It was just another day in Hyrule, and Link was bored.

"Gee," he said, "an Octorok sure is boring."

"Mah boi," said the King, "dinner is what all true warriors strive for."

Just then, Squadala Man flew in on his carpet.

"Your Majesty," said Squadala Man, "Link is evil."

"Hmm," pondered the King, "how can we help?"

"It is written, only Ganon can defeat Link."

"Enough! My ship's for dinner. I wonder what sails in the morning..."

"There is no sword. Your squadala is enough."

Just then, Ganon appeared out of nowhere.

"Your face, your face, your face must die!" proclaimed Ganon.

"Great!" said Link.

Ganon threw the Book of Koridai at Link, trapping him inside it.

"Well done, Ganon!" said Squadala Man. "Link is imprisoned. You are the hero of Squadala!"

"Die!" said Ganon, frying Squadala Man with lightning.

"After you've scrubbed the Triforce of Courage," the King said to Link, "then we can talk about dinner."

"Oh boy!" said Link, who was still inside the Book.

Zelda and the King laughed at nothing in particular as they waited for the feast to be ready.