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Spoilers: This takes place after Tochwood: Exit Wounds, Dr Who: Journey's End. The Sarah Jane Adventures S1, BTVS S7, Angel S5 and draws from Power Rangers There's No Business Like Snow Business pt 1.

A/N: Yes this is a WIP, but certain chars are refusing to talk until I post. While this fic has a Tommy/Kim pairing there is a reason for that as they are just broken up in the story. This piece is the first in a series that is not Tommy/Kim.

Starting Over in a New Dimension:

The instance the blinding light faded Kimberly Hart realized she'd been lied to. Even though she had passed on her morpher, even though she no longer had that connection, she had always been able to feel the Morphing Grid. It had been a steady hum in the back of her mind, a reminder that she had been a superhero-that one day she might be one again.

That connection was gone.

Kim inhaled sharply and stumbled. The world seemed to fade. No, Kim screamed to herself in her head, this is dangerous! No fainting!

John's hands reached up to steady her. Kim broke his hold, spun and gracefully slide into a defensive stance.

"You're not my brother," she accused.

"Well," John smirked, his formally kind features shifting into malice ones, "didn't take you long to figure that one out. Still you're here, no escape. Give it a moment, I'm sure the cavalry will arrive to rescue you from my clutches soon enough."

Kim took a step away, watching and leery for him to attack as she pressed for information, "Who do you work for?"

John crossed his arms, "Time agent, different dimension. Things got screwed up, figured I owed Jack."

Different dimension was the only part that made sense to Kim. She could handle this, she could take care of herself until she was rescued. Kim lifted her chin defiantly, "My friends will come for me."

John laughed, sadistically and delighted.

"I can't believe I ever believed you were my brother," Kim growled, "My friends…"

"You're friends aren't going to care," John interrupted as he pulled an envelope out of his back pocket and tossed it at her feet.

Kim tensed and her heart sank. There was the letter to Tommy, the letter she'd written explaining how she'd met John Hart, found out she was adopted and trusted him enough to go to Cardiff to meet more family. Tommy wouldn't know where she was, but she wrote to him at least once a week, he'd know something was wrong. Her friends would find her.

"'Something has happened here that I can't explain, it's both been wonderful and painful at the same time. Tommy I've met someone else,'" John mocked.

"What?" Kim asked confused.

"Your letter wasn't difficult to intercept and your handwriting even more pathetically easy to copy. I wrote my own letter. Brilliant bit of heartbreak, if I do say so myself. I think my favorite part was when I had you say that he'd always been like a brother to you. Or maybe I love that I sent it to that youth center you're always going on about so he'd have to get it surrounded by your friends. They aren't coming. They'll be too busy consoling Tommy to realize you're missing."

She couldn't breathe! Kim could feel her chest constricting. Break up with Tommy in a letter? No, Kim told herself, she would never be that cowardly. Her friends would know, her friends would come save her. They had to come save her. They couldn't just leave her in a strange dimension that had no Morphing Grid. Where was she, anyway?

A man in a long coat seemed to step out of thin air, his pistol pointed at John.

"Calvary finally," John grinned as he put his hands behind his head.

"You were suppose to leave," the man said.

"Jack," John pouted, "I know things got screwed up by your brother, but you could at least be civil. I worked really hard, had to find a way to travel beyond closed dimensional walls, just to bring you a make-up gift."

She was the gift, Kim realized.

"You're sick," Kim glared at not only John, but Jack as well. She was going to have to find a way to bypass John, disarm Jack and find an escape.

"She just figuring this out?" Jack asked as he spared her a concerned glance, "You must be a better actor than I thought."

"Crill and Jenna," John continued ignoring her exclamation and Jack's accusation.

Jack's grip on his pistol tightened, his knuckles turned white, "They're dead."

"But Kimberly isn't," John grinned, "I stashed her."

"She's dead," Jack chocked, "They're all dead."

"No," John countered, "She's standing right here. It's always been John, but I only changed it to Hart so I could remember the last name of the couple that adopted her. Of course, convincing her of that wasn't easy work though. I may not have your ability to always charm, but I know how to push the right buttons."

Jack's eyes skittered away from John to take her in and then snapped back to John.

"She's got Crill's eyes, Jenna's stature," John continued as if his whole reveal was nothing more than pleasant conversation and he didn't have a gun trained on him.

Kim wanted to wrap her arms around herself, wanted to gasp in a deep breath. When was the last time she'd taken a breath? How had her world so utterly fallen apart in such a short span of time?

"Hub now," Jack ordered voice tense, words demanding.

John moved slowly to stand where Jack had stepped from, "See no sudden movements, didn't really mean to hurt you."

"You too," Jack told her.

Kim snapped quickly out of the thoughts racing through her head to give Jack a defiant glare. Pain crossed his face momentarily and Kim had to wonder if she really did mean something to this man standing before her. She held her glare, "I'm not going anywhere near him"

"Ianto, Gwen keep an eye on John. I'll bring the girl in through the other entrance," Jack ordered making Kim realize that the device in his ear must be a communicator. Kim reached out and touched her own, a replacement Billy had made for the one she'd given to Kat.

As John began to descend through the sidewalk Kim gasped.

"You can take the lift another time," Jack told her, "We'll take the visitor entrance just as soon as I make sure he's not going to be stupid and try to get away."

"Aw, Jack really," John pouted playfully, "Why would I want to get away from you?"

Jack didn't rise to the bait, he simply stood there watching John's decent. Apparently satisfied he turned towards her, "Let go call his bluff and get you home."

His words were a bluff, Kim realized. With the looks he had given her earlier a part of him had to believe John, had to have seen something to think she was the girl he had lost. But who was he? What was he to her? If this Crill and Jenna had been her parents than did that make Jack her uncle? Her cousin? Her brother?

"That is, if you aren't a co-conspirator," Jack warned.

"He lied to me," Kim told him as she grabbed her letter and held it up, "He stole my mail. He wasn't any help when I got into an argument with my mom that coming here might affect my chances of getting into the games and he wrote a letter telling my boyfriend that I'd met someone else. I want nothing to do with him!"

"Yeah, he would do that," Jack commented as he began to walk and motioned for her to follow, "Though that sounds a bit more subtle than the John I know. What games?"

"The Pan Global Games," Kim answered, frowning. She might have seriously jeopardized her spot by following John to Cardiff, what if she didn't get back? What if all her hard work was for nothing? What if she had left Angel Grove only to find herself stuck in another dimension?

"Never heard of it," Jack told her as he unlocked the tourist shop.

Kim frowned as he led her inside, "You've seriously never heard of the Pan Global Games?"

Jack turned towards her as he reached around the counter to push a button, "They a big deal?"

Kim gawked, but not at the secret door was suddenly revealed, but because he had asked that question. She took a breath, "Big deal? They have people come from all over the world to compete. You represent your country. You…"

Jack laughed, "Here we call them the Olympics."

Kim paused, not sure if she was frowning at him because of his interruption or because she was actually trusting him enough to walked down a dark tunnel.