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A/N: The Turbo team wasn't the first to have the blue, yellow, pink and black Astro morphers. Andros and Zhane had a team before them. Ashah is blue, Tye is black, Lori is yellow and Tem is pink. Lori and Zhane are cousins. Tye and Andros are cousins. Kehtal is a term referring to a person who has had more than 3 colors. Took Tangarians from SPD, Mercurians from OO and Xybrian from TF (though Xybrians aren't mentioned until later chapters)

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Learning to Be a Team:

Zhane leaned against Tem, looking around him to see the Karian ship land. Tem glanced down at him, crossed his arms, but said nothing.

"Doesn't matter who it is, we don't have to like either of them," Zhane reminded.

Lori laughed as flopped down on the floor and tilted his head back, "As long as it's not Fren."

Ashah turned, "Then you want Andros to be chosen?"

"It's his morpher," Tem reminded, "It's his right."

"Fren's an idiot," Lori reminded.

"You'll wrinkle your uniform," Ashah reprimanded, voice almost affectionate.

Zhane turned his gaze from the docking ship to his cousin. Lori's yellow uniform was already rumpled and there was a dirt mark on his chin. How had he managed to get dirty in the short amount of time they'd been at the skyport?

"There are chairs," Tye pointed out as he sat down.

Lori grinned, but didn't move, "I heard he was raised by Tangarians."

"Tangarians?" Ashah laughed.

"My cousin was raised here on KO-35, he and the rest of his family chose to leave," Tye pointed out.

"How old was he?" Tem asked.

Lori grinned and guessed, "Ten?"

"Eleven," Tye answered.

"So you haven't seen him since he was eleven?" Zhane ventured.

"No," Tye answered.

The group fell into silence. Ashah smiled slightly before he offered, "Actually I heard it was Telorians."

Lori laughed again, "Seriously? That's more plausible than Tangarians, but I thought their numbers had dwindled."

"There are likely a few around, their unusual rituals and long life spans would make them difficult to destroy," Tem said.

Zhane cocked his head, glancing up at his taller teammate.

Tem gave him a questioning look.

"You're so pink," Zhane complained.

Tem nodded, "I'll take that as a compliment."

Zhane smirked, then smiled at his cousin, "The rumor I heard was space pirates in the Mercurian system."

Zhane smiled at the merriment that brought to Lori's eyes.

"Seriously?" Lori asked, "So what, he became a bad guy?"

Ashah shrugged, "No one really knows."

"My cousin is not a bad guy," Tye told them, "he doesn't consort with evil."

"Can you be sure?" Lori asked.

"Fren's claim would have no questions if Andros was evil. They wouldn't even have considered Andros getting his father's morpher if he was consorting with evil," Tye pointed out, "He left after his parents did to go looking for his sister."

"He'll have to stop searching if he's joining us," Tem said.

Zhane frowned as the ship began its final docking procedures, "Maybe he needs to, if it's destroyed his whole family."

"Zhane," Lori complained.


Lori pouted, "I don't like your serious face."

"It could be a serious matter," Zhane shrugged, "If Andros is our red then what are we getting?"

"Not Fren," Lori pointed out.

"So you only want him as our leader because he's a better option than Fren?" Zhane asked.

"Any option is a better option than Fren," Tem agreed.

"What do we really know about him?" Zhane asked.

"Lost his sister at six," Lori replied, "She was declared dead when he was eleven."

"Karone," Tye interjected, "my cousin's name was Karone. We mourned an empty…she was given up for dead five years after she disappeared."

Zhane leaned around Tem to look at Tye. He hadn't meant for Lori and Tye to start listing what they knew about Andros.

"So he left when they declared his sister dead?" Tem asked.

"No, his father left for good when he was eight," Tye corrected, "His mother left when Karone was declared dead to fully join the Karian team she was a part of. Andros left shortly after she disappeared. His father hadn't been heard from in years either."

Zhane frowned at Tye, was he trying to make them feel sympathy for the guy who might just be coming in and taking over?

"Wasn't she purple?" Lori asked, "And wasn't his father a Kehtal?"

"Yes," Tye answered.

"What colors?" Ashah asked.

"Black, White, Green and Red," Tye answered.

"We might have Fren for a leader," Zhane reminded. Why was Andros so interesting anyway? Why were they still talking about him? They would get stuck with whoever Zordon decided the morpher belonged to. There was no real choice here. Fren was a dignitary, raised to believe he belonged in power and was now seeking power by this attempted claim at the Red Astro Morpher. Andros was an unknown, but the rightful heir to the morpher. Neither had trained for the position, well Andros had before his disappearance, but did that really count? Real training didn't begin till one turned twelve. Where had he been all these years? Could they trust the leadership of one who had lost their whole family in a fruitless search for a missing girl?

Zhane crossed his arms, looking over his teammates again. It was his job to protect them.

As the doors opened Tye stood straight and tall, tension evident in his shoulder. Lori pushed himself up and began brushing himself off, glancing towards the door then away.

Fren stalked off the ship, but stopped in front of them.

"Good luck with that mess," he growled before he pushed past them.

Zhane watched him stalk across the skyport, pushing past people, paying no mind to manners.

"Cousin," he heard Tye greet.

Zhane spun around.

This was their red?

He was wearing a shapeless brown cloak, hair pulled back and a stunned look on his face. He allowed Tye to pull him into the traditional greeting, arms wrapped around him and cheeks pressed together. Andros' arms came up almost hesitantly.

"You have been gone a long time," Tye observed solemnly.

Andros' eyes drifted down towards his feet as he replied, "I can't stay for long."

How was he suppose to be a red if he couldn't even look at them? Zhane scowled. This was not going to work.

"Hi!" Lori chirped, hovering nearby, obviously wanting to greet their new teammate in a customary fashion, but sensing enough to stay back.

Andros almost quirked a smile at the enthusiasm, before he looked up and past Zhane. Following his gaze, Zhane glanced behind him and took in the Phantom Ranger.

"Wondered when you were going to come out of hiding?" Zhane acknowledged.

Phantom only inclined his head.

Tye was glancing between Andros and Phantom. Tye frowned.

Zhane frowned when he noticed the way Lori hadn't taken his eyes off Andros.

"This is Ashah, our blue," Tye introduced, "He and I have been co-leading. Lori is yellow. Tempene is our pink, but we call him Tem."

Zhane glared slightly when Tem stepped away from him to walk closer to their new red, their new leader. Zhane was beginning to think some of the traditions surrounding the Astro morphers were stupid. Who decided that Red led anyway? Why did females who wanted to become rangers have to go to other teams, protect other planets?

"Zhane is our silver," Tye finished.

"And my cousin," Lori boosted.

"Come to watch him crash and burn?" Zhane asked Phantom.

Phantom didn't respond. Of course Zhane had never heard him talk, had actually never had the pleasure of fighting alongside him.

Zhane crossed his arms when Tem gave him a look that clearly said 'quit being a child and get over here'.

"I must return to Earth," Andros said at last.

"When?" Tye asked, "Why?"

"For training," Andros replied.

Phantom walked towards the ship then. The rest of the team moved away when it became clear he had come to address Andros.

"You have a week," Phantom told him, "Grieve, spend time with your family, bury your father properly. I will come to escort you back to Earth."

Andros nodded.

Phantom nodded and walked away, only pausing near Zhane. His voice was low, his words obviously meant for only Zhane's ears, "Perhaps your team would be good for him."

"Perhaps he would be bad for the team," Zhane responded.

Phantom didn't respond, only disappeared. Why he had to disappear to leave Zhane wasn't sure, but he also wasn't considering the observation that maybe he should try to welcome Andros. He wasn't taking a chance that this unknown could hurt his teammates. He wasn't going to take it easy on Andros. Either Andros would learn to mesh with them or he could turn in his morpher and leave, Zhane would make sure of it.