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"Elena. To what do I owe the pleasure?" Damon asked casually, as if it was perfectly normal to have a conversation with a half naked man.

Elena quickly looked at Damon, her eyes uncontrollably checking him out, his hair in a sexy mess, his toned body; muscular and lean, she had an urge to touch him, feel the contours of his body, feel his.... Elena realised what she was doing and turned away. "I- I um, where's Stefan?"

"You came here – into my room to look for Stefan? Damon asked amusedly.

Damon slowly started walking towards her, watching her closely to see what she would do, "You know what I think? I think you knew I was in the shower and sneaked into my room to catch me in the nude." He said, his eyes widening at the word nude, a mischievous smile on his handsome face.

Elena gasped, "You're wrong". Elena said, before she made her way to the door.

Damon smiled, gesturing for her to leave, waiting for her to open his door; to give her a small taste of freedom before he chased her. Within a second he moved, now in front of her, his arm leaning on the door frame blocking her exit.

"Elena. I know you don't want to leave. Just do what I know you want to do. I won't tell." He leaned in closer to Elena's ear; she flinched slightly but didn't move, "Our little secret."

Damon inhaled her scent, could smell her sweet blood pumping through her. So much better than the man he had devoured earlier. Damon was tempted; his thirst rising from his throat. Elena smelled tantalisingly good, one swift move and she would be his. He could feel his face changing, his fangs slowly emerging...

"Damon, what are you doing?" Elena whispered, snapping Damon back to reality. He could feel the fear in her voice, or was it fear? There was a hint of something else – desire? Temptation?

His face was now looking at Elena. He was looking at her closely, he was always taken aback by her resemblance to Katherine, every time he saw her he had to remind himself she was not the woman he loved, his emotions were getting confused with the girl in front of him.

Her erratically beating heart was evident of her difference to Katherine. Damon looked into Elena's eyes, full of question and hope. Hope for what? Maybe she was just like every other girl, no resisting the irresistible Damon. He leaned in closer, testing his hypothesis, which was correct; as he tilted his head towards Elena he saw her eyes begin to close, her lips inviting him in, her breathing quickening – she wanted this.

He couldn't help himself, he kissed the girl – and he liked it.

She opened her mouth, allowing Damon to explore, feeling her warm breath, his hands feeling her curves, as she moaned back in pleasure...After what seemed like hours of pure bliss, Elena suddenly pulled away, shock on her face, "Why'd you do that!?"

"Oh you were begging for it Elena."

Elena slapped Damon with all her force, uncertain whether it would actually hurt him, needing to express her anger. Damon's moved his face to the side, shocked – he wanted more – he needed more.

Elena was full of rage, her eyes full of hate, her hands balled into fists. She definitely didn't want this – did she? Yes, a tiny part of her was hoping she'd get to see Damon; the sexy, mysterious older brother of her boyfriend, but the other part of her just wanted answers.

She had heard the shower running, knowing it was Damon and choose that opportunity to find a picture of this Katherine girl, the girl who had both the brothers love, she wanted to see how she compared to Katherine, was she prettier? Was she really just a rebound for Stefan like Damon suggested?

That kiss meant nothing, Elena kept telling herself, though her lips still felt his touch, reminding her of what she was about to throw away. She wanted him, the danger, the lust, the hunger for him was tempting and it was getting too much for her to handle.

Elena didn't know what happened next; her unfulfilled desires got the better of her as she lunged at Damon, her lips on his, his arms around her, her fingers through his wet hair.

Damon groaned against her lips, he had never felt like this, not for a long time. It felt weird yet oddly exhilarating, the way she moved, the way her lips moved against his, it was like she knew what he was thinking. Elena pulled away suddenly, thinking she would protest again when she pulled her top off from over her head, wrapping her arms around Damon once more, resuming their passionate kiss. He slowly undid her jeans, pulling the zip down as his hand brushed sensually against her, causing her to shudder in delight, losing her balance in the process. Damon caught her in his arms and brought her to the bed. He looked at her, his eyes burning with lust as Elena got up from the bed, pulling Damon onto her. Damon looked down at Elena, her heart beating erratically, he could see the sweat glistening off her body, her chest rising and falling in fast in expectance. Not wanting to disappoint, Damon took off his towel; exposing what Elena so desperately wanted in her.

As Damon slid her knickers off, as he unclasped her bra; Elena didn't care about the consequences to her actions, all she knew was when she was with Damon everything around her disappeared and it was just them. She was hungry for him, her whole body tingling at the expectation of what was to come. She felt his hardness on her as she kissed him; she moaned his name against his lips, her sweaty hands pressing against his hard muscles as she brought him closer to her. Damon's kisses began to travel down, brushing against her jaw, down to her collarbone, finally resting his lips on her neck and froze.

The hunger had emerged yet again and there was no stopping it, he licked Elena neck, feeling her pulse on his tongue, his eyes changing colour as he let himself be taken by the hunger. But something was happening; it was like part of him was fighting the thirst, not wanting Elena to be hurt. Damon was confused, never in his life had he suppressed his inner vampire, and now, just then, when he was about to feed on the girl before him did he subside his hunger. Maybe it was her resemblance to Katherine, he didn't know but something stopped him, and he was glad.

Elena looked up at Damon's face, realising she was just seconds away from being fed upon, she gasped in realisation, looking up at Damon as if he were a different person from the one she was kissing moments ago; she couldn't move, was it the fear, the shock, the hurt? What was she still doing breathing if Damon had been tempted by her blood, what made her so different?

"Why did you stop?" She asked, curious but at the same time afraid of his answer.

"I don't know, I wanted to but..." Damon began.

Elena saw Damon get up to leave, wrapping his towel around himself, "Don't go," Elena whispered.

Damon froze for a second, and turned back to her, his mouth opened to say something then closed. He was gone.

It hurt Damon leaving Elena there like that; he was confused, was he really feeling these human emotions for the girl, these feelings must have been strong for him to do what he just did, though even though it was under control again he didn't want to continue in fear of hurting her, in fear of losing control and not being able to stop it.

That's when Damon realised, he had to try and stop killing, he never wanted Elena to look at him the way he just did, and instead of the fear in her eyes he wanted to see love. Love? Where had that come from? Damon sighed, he cared for the girl, he knew that much; but love was a great leap, he had never felt love in over a century, but he still remembered how it felt, and it felt like this.

He needed a drink, but he needed to leave, knowing Elena wouldn't want to see him when she came downstairs.

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