Kim wasn't sure how moving to Jack's office was going to be helpful, but if it was going to get her answers than that's where they would go.

"I've always found that keeping things from my teammates totally leads to more trouble later on," Kim commented.

"Your gymnastics team had to know everything about you?"

"No," Kim answered, before she pointed out, "They're going to have even more questions."

They both turned when Ianto entered. Kim wasn't sure what to say as he handed Jack a mug and received a, "Thanks."

Kim took the mug he offered her curiously and realized he'd given her hot cocoa. It even had those little marshmallows in it. She grinned and thanked him. She liked Ianto, Kim decided. She frowned as she wondered how long she'd be staying.

"I do have questions," Kim started as Ianto shut the door behind him, "but I need to go home."

Jack nodded and his face only momentarily showed he didn't want her to go.

"I have to apologize to my mom," Kim tried to explain, "And I have to go let my boyfriend know we are so not broken up. Than I can come back and…"

"It's not safe here," Jack interrupted, "It would be safer for you to go back to wherever John took you from."

"It's not that safe," Kim told him, "We're under constant alien invasion."

"By who?" Jack demanded, sitting up straighter, staring at her intensely.

Maybe this dimension was constantly being invaded too?

"Uh, Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd," she tried and off Jack's confused look she continued, "The Machine Empire?"

"I've heard of the last one, they were wiped out by the Darleks," Jack told her.

"Who are the Darleks?" Kim asked.

Jack stared, "Just hope you never find out."

Kim took a sip of her cocoa, smiled down at it and told him, "Wow!"

Jack smirked, "That's Ianto."

Kim nodded before she pointed out, "If I'm going to come back here, stay here for a bit to get to know you, don't you like think it'd be a good idea for me to know a few things?"

Jack smiled, then leaned back in his chair, "I do want to get to know you. I just don't think it's safe."

Kim smiled and took another sip of her cocoa, trying to push away the temptation to reveal that she used to be a superhero. Maybe they needed a safer topic.

"John said I looked like a Jenna and a Crill," Kim pointed out, "So how are you my father?"

Jack placed the pendant on his desk and pressed the center. An image flickered to life, two men, stood around a woman holding a baby. Kim pushed forward, realizing the man staring at the other two with a grin on his face was Jack.

"The baby's me?" she asked.

"Yes," Jack told her, "The woman is Jenna and Crill…"

"There are three of you?" Kim pointed out.

"We loved each other," Jack told her and she could hear it in his voice.

A threesome…she was the product of a threesome? Kim tilted her head, she was tempted to point out that after having been stuck in Billy's body she thought nothing could weird her out.

"It was the fifty-first century," Jack offered.

"I'm like from way in the future?" Kim asked, staring, startled. Okay, now she was totally weirded out.

Jack smiled.

"I so need an explanation," Kim told him.

"I haven't really told my team," Jack told her cautiously as he leaned back in his chair, staring at the image the pendant had presented.

Kim took a sip of her drink again then pointed out, "Secrets from teammates can lead to disaster."

"I have a long and complicated history," Jack told her.

"And my part of it?" she prodded, "Are you going to tell me that?"

Jack met her eyes, then turned his gaze back onto the pendant, "We wanted a baby and while Jenna could conceive she wasn't physically capable of carrying a child to term. We made a decision. Biologically you're made from Crill and Jenna. I carried you."

"Carried me?"

"The one and only time I've ever been pregnant," Jack explained.

"You're a guy!"

"It's the fifty-first century."

Kim blinked, thought about it a moment then asked, "So I was inside of you for nine months?"

"Give or take a few weeks," Jack shrugged.

Kim frowned, "This is a lot to take in."

"It is," Jack agreed as he turned off the image. Kim's frowned deepened as she watched him force a smile onto his face, "Let get you home."

"I'm coming back," Kim told him, "I want to get you know you."

Jack picked up the pendent and turned it over in his hand as he told her, "I shouldn't have thought I could have a normal life. I should've known the Time Agency wouldn't let me. I've left them behind, but I'm part of Torchwood now. I can't make the same mistake twice, you should go home."

"You want me to leave?"

"I want you to have a life," Jack told her, "I want to know you're safe and it'll have to be enough to know you're alive."

Kim wanted to challenge him, wanted to demand he explain what the Time Agency did or what Torchwood was, but she worried that such questions would only make him close off. He looked wistful, wanting. He wanted a relationship as much as she did.

"Maybe I want to know about my parents," she tried, then smiled when her statement got her a hint of a smile. She pushed, "I want to get to know you."

"After you go home," Jack told her, eyes closed off.

He was going to send her home, Kim realized, and not give her way to return.

"Maybe I should go back after we've gotten to know one another."

Jack's smile was wistful again as he teased, "You're stubborn, aren't you?"

"Don't you want to find out?"

"I…" Jack started then paused as a knock on the door interrupted them. He frowned at it, then called out that it was open.

Hayley pushed the door open. Kim sat up straighter at the look of concern on the older woman's face.

"What is it?" Jack asked.

"Dimensional walls are still closed," Hayley stated.

"We knew that," Jack told her, "How did John get through?"

"He's trying, but he'd actually not sure," Hayley frowned, "He doesn't know how he got the device, just that it gave him a one way through and then back."

"Can you rebuild the device?"

"It disintegrated right after he gave it to me," Hayley told him.

Kim's grip on her mug tightened. She was stuck here, there was no going home. The last conversation she'd had with her mom had been a screaming match. Her boyfriend he received a letter forged by John saying she was breaking up with him, that she'd met someone else. What if…No, Kim told herself. Her friends would know. Her friends would find a way. Her friends would come for her.

She just had to be patient and wait. They'd never let her down before.