Summary: A person's home is where they are supposed to be safe. What happens when one of the BAU ladies gets attacked in her own home. Will she survive? If so, can she recover from the attack? Will they catch the UNSUB?

Short prologue teaser. Next chapter up tonight.

She looks over at her nightstand. The red numbers of her clock mocking her, showing 5:26. It's been two hours.

Two hours spent in this position.

Two hours with her hands tied behind her back, trapped beneath the mattress and her body.

Two hours with her legs spread wide with each ankle tied to their respective corner of the bed.

Two hours of coping with the pain she felt throughout her entire body.

Two hours spent in and out of consciousness.

Two hours with barely any clothes on to protect her from the slight chill of the Spring evening air.

Two hours since he left through her bedroom the window.

As she fights the next wave of unconsciousness she whispers to herself, "Just hold on. They'll find me. He'll use his key and he'll find me." Another surge of pain goes through her body as she cries out, "Dave help me," before she slips back into unconsciousness.

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