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Touch Me

Chapter 1


The game had begun. All the girls sitting at the table had their number. Rose number 1, Alice number 2. Bella number 3. Leah number 4. Lauren number 5. Jessica number 6.

I rolled the die and prayed for number 3.

If there was anyone I wanted standing naked and forbidden to speak, move or touch, it was Bella Swan.

I made a show of pretending I wanted Jess to win, winking at her and raising my eyebrows suggestively at her. She is my official girlfriend and all, but I think we all knew, if I ever had the opportunity to own Bella, I would forget every other girl in the world existed.

"Edward wins ......Number 3. Bellaaaa" announced Emmett, earning a glare from Rose for the way he said the name.

I stood and she stood and faced me.

"You know the rules? Ten minutes in Edward's room, you have to be completely naked and he doesn't get to touch, only look. If he breaks the rule, leave." Jasper warned her.

This was Bella's first time attending one of our parties, so she was new to our games.

I led the way upstairs and as we climbed higher, we heard the bellow of delight as Emmett won Rosalie Hale for ten minutes of nude observation in his bedroom. I knew he had already set up his hidden video camera just in case this ever happened. He had always ended up with Lauren or Jess . Weirdly, Jasper had won Alice every single game, ever. I don't know how that happened but neither looked too upset about it.

Tanya Denali used to be our sixth girl player but she had moved to Alaska, something I was glad about. She had regularly offered money to whoever won her, for them to exchange her for whoever I won and if there was one girl I had no desire to see naked, it was Tanya. Her enormous fake tits looked ridiculous in clothes, who wants to see those hard, unyielding mounds bare?

As we approached my third floor bedroom door, we heard Jess shriek in mock annoyance as Mike Newton won her and was heading for the lower floor guest bedroom. Me thinks the girl doth protest too much.

I have seen the way Jess looks at Newton and smiles at him when she thinks I don't see.

However, I didn't care who was ogling my girlfriend tonight because I won Bella Swan.

She glanced at me through her curtain of brown hair and blushed madly.

I shut and locked the door behind us and sat on my bed,my back pressing against the headboard, and watched her stand nervously in front of me.

"You know you have the option of undressing in my bathroom if you prefer" I told her, then immediately wondered why the fuck I had pointed that out to her. I wanted to see her strip.

She bit her bottom lip and I almost exploded in my jeans. This woman has no idea how she affects me.

She thought for a minute then shrugged.

"No point, you are about to see me naked, why hide the reveal?"

Why indeed.

Slowly she turned to face away from me and I was about to protest when she looked over her shoulder and purred at me.

My God. I wanted to see this.

She slowly let her lightweight jacket fall from her shoulders and dip down to her waist then she slowly slid out one arm, then the other.

I sighed and tried to adjust myself without being obvious.

It's just a jacket, Edward. You have seen her take her jacket off every time she visits your sister Alice.

That had never made me hard before and it did now.

The grey peacoat hit the floor and she stepped away from it and looked over her opposite shoulder and slowly peeled her long sleeved Tshirt off, one sleeve, the other, up over her head.

Her purple lace bra was barely worth wearing. It was tiny and completely see through and her pink nipples peeped at me and made my dick twitch.

She spun around and grabbed my chair from beside my desk and stood facing it, away from me, as she raised one leg to place it on the seat and peeled one stocking down her fabulous leg, rolling the thin nylon as she went.


Was I breathing? My heart pounded in my chest, so, yes, I was alive.

My eyes widened as she placed the other leg up for its turn and slowly the second stocking rolled down and away, to be tossed onto the floor.

I was having serious issues now, I wondered if I could discretely fix my problem right here without freaking her out. There were no rules preventing me touching myself and I had never wanted to so much before.

I settled for slowly rubbing the heel of my hand up and down the rock hard bulge in my jeans.

She turned the chair to face me and her eyes were watching my hand as I tried to ease the tension before my dick imploded. Her lips twitched into a smirk, and I blushed at knowing she knew exactly the effect she had on me.

She caught my eyes and kept eye contact as she reached behind herself and undid her bra and slowly dropped it down her arms.

Her perky round breasts stood there, soft and tempting, making me want to move closer and lick them into submission. They looked delicious, I could almost imagine the flavor of her skin as my mouth watered and I loudly swallowed the excess saliva I was producing. She placed a hand on each breast and pushed them close together, bunching them up, and making me moan a little. She loosened her hold and pointed a finger at me then turned it on herself, drawing a wide circle around her nipple. The circle got smaller and smaller until she was almost grazed her cherry pink buds. She teased and rolled each nipple with her thumb and first finger as she licked her tongue out at me, wetting her wide, lucious lips.

All she wore now was the short denim skirt and her panties, which I couldn't wait to see.

Skirt off, I chanted silently in my head.

Instead, she reached her hands down to her knees and rested them there as she looked up at me and smiled, in a sexy and seductive way.

Shit. Virgin Swan was her nickname amongst us boys at college, we may be very wrong about how suitable that name is.

She slid her hands up her thighs, inside her skirt and lifted the denim fabric high to her waist, giving me a view of the matching purple see through panties.

I coughed so I wouldn't choke, as she hooked a finger in each side and pulled them down her legs, until they hit the floor and she gracefully stepped out and kicked them aside. I watched where they landed and hoped she would not be able to find them later because I wanted to keep them, safe and warm under my pillow.

She sat down backwards on my chair and with her legs opened so widely, I had a clear view of her sweet folds and I wished her lower lips would bloom open like a flower and reveal what lay within. She leaned backwards and pushed her sex closer towards me and I felt myself slide my zip quickly down and free my erection before it killed me.

I made a move to stand and go to the bathroom to attend to my needs but she winked at me and mouthed a single word.



I stayed.

I palmed my dick and watched her slide back and forth on the chair and then she placed a single finger in her mouth and slid it in and out, between her pouting lips. Her eyes looked deep into mine and I frantically sought relief and fell back when it happened, spurting into my ready and waiting cupped hand. Thank God, I had feared I would explode or something worse.

I quickly visited the bathroom then returned in time to see Bella slipping out of her skirt.

It fell to the floor and left her completely nude.

She stood still and watched me watch her.

I walked to her side and kept about six inches between us, slowly circling her statue like body and softly breathing her in. Her scent was delicious and filled my nose. Reluctantly I looked at the clock and noted the time. My ten minutes start now.


Edward walked around me silently, and my skin goosepimpled as he let out a cool breath on my flesh at my throat. He made no attempt to touch me, in fact he kept a definite distance between us and just agonizingly slowly walked around me as I stood tall and straight and very still.

When he stood directly in front of me, he ghosted his tongue out so it missed licking my nipple by the merest sliver of space. I longed to lean forward, just that fraction and allow his warm pink tongue to touch me and just the thought made my nipple pebbled to attention. He did the breathing thing again, softly blowing his breath over the surface and I felt instantly damp between my legs.

God damn it. I cannot move and cannot touch, cannot even relieve myself of this tension, like he did.

He circled me slowly and I lost sight of him as he moved behind me but my body was ultra alert to exactly where he was and I felt a flow of almost electricity between us when he came close enough. It was like sparks, jumping from him to me, bridging the gap between our bodies.

He smirked as my eyes widened.

"You feel that too, don't you Isabella? Your body wants my body. Its trying to connect, trying to force us to stop playing and start doing."

I repressed the urge to answer him, I would probably merely moan anyway, I don't think I was capable of clear speech at this moment.

"Bella, Bella, Beautiful Bella." he murmured in my ear.

I goosefleshed again and shivering involuntarily.

"Bella wants me, Bella needs me to touch her. Bella wants to feel me inside her, rocking us together, taking us to Paradise" he whispered.

He was behind me again and I waited for the chill of his exhaled air again.

He leaned low and crouched level with my belly.

"Look at that, Bella is bare. Bella has waxed and left herself all smooth and clean for someone to taste her."

"What do you wish I was doing to you, Beautiful Bella?"

"Do you wish I had my very long talented fingers stroking your skin? Where would I begin? Your feet? Then up your incredibly long legs, and where would they end up then? Its kind of a dead end there, inside your thighs. Nothing there at all, is there, Bella?"

"Open your legs for me and let me see."

I moved my legs apart a little, only allowed to move when he ordered me to.

"Oh I was wrong, not a dead end at all. A soft and warm and wet place that is waiting for something. What is it waiting for, Beautiful Bella? Is it waiting to be filled? Does it want something inside it? Or does it just want to feel my mouth, as my tongue licks and plunges and cleans it out? Well, what does it want?"

I breathed in deeply, trying to control my urge to scream at him to just do it, take me, lick me, fuck me, I want it all. But I wasn't allowed to speak.

Edward stood in front of me and started to palm his bulging pants.

"Look what you do to me..can you see how hard I am? What a waste, Bella. It's all there for you, but you can't have it. Does that make you sad? Does that make you want to be happy and satisfied?'

He lowered his zip slowly and allowed his erection free.

I licked my lips without thinking but of course, he noticed.

"Naughty Bella. She should be punished. Did Bella lick her lips so I would have to spank her? Does Bella like to be spanked? I think she does. I think Bella likes being spanked on her pretty little tushie and on her pussy, maybe? Does Bella like a little pleasure and pain together?"

"Maybe Bella likes her nipples nipped and sucked and licked? Would Bella like that? I'm not sure. They are so pink and pretty and hard when they stand out like that. I think Bella needs some very special touching."

He slowly drew his hand up and down his erection and I watched, fascinated.

He was very hard and long and bigger than I had imagined, and believe me, I had often imagined Edward naked, but he was usually above me, waiting to plow inside me. I never imagined this, him looking and me and bringing me to the brink with words.

And touching himself. It turned me on incredibly, seeing his hand slide and swirl where I wished my hands were.

I licked my lips again and blushed at the images I was seeing in my head.

"Does Bella want to taste me? Would Bella think I tasted delicious? I think Bella would taste so delicious.I want to taste Bella and move inside Bella with my tongue and with my dick. It likes Bella. See how it twitches. See how it loves being near Bella?"

He stroked harder and I watched him sigh and spurt through his orgasm and still I stood there, panting inside.

A sharp knock sounded on his door.

"Times up, surely you two. What, did it take her half an hour to even get her clothes off? Out now, or I kick the door in. And Jess is in a really horny mood, Edward. You better have saved your hard on for her."

I grabbed my clothes, ran into his bathroom and pulled them on. Darn, I didn't have my underwear but I wasn't going back out there to look for it.

When I was fully clothed, I opened the bathroom door and headed for his bedroom door.

Edward was sitting on his bed, dressed in just a pair of pale blue,artfully ripped, holey faded denim jeans.

Talk about sex on legs.

"Thank you for that, Bella. It was very exciting and most satisfying..I am sure Jess will thank you tomorrow as well.

The thought of that brainless skank benefiting from our time together, annoyed me completely, and I stomped own the stairs.

Emmett was standing at the open front door.

"Glad you came here tonight. Bella. See you next week?"

I smiled a very fake smile at him and raced for my car.

To my surprise, Jessica Stanley was in the back seat of Mike Newton's car with him.


Looks like Edward dips out too, I thought with glee.

I tapped on the roof and glared at their two startled faces.

I looked back at the house, wondering if Edward knew his girlfriend was fucking Mike.

Edward leaned against the front door and waved something at me. Something small and purple and lacy.


So much for my one matching bra and panties set.

He twirled them above his head as he strolled over to Newton's car.

"Mike, get a room. At least take her home and fuck her at her place. Or your place. Not in my front driveway. I have neighbors, you know."

So, it appeared he was completely not bothered.

Maybe he shared her around.

What would I know?

I climbed inside my trusty truck and headed for home and sanity.

Edward called something after me.

I think he said something about my window.

I glanced at it, it was fine, open, what was he saying?

On arriving home, I climbed into my shower and scrubbed my body roughly, trying to remove some of the tension.

Rubbing myself dry with a towel, I entered my bedroom and slipped into bed.

God, I was on fire, and nobody was here to put my flames out.

For the first time, the idea of opening the box in my drawer of my dresser entered my mind. Alice had slipped me an embarrassing little device for my last birthday but although I had looked at it, I had never used it. Maybe tonight was the night to try a little mechanical relief.

I fetched it out and read the illustrated instruction booklet.

So, okay, I get the idea.

I turned it on and a soft buzz filled the room. Could Charlie hear this? Not above the television, surely.

I climbed back under the covers and lay down flat.

Just then, the sound of a window sliding up broke the silence.

"Isabella, I told you to leave this window open." he purred.

He slid into my bed and pulled my gift from Alice out of my hand and turned it off.

"I think we can find something way better than that, don't you, Isabella?' he asked in his low, ragged voice.

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