a/n: a response to an lj challenge -a 300 word fic containing the 5 words-fault, straw, message, key and chandelier. This contribution suggests that Holmes did not return a certain jewel immediately at the end of a canon tale.

Holmes and companions do not belong to me

Watson returns home after a late call to find that all is not as it should be...

Hidden agenda

"Holmes..." I admonished;

A restrained reproof;

As I wondered how we'd coped so long,

Under one roof.

I concluded from the splinters

And the lock jemmied free

That the brightest brain in London

Had forgotten his key.

"When Mrs Hudson learns

What you have done to her door,

I'm afraid she might regard it

As the very last straw!

It wasn't my fault

That I was called out late.

Would it really have been difficult

To sit and wait?"


"Watson..." he responded

With a glint in his eye.

"As usual, the obvious

Has passed you by.

I understand the damage

Was a dreadful shock,

But don't you think, my friend,

I would have picked the lock?

A burglary occurred

While we were both still out.

The thieves left empty-handed though,

I have no doubt."


Young Hopkins poked his head

Around the splintered frame.

"A message, Mr Holmes,

It seems we've won this game.

The Inspector says to tell you

Three arrests were made.

He's grateful for your help

And for the trap you laid."


Holmes grinned at my confusion,

Waved the pipe in his hand,

"There are many things, it seems,

Which you don't understand.

A spate of missing gems

Has happened recently.

Eventually, of course,

Lestrade consulted me.

That stolen Blue Carbuncle

Seemed a tempting prize;

I headed to the taverns

In a servant's guise.

I circulated rumours

In a "drunken state"

Then hid the jewel

And told the Yard to watch and wait.

I am well aware, dear friend,

What Mrs Hudson will say.

A locksmith and a carpenter

Are on their way."


"Holmes, your powers of detection

Never cease to amaze,

But the diamond...?"

Holmes chuckled; I followed his gaze,

And then blinked as his hiding-place

Was suddenly clear;

A gleam of blue fire

Graced the chandelier.