Ichigo, just saved by Shinji from Grimmjow, was on the brink of collapsing from exhaustion and injury. He could fell his mind fading, and he began to lose feeling in his right hand and slowly the rest of his body. He soon collapsed in Rukia's arms, hearing his hollow self say "Breaking you down is going to be so much fun."

Ichigo woke up in what he first thought was the darkness of death, though he didn't think that his injuries were severe enough to die. Out of the darkness stepped Hollow Ichigo (referred to as Shiro), smiling and giggling at Ichigo. Ichigo was about to say something, but realized he couldn't speak, or even move, stuck in a standing position. Shiro just smiled more at his struggling, saying " Would you like to know why you're here?" Ichigo could only reply with silence. " Don't worry," Shiro continued, " You're not dead, you're in a coma. However, you did ALMOST die, and I don't think you fully understand what will happen to you, not if, but WHEN you die. You need to be taught to fear me again, and the best way to do that is to let you sample the hell that you WILL eventually fall into."

Shiro appeared behind Ichigo, his white Zangestu bankai in hand. He ripped off Ichigo's cloak, exposing his bandages. Shiro began to make shallow cuts to his back like a whip, letting Ichigo cry out in pain as the bandages fell to the pitch black ground. Shiro held zangestu high, saying "Do you know what I'm going to love most about your dream world?" Ichigo's eyes widened as he felt the cold metal pierce deep into his chest, cutting into his heart. " I can do anything I want and you won't die." He pulled the white zanpaku-to from Ichigo and pushed him down onto an invisible wall, stabbing him in the same wrist Grimmjow did earlier. Shiro appeared in front of Ichigo, his right hand reaching into Ichigo's chest, slowly pulling out his cut-up heart. The arteries snapped, causing Ichigo to involuntarily twitch violently, and Shiro said icily " I have many ways of subduing you, Ichigo… ways that will make you wish you never became a soul reaper," as he slipped his heart into his mouth and swallowed it whole.

Blood began to gush from Ichigo's chest, and he began to lose the ability to think clearly, every ounce of pain was there without the sweet release of death. Shiro began to get closer to the wound, licking his lips and saying " Now that your physical heart is gone, all that's left is to warp your spiritual one." Shiro began to dig his tongue into the wound, sending a scream from Ichigo's throat. Ichigo plummeted into a state of panic, pain, and confusion, not knowing what Shiro meant by 'warp his heart'. Shiro twisted the white zangestu to make Ichigo turn his back to him, resulting in an out burst of agony. He took the black zangestu from Ichigo's hilt, pondering it, how the sleek, black sword fit him so well. He looked at Ichigo's back side, and smiled with delight at his idea.

Shiro wrapped his arm around Ichigo from behind, zangestu in his left hand. He began to cut Ichigo's pants off, whispering in his ear " You think that hollows only have one kind of hunger, but I've been physically starved for the longest time," using zangestu to sadistically etch lines onto his face, just enough to create thin lines of crimson red, eventually forming the patterns of the hollow mask, using his right hand to keep him steady, causing him to tremble and whimper from the pain and paralysis, " You may not like it at first… but eventually you'll accept it and enjoy it as much as I do."

Ichigo began to involuntarily shiver as Shiro licked the blood off of his face, then moved on to chewing on his ear. Shiro began to whisper into Ichigo's ear " I would prefer a lady, but I don't know when I'll get an opportunity like this again. It's time you experience exactly what a horse should be to his king." Shiro slowly kissed his way down to Ichigo's neck, holding him tighter when he mercilessly ripped off his flesh, filled with joy as he heard Ichigo's bloodcurdling scream. He stuck the black zanpaku-to onto his left hand against the invisible wall, successfully exposing his nude backside.

Ichigo began to panic more. He did not want to lose to his hollow self, especially not like this, anything but this. Losing to a powerful opponent and dying would not have been as bad as the situation he found himself in now, but there was one good reason for this: Ichigo lost his fear of death long ago, but this he feared much more than anything else at that moment, the loss of his pride as a man. He was so distracted by that fear that he unwillingly sprouted an erection when Shiro prodded his cock. " So, you DO want it, don't you Ichigo?" he said with a smile and a laugh.

Shiro's cold fingertips began to stroke Ichigo's back, moving lower and lower, causing cold waves of shock in every nerve, amplified by his inability to move anything below his neck. Shiro's right hand grabbed his buttocks, while his left hand was used to undress himself. When he was finally nude, he took both zangestu and planted them on the ground, taking Ichigo with them. Ichigo turned his head to see Shiro climbing on top of his back, ready to destroy him, Ichigo's eyes wide with disbelief and total fear, still paralyzed in most of his body. " I love that face," Shiro said, " And I want to see more of it!!"

Ichigo screamed so horrifically when Shiro entered him that the sound created defied the English language. Ichigo mind was blazing with the horrible feeling of violation, his features twisted in pain, humiliation, and despair. His emotions became more bold on the second thrust, still screaming for the sanity he was loosing in this unholy act.

Meanwhile, in the outside world, Ichigo's body violently twitched. However, no one was in the room at the time, so it went unnoticed.