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It's been two months since Jason was arrested and Emily's life took the uphill turn towards being normal gain. She let out a content filled sigh as she snuggled into the protective arms of Rossi as the two enjoyed there Saturday morning together in bed. A smile graced Emily's lips as she remembered the moment they entered the doctor's office and Mikey saw her mother.

"Lizzie!" Mikey let go of Emily's hand and ran to her mother to give him a hug. "Emmy said you were home. I didn't know you came back to the United States of America."

Smiling at the young man in her arms, the Ambassador replied, "I was away in Europe when I got the phone call that Emily was hurt."

"Jason did it. He hurt Emmy. He told me he loved her, but you don't hurt the ones you love," said Mikey.

"His mind is a little sick," said the Ambassador. "But, he is going to get the help that he needs and he will be better."

"He's going to go to jail." Mikey had a frightened look on his face. "I drove the car. I helped Jason take Emmy. I was bad. Am I going to go to jail too?"

"I won't let that happen," said Emily. "I promise you that Mikey." Mikey nodded at Emily. "Mikey, Jane is my friend. She is a doctor and is going to make sure that you are okay."

"Hi Mikey," said Jane as she walked closer to them, stopping when she saw the nervous look in his eyes.

"I don't like doctors," said Mikey.

"It's okay, Mikey," said Emily. "She's not going to hurt you, and I'll be right there with you."

"And you can be with Emily when I check her out also," said Jane. "Would you like to help keep Emily company when she gets her exam?"

Mikey nodded.

Things seemed to work out for the better since then. Emily, Mikey and JJ were all given a clean bill of health. Hotch helped Emily to file a petition to have full power of attorney for Mikey, ensuring that she would have total control of his health and living situations. Rossi arranged for Mikey to be placed in an assisted living home. He was able to find a job and could visit Emily and all of his new friends at the BAU whenever they were not on a case.

Everything was perfect…and then it happened. Emily barely made it to the bathroom before she emptied the contents of her stomach. It was the fifth morning in as many days. She could hear Rossi moving from their bed. He held her hair from her face with one hand, while he rubbed her back with the other. "This is the fifth day in a row."

"It's probably just the flu, Dave," Emily said as she wiped her mouth.

"It might not be. You could be preg-"

"Don't you say it Dave. No."

"Em, it's a possibility. It will be alright. I'll call Hotch and tell him we are going to be late. We'll go and see Jane and she'll check you out. Maybe you are just sick and she can give you some antibiotics."

Emily looked down at her hands that she was rubbing together. Taking a deep sigh she looked up at her boyfriend and gave a slow tentative nod. When Rossi started to get up to make the phone call she grabbed his wrist to stop him from moving further. "Don't tell him why, Dave. I don't want them worrying about me. When we know more, we'll tell them."

Rossi pulled Emily into a hug, kissing the top of her head, "Anything you want, Cara. You finish cleaning yourself up and I'll call Hotch and Jane."

Forty-five minutes later Emily found herself in an exam room in Jane's office with Rossi by her side holding her hand. Jane walked into the room and sat down in a stool in front of her friend and patient. "Hey Em, still feeling nauseous?"

Emily shook her head, "No. That all pretty much passed after I hurled this morning."

"So lady like," joked Jane. "Your mother would be so proud." They all laughed at that statement and Jane felt proud that she could put a smile on her friend's face for at least a short time. She knew the information she was about to say might be hard to take. "Alright Emily, I've got the results from the urine sample you gave when you first came in here."

Emily gripped tightly to Rossi's hand as she asked, "Am I pregnant?"

Jane looked Rossi and then Emily in the eye before she answered, "You are."

Emily let out a whimper. "It's going to be fine, Em."

"Fine? Dave what if the father is Jason?"

"I meant what I said when I told you that I would be by your side the whole way. Biology won't matter. I will be this child's father."

"You should listen to Dave, Emily," said Jane. "In fact, I am pretty sure that he is the biological father, but I need to do a sonogram just to be sure."

Jane wheeled the machine over. "How do you know?"

"You said that you've only just started being sick this week, right?" Emily nodded. "Morning sickness usually begins in the fourth week of your pregnancy. We'll see how big he or she is from the sonogram and I'm sure we'll find that you are around one month, okay?"

"Okay," Emily answered.

Jane warned Emily before she placed the cool gel on her stomach. A slight gasp escaped Emily's mouth at the coolness of the liquid, but it was quickly replaced by a larger gasp when she saw the image on the screen. "There is your baby, and by its size I am confident to say that he/she is about five weeks, comfortably away from any doubt. This is Dave's baby, Emily."

"You are sure?" Emily looked into Jane's eyes for any sign of doubt.

"Positive." Jane pressed a button on the machine and they could hear a swooshing sound fill the room. "That's the heartbeat."

"It seems so fast for a baby," said Emily. "Is something wrong?"

"Baby's heart beats are fast, Em," said Rossi with a smile. "I'm sure Reid can tell you all about it if you asked him."

"He's right," Jane backed up the proud father. She punched a few more buttons and pictures started to print out of the machine. "Here are the first pictures of your little miracle. I am going to leave and give you two a few minutes alone. When you are ready to go, I'll meet you two back at the front desk to make your next appointment."

"Thanks Jane," said Emily as tears of joy filled her eyes. Emily let the emotions flow freely. She was having a baby. Dave's baby. The final threat of Jason's attack has been removed. She wouldn't admit it to anyone, but the thought of maybe being pregnant with his child has haunted her since the first night in the hospital. It was all over now. She was going to have a family with Dave and they will be happy.

Dave kissed the top of Emily's head in just about the same place as he did almost an hour ago, "What's going through that beautiful mind of yours?"

"I'm going to be a mom. That's our baby."

"It is."

"I'm pregnant."

"You are." Rossi tenderly placed his hand under Emily's chin and turned her face so that their eyes met. "You okay?"

Emily smiled. "I'm perfect." She grabbed his other hand and placed it on her stomach with hers on top. "We're perfect."

Removing his hand from her chin, Rossi picked up one of the sonogram pictures, "How about we go and share the news with the team."

"Should we? I mean isn't it bad luck to tell anyone until after the first trimester?" Emily asked, sucking on her bottom lip that Rossi always found incredibly adorable.

"Hotch needs to know. You shouldn't be put in any dangerous situations until you take your maternity leave, and do you think you could really keep something like this from them, the best profilers in the FBI and your friends?"

Emily smiled and nodded, "Would be fun to try though."

Rossi chuckled, "It would, but we would fail because I am so happy right now I won't to take an ad in all of the newspapers bragging that my fiancé is pregnant with my child."

He intentionally said 'fiancé' wondering if she would pick up on the word. Emily did not disappoint, "Fiancé, Dave, we are not engaged."

"Not yet," Dave pulled out a ring box from his pocket, "but I was hoping that you would say, 'yes'."

"What?" Emily asked with a little confusion.

Rossi took her hands in his, "Emily Prentiss would you make this old fool the luckiest and happiest fool in the world and agree to be my wife."

Tears fell harder from her eyes and all Emily could do was nod and pull her now fiancé in for a deep kiss. Happily, Rossi placed the ring on her finger once they broke for the much needed dose of oxygen their lungs were crying for. "It's gorgeous," Emily whispered as she looked down at the ring. It was a simple gold band with a small diamond in the middle. Emily noticed there were also chips of two different stones, one on either side of the diamond. "Our birthstones," she exclaimed.

"Opal for October and sapphire for September," Rossi confirmed. "I saw it in the case and thought it was too perfect to pass up. It was even in your size. Didn't need to be changed, just shined up a bit. Perfect, like the woman who has stolen my heart."

"Oh, Dave," Emily pulled him in for another kiss.

"Come on let's go to the BAU and share the good news." Emily nodded and quickly wiped the remaining gel from her stomach before taking Rossi's hand and leaving the room. As they walked down the hallway, Emily couldn't keep herself from staring at the sonogram picture in her hand.

"Does anyone know what is going on?" asked Morgan as he looked at his other team members sitting at the table in the conference room.

They all shook their heads. "You don't think anything is wrong, do you?" asked a worried Garcia.

"All I know it that Dave called earlier to say that Emily wasn't feeling good and then he called me ten minutes ago and asked that I get you all in here and that they had something to tell us," said Hotch.

"She's been sick all week," said JJ. "I hope it's nothing serious. Things have just started getting better."

"Whatever it is, it is good news," said Reid. "Here they come and they are both laughing about something.

In the elevator…

"What do you think is going through their minds right now?" Emily asked. "You were pretty mysterious when you called Hotch on the way here."

They took turns profiling their friends. Dave started, "Morgan will go into over-protective, big brother mode, worrying."

Emily nodded, "Garcia will think the worst."

"Hotch will think he knows, but won't tell the others his theory."

"JJ will get all mothering since she is the only other person who knew of my morning sickness."

They said at the same time, "Reid will be clueless." Laughing at the expense of their sometimes, naïve colleague, they exited the elevator continuing to laugh as they journeyed to the conference room.

"Hey guys," said Emily as they entered the room.

"Is everything alright?" asked JJ still very much concerned for her friend despite the happy mood she was in upon entrance to the room.

"Everything is perfect," said Rossi as he took Emily's hand in his.

She smiled at her fiancé and turned back to the group assembled, "I'm five weeks pregnant and we're engaged."

The group sat there for a second before Reid spoke up, "Five weeks? So the baby-"

"Is mine," said Rossi, "in every way that matters, biologically as well."

A loud squeal came from Garcia as she jumped from her seat to give Emily a hug, closely followed by JJ. Rossi left her side to receive congratulatory handshakes from the guys. The newly engaged couple caught each others' eye and smiled. It was all going to be alright now. No more worries. Just happiness. Pure happiness.

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