Ichigo bit his bottom lip, nearly tearing it off from the pain.

It was all just inconceivable that he was being raped… by himself. Hr tried futilely to distract himself from the weight on top of him, the demon who was violating him. He began to snivel, thinking of the person he wanted to lose his virginity to… But alas, the hollow took advantage of that as well.

It unexpectedly slid out, leaving Ichigo to fall to the ground, hands still pinned. Ichigo was hurt and confused- This certainly didn't follow the rules of physics- for sometimes things would change for no reason, like the arrangement of the swords in his hands. He wasn't sure if the hollow had actually stopped.

The hollow had walked in front of Ichigo, and turned towards him to show his bloody erection. "Geez, and I thought you would have submitted more… Perhaps I can… persuade you?" The hollow said, cackling a bit at his victim. What he was planning to do couldn't normally be done, but lucky him, she, and her energy, was in the room- but there was no need to tell his king. Neither of them would be any the wiser, he just needed her energy/

A wisp of spirit ribbons arose from the darkness, twisting and conforming until they revealed Orihime, still in her school uniform. Ichigo couldn't help but stare in horror, not sure what would happen next. " You see Ichigo," the hollow said, walking towards the Orihime copy, "You have a choice- If I'm not fucking you, I'm going to do something else." With that, the hollow, grabbed the copy's chin and brought it to his face, and made the copy look scared.

"Or someone else." The hollow hissed, ripping both her sweater and undershirt off, exposing her breasts. She whimpered and tried to squirm from him. "K-kurosaki-kun, help me, please!" Ichigo could do nothing but watch and despair.

"So, are you gonna watch, or are ya gonna get jealous and beg me to fuck you?"

The fake Orihime began to cry, jaw still in it's hand as it leaned over to lick a tear off her face. Ichigo grit his teeth and mumbled something, with no other options. "Oh, what was that? I didn't hear you." The hollow used his other hand to grope her breasts to make a point, it's smile nearly splitting his face.

"F-fuck me instead… just leaver her alone…please…"

The hollow growled in delight, and dissipated the copy into nothing to focus on his task. He kneeled right in front of Ichigo's face, and pulled his head down onto his cock, catching his mouth open. Ichigo yelled something, but was muffled by the cock in his mouth. It tasted absolutely disgusting, having been covered in blood and anal fluids. The hollow grabbed him by the hair and thrust into his mouth repeatedly, knowing his soul reaper counterpart was still too weak to even try anything to stop him.

However, Ichigo could slightly feel Orihime's energy, and it was getting stronger with each moment. The hollow stopped his violations, confused of what was happening. " … And each one of me could fall in love with you." Orihime's voice broke through.

A yellow wave of energy broke through the nightmarish environment, as if she was healing his mind. He could suddenly move, and the blades that were in his wrists had shifter to his side. Ichigo shoved himself off his violator, grabbed Zangetsu, and impaled his hollow in the neck in one fluid strike.

Realizing that the girl's healing spell was removing his control of the situation, the hollow snapped his fingers before fading away. Ichigo felt like he was knocked in the back of the head, and in an instant, had no idea what had happened. The black around him had changed to a flower field, with Orihime beckoning him to the other side. He tripped and rolled, and he disappeared from the dream world.

The hollow watched as the soul reaper suddenly woke up- Ichigo would have no memory of the dream, but the fear would still be there. The hollow giggled from the deepest part of Ichigo's unconscious, knowing that fear would make him crack.

Oh, and more than a year later, I finally post chapter two. Not the best first impression, huh? In the next piece, I'll start putting little writing lessons at the ending of each tale. I hope you enjoyed. Thank you for being patient with this!