasoned that Uchiha Sasuke was also a person who disliked mornings.

"No, sorry my mistake," Naru said quickly doing her best to sound convincing "Sorry once again," she added as she began to run away, leaving the young Uchiha both confused and slightly irritated.

"Who was that?" Sasuke muttered to himself as he got to his feet. "The voice did sound sort of familiar..." he added before taking a thinking pose. After a minute of thinking over the issue he gave up trying, knowing it was futile to even try to recollect something at such an early time. After all, Sasuke Uchiha was not a morning person.

(Scene Break)

Naru found herself running at an even greater pace than before. Her legs were doing everything they could to escape the vicinity of Sasuke Uchiha, as if she was trying to run away from some rabid animal. Her mind screamed out random, incomprehensive words at random intervals making all logical thought fly right out the window. Right now she was acting on instinct, and her instinct was to escape.

When she finally stopped running, she realised, much to her delight, that she had arrived home.
"At least I know that I have an auto-pilot mode for when I want to get home," she said sarcastically as she quickly entered her small apartment, knowing that school was going to be extremely awkward for her.

(Scene Break)

The rest of the morning had gone near enough to plan, except for the excessive worrying that Sasuke had noticed her and was just playing dumb so he could mock her at school. She wouldn't put it passed the Bastard to do such a thing.

When she reached the school gates, she spotted a familiar figure that caused her to smile.

"Hey Hinata!" Naru shouted out happily to the reserved girl, catching her completely off guard. This was obvious from how she jumped at the sound of the blondes voice.

"O-oh hi, N-Naru," Hinata stuttered, feeling slightly embarrassed from making such a scene. To everyone else, her jumping was nothing out of the ordinary, but to Hinata she thought that others would think it was strange.

"What did I say about stuttering Hinata? No need to be shy around me," the blonde playfully scolded her friend, smiling in the process.

"Oh, sorry Naru," Hinata replied, mentally cheering that she managed to say a sentence without stuttering even once. To her, that was a great achievement and something she hadn't accomplished in years.

"No need to apologise," the blonde started. "I don't mind," she then stopped and scanned the area. "Oh, is that Kiba I see?" Naru lied, causing her friend to blush deeply. "Oh, nope my mistake," Naru finished, smirking slightly.

"T-that's n-not f-f-funny Naru!" Hinata said in a tone that tried to sound serious, yet it lacked all meaning from her stutters. "W-What I-if I said S-Sasuke Uchiha was behind you, h-how would you r-react?" Hinata said trying to make an example. It worked too.

Naru blushed in embarrassment catching Hinata's attention. "I would do my best to escape. Trust me, I was in an awkward situation earlier with him, I don't really wanna hear from him for awhile," Naru finished, intriguing the black haired girl.

"W-what s-situation? H-he didn't h-hurt you, did he?" Hinata asked in a worried tone, but Naru quickly calmed her worries with a shake of the head.

"No, but I doubt I'll be able to look at him the same way again," Naru started, causing Hinata to raise her eyebrow. "H-he's in great shape, much to my surprise," she commented breaking eye contact with Hinata to hide her crimson blush.

"If you're wondering why I know this, I kinda crashed into him earlier when running. Thank the gods that he didn't see my face or recognise me," Naru finished with a sigh, but a small chuckle from her friend surprised Naru, since it wasn't something something she wouldn't expect from shy little Hinata. "Why are you laughing?" Naru asked cautiously.

"Didn't you know?" Hinata started gaining Naru's full attention. "Sasuke Uchiha, he is known as the ace of Konoha High. Top in academics and is excellent at sports, and he is an amateur boxer outside of school. Or so the rumours say." Hinata finished. It was to date the longest sentence she ever said without stuttering.

"You mean that, that failure of a person really isn't a failure after all?" Naru asked with an expression on her face that showed how shocked she was at the information.

"Y-yes," Hinata finished timidly.

"Well now I feel stupid," Naru muttered before looking at the time. "We better set off for homeroom. I don't want to be late since I think if scarface really got angry he could be really scary."

"Scarface?" Hinata queried.

"Mr. Iruka"


(Scene Change)

The entire morning was just one awkward situation after another. To Naru's displeasure and the male teens' pleasure, Naru had been assigned seats extremely close to Sasuke Uchiha in all three periods before lunch, and though the young Uchiha had no idea that Naru's embarrassment was due to the incident this morning, he still enjoyed the thought of Naru being flustered around him. It made him think that his charms were starting to sink in.

Naru on the other hand, absolutely hated it. She was finding even the slightest eye contact with Sasuke brought back memories that she couldn't call unpleasant, but at the same time she didn't want to admit that she enjoyed them. The only consolation was the fact that when he opened his mouth to speak the arrogance in his voice quelled all doubts she had about his character. He was in her mind still an egotistical bastard, yet she couldn't forget that Sasuke actually apologised that morning, something that seemed rather out of character to her.

When lunch time finally came, Naru found herself sitting with Hinata in the canteen, eating her ramen as they spoke about things that Naru really didn't feel comfortable with. In other words, the whole situation with Sasuke earlier that morning. Yet despite her discomfort, Naru said every detail of what happened, enjoying that someone else listened to her troubles.

"And then he apologised! Do you believe it? Isn't that kind of out of character for the Bastard?" Naru finished as she slurped up the last few noodles of her ramen.

"M-maybe it was just tiredness and he thought t-that by apologising he c-could get things out of the way?" Hinata suggested as she dug into her lunch politely.

"I thought that too but I can't be sure because it seemed kind of genuine, despite the tiredness in his voice," Naru added, causing Hinata to shrug, something very unlike the shy girl. "Maybe she is lightening up towards me?" Naru thought was a small smile on her face.

"Mind if we join you two?" a familiar voice snapped Hinata into hyper-alert mode. Her casual posture turned rigid and she started to shiver ever so slightly, in such a way that it was nearly unnoticeable to the human eye. Kiba just stared at the girl with a confused look on his face, whilst Ryousuke spotted the familiar sight of the blonde and smiled at her, to which Naru replied with a smile of her own.

"Sure, why not," Naru answered for Hinata, who was obviously in no position to answer her long time crush. In response to this, Kiba nodded appreciatively and sat directly across from Hinata, Ryousuke followed in suit, situating himself in front of Naru.

Everything was deathly silent for a few moments before Ryousuke decided to break the ice, "So Naru, I heard from Kiba that you are a new student here?" he started, perking Naru's interest. "How are you finding it at Konoha High?" he asked considerately.

Naru took a few moments to think of a suitable answer before speaking."Well, so far I have been targeted by a super playboy, made one great friend and the teachers seem to love placing me in the most awkward seating positions, so I guess it's kind of a mixed reception," she finished drawing a small laugh from the blue-haired teens lips before his expression turned slightly grim.

"Sasuke hasn't done anything else to you has he?" Ryousuke asked with concern, but Naru quickly shook her head, signifying that he had yet to do anything else to her. "That's good; I was starting to fear for your safety. That boy tends to be extremely determined and single minded when it comes to these situations," Ryousuke finished, sighing in relief eliciting a small smile from Naru.

Whilst the two were conversing, Hinata blushed humbly at Naru's comment. "A great friend, she thinks I'm a great friend!" Hinata thought happily, but her thoughts were derailed when Kiba arched over her table.

"They seem to get along well, don't they?" Kiba said in a suggestive tone, and Hinata picked up on it instantly, nodding in agreement causing Kiba to snicker slightly. "Ryo seems rather interested to me. I mean he asked me so many questions about her yesterday and even demanded that he spend lunch with me on the off chance that we ran into you guys," he finished, snickering once again.

Everything seemed to go quiet once again at the table. This time Naru decided to speak."I forgot to thank you for yesterday Ryousuke," Naru said, enjoying the small look of surprise on the seniors face.

"Isn't that natural for someone to do? I mean you were crying, besides that Uchiha goes too far with too many things. He had what was coming to him," a small silence followed yet it was interrupted when Ryousuke spoke up again. "It's Ryo by the way," the blue-haired senior corrected.


"Ryousuke is too polite; I like my friends to call me Ryo," the blue-haired man said to the now surprised girl."This guy considers me a friend?" Naru thought quizzically, yet, much to her confusion, the very thought made her smile. "Well that's strange of me," she concluded.

Kiba interrupting the little moment between the two asked a question that had plagued his mind since the start of lunch. "Ryo how did you get out of track and field so easily?" Kiba asked with much curiosity. It wasn't every day that someone like Ryo could get out of practices, especially with the importance that he held to the team.

"Shockingly enough they all said I need to learn to relax a little more, so when I asked for a day off they were more than happy to let me," Ryo replied laughing slightly as he rubbed his head boyishly.

"What's this about the track and field team?" Naru piped up, genuinely interested. After all, track and field was a category that consisted of many sports, including running, so naturally she wanted to know.

"Oh, N-Naru I forgot to t-tell you," Hinata started finally speaking out loud for the first time, "Ryousuke here is the captain of the Track and Field team." The announcement made Naru's eyes widen; she knew of Konoha High's brilliant sporting achievements, especially in Track and Field, and to find out that the man who saved her yesterday led the team was a big surprise.

"You?" Naru asked Ryo with a look of admiration on her face.

"Me?" the man replied in confusion.

"You are the Track and Field captain?" Naru asked hopefully, and when he nodded Naru beamed a bright smile which caused the blue-haired man to lose his current train of thought. "So have you ever won any awards?" Naru asked, feeling a slight interest in the man.

"I won the nationals last year, in the male 800m sprint" Ryo replied coolly, obviously feeling proud of his achievement yet tried to avoid being arrogant. Naru admired that sort of attitude.

"Wow, I participated in the Nationals for Suna last year too, I only came 3rd though," Naru said enthusiastically, sparking looks of shock from everyone at the table.
"What's with surprised looks?" Naru asked completely oblivious. To her, 3rd place was another way of saying you're not good enough.

"Naru you ranked 3rd in the Nationals?" Ryo started slightly baffled by the news, "What event?" he asked feeling a surge of hope. It wasn't groundbreaking news that all the good female athletes graduated last year and it left Konoha with no promising females to carry the torch for Konoha High.

"Women's 1500m sprint, though I honestly prefer longer distances," Naru spoke honestly, yet it did nothing to adjust the looks of surprise on Kiba and Hinata's faces, Ryo had recovered but that's because it seemed as if he went into scouting mode.

"Last year 1500m... Oh I remember now, 1st and 2nd place were both participants at Konoha High, if memory serves," Ryo said as he recalled the run, "But you look so different in such a short amount of time, I'm rather surprised." Ryo said, not noticing that Naru slightly twitched at his last comment.

"Yeah, though I didn't lose by much, they were just too fast," Naru admitted.

"Yeah, but this year neither of them are at this school, if you took part this year you could come first," Ryo commented subtly. Naru knew that it was an invitation to join the Track and Field team, but before deciding straight away that she'd join, she wanted to think it over.

"I'll think about it," Naru replied. Ryo smiled knowingly confusing, both Kiba and Hinata once again.

"Did I miss something?" Kiba asked stupidly but Ryo just shrugged, feigning ignorance. Kiba seemingly believing the blue haired man said nothing more on the subject.

The rest of lunch proceeded in such a manner, friendly banter was thrown back and forth within the group and Naru found herself really enjoying the company. She hadn't ever had this much fun in Suna and she was starting to believe her words from last night.

"I can survive here."It was starting to sound more true to her by the minute.

However, if she knew that the malevolent platinum blonde haired girl was watching her with a twisted grin, she may not have believed those words at all.

(End Chapter)

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