Of Wizards and Winchesters

Chp. 2

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6 years. It hardly seemed that long since Harry had last seen England and his family. He had kept up correspondence with them. It took nearly 2 years for the Ministry to stop looking for him. After which the Weasley's; which now included Neville, who had married Ginny, Luna, who was engaged to George, and Hermione who was expecting her first child by Ron, could start writing him back. Harry smiled at the thought of all the life that had started springing up in the Weasley family recently. Bill and Fleur are now expecting their second child as well as Luna with her first.

Harry was currently sitting in a booth at the local bar in the small town where he and Teddy had settled 3 years ago; Red Lodge Montana. Usually Harry wouldn't have chosen such a small town, too much risk of people realizing he and Teddy weren't exactly normal but Harry had met some nice vampires; one's that didn't feed on humans oddly enough. Harry had decided to help them out in any way they could and had just ended up sticking around. Lenore was now a good friend, as well as the rest of her coven.

Over the years Harry had been successful in keeping their secret to himself and helped discourage the few hunters that had been sniffing around on occasion. Unfortunately you couldn't keep hunters away forever, especially when they were as persistent as this Gordan fellow that Harry was watching out of the corner of his eye all night.

Harry's thoughts went out to his godson Teddy, who was sitting at home with more monitoring charms on him than Harry had ever put on him when he was a baby. Harry had become the characteristic overprotective parent since he left England. Harry had had a few run-ins with demon-deal-witches and other supernatural's here. So, even though Teddy was within apparating distance, Harry was constantly thinking about going back home and just jumping this sadistic hunter later.

Unfortunately Harry didn't think he could take on three hunters alone. Seems there had been a little meet and greet between Gordon and these other two while Harry had been busy at the hospital, Harry worked as a nurse in the emergency department. The work helped him with his 'saving people' thing and also allowed him to be really flexible with his hours, only working when Teddy was in school or with the Coven at night.

All three hunters sat around a table, Gordon and the shorter one drinking, while the taller one just looked pissed at the whole situation. They were all talking in low tones and were clear across the bar. But Harry just pulled out his wand, sure to keep it under the table, and cast an eavesdropping charm that George had mentioned in a letter last year. It worked brilliantly and Harry could now hear the conversation as if he had an extendable ear in his left ear.

"No, no I insist," Gordon said giving the waitress a few bills. The shorter hunter grinned as Gordon raised his glass. "Another one bites the dust."

Harry's heart seized at the words and his hand went to his phone automatically dialing Lenore's number. As he waited for her to pick up he continued to listen to the conversation.

"Dean," Gordon says to the shorter hunter he toasted with. "You gave that big-ass fang one hell of a haircut, my friend."

Harry's blood was boiling at the blatant disregard Gordon had at taking a life, even one that was a vampire. Harry felt his eye tearing up, wondering who exactly had been killed.

Taller one still looked uncomfortable and out of place. Lenore hadn't picked up her cell as he heard the voice mail beep.

"Lenore, he did it again. Round up the family and we'll get you somewhere safe. Call me."

Back to the conversation once again Harry heard Dean speaking "You alright Sammy?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," He sounded anything but fine to Harry. He sort of sounded like Hermione in fourth year when Ron refused to ask her to the ball.

"Well, lighten up a little, Sammy," Gordon said grinning.

"He's the only one that gets to call me that," there was an edge to 'Sammy's' voice. Harry didn't doubt that if Gordon called him that again, fists were going to fly.

"Okay. No offense meant. Just celebrating a little. Job well done."

"Right. Well, decapitations aren't my idea of a good time, I guess," Harry liked this hunter. His moral compass seemed to be in the right place at least.

"Oh, come on, man, it's not like it was human. You've gotta have a little more fun with your job," Harry clutched his wand tighter when he heard that. Vampires may not be fully human but the way Gordon said it made Harry's lip curl.

"See? That's what I've been trying to tell him. You could learn a thing or two from this guy," Dean replied, obviously seeing Gordon as a role model of some sort. Whoever thought that had to be seriously messed up.

Sam looked between Dean and Gordon twice before replying "Yeah, I bet I could," There was a sort of hurt there. He looked up to Dean, or couldn't understand why he was taking Gordon's side, Harry really couldn't tell "Look, I'm not gonna bring you guys down. I'm just gonna go back to the motel."

Harry's phone vibrated on the table as Sam stood and left the bar. Harry lifted the phone with trembling fingers, dropping the charm to answer the phone, dreading the answer to the question of who in their family had been killed.

"Who?" He didn't even give Lenore a chance to say hello.

"Conrad," Lenore said voice cracking slightly.

"Oh Merlin," Harry breathed trying to hold back a sob with his hand over his mouth. Conrad had been the gentlest man Harry had ever met, not that he couldn't defend himself, but he would have been no match for a group of hunters, even with his vampire abilities. How was Harry going to explain this to Teddy? This was a totally different circumstance than explaining to Teddy where his parents were, people that were only abstract concepts to a six year old who didn't even remember them. But Conrad had been real, had been like a big kid around Teddy, playing with him and babysitting. He had been the head of the coven, now though that would rest on Lenore's shoulders.

"Listen Lenore, One of the hunters," Harry was thinking a mile a minute as he stood from the table, hardly noticing that Dean was staring at him as he left, catching a portion of his call. "He isn't as bad as the others. We may be able to convince him to leave you all alone," Harry paused as he shoved the door open and walked out the door, determined to find where the hunters were staying.

"Where are you?" She asked and Harry could hear Eli in the background shouting. He always was the hot head in the coven.

"Looking at our target getting a soda at the motel, get here as fast as you can."

"No problem we're only a block away," Harry smiled sadly; Lenore was doing well as the Coven leader already, anticipating danger like she was.

Harry hung up the phone after a short goodbye and watched as the tall hunter walked out into the parking lot. Harry was behind the bushes, with a notice me not charm for good measure. So there was no way for Sam to be able to see him, but apparently he felt someone watching because his body language changed from relaxed non-chalance, to cautious trepidation in less time than it took Harry to blink.

If the other two hunters were anything like this one, Harry and the Vampires had their work cut out for them.

Harry watched steadily as Sam walked around the lot, then back to his room, Harry knew Eli and Markus were already in there, Harry's position giving him a view of the back window where the vampires entered silently. Sam was still cautious as he entered the room. Harry's heart sped up as he heard a small scuffle inside. He was nearly to the door when the two carried an unconscious and blindfolded hunter out. Harry sighed in relief.

"I need to get home to Teddy, Markus, if there is anything that you guys need…help getting out of town or…" Harry was frowning and holding back tears again. Markus had been mated with Conrad; his death was going to be devastating once it finally kicked in.

"We'll be fine. You take care of your own family now. With you tracking them down…" Markus paused as they shuffled Sam into the back of the truck Lenore was driving.

"You're a target too Harry," Eli finished for his distraught friend. Harry looked between the remaining members of the small humanitarian coven.

"Alright but you know my number," Harry embraced Eli who patted him on the back before sitting in the bed of the truck. "And I don't think I'll be staying too much longer either. This place won't be the same without you," Harry then embraced Markus who got in next to Lenore. Harry blew a kiss to Lenore. "Give me a call once you let him go. I want to make sure you're all ok."

"Of course Harry, you take care of yourself tonight, and thank you for the risk you took in spying for us."

Harry waved her off as he closed the truck door. It wasn't as if it had done any good. It didn't bring back Conrad, Tina, or Lucus. Lenore looked at him knowingly but he started walking toward the alley so he could apparate home. Nothing she would say or do would assuage the guilt Harry felt at the deaths of his friends. Nothing ever did.

A few hours later Harry was sipping at a glass of Fire whiskey, Teddy had been sleeping the entire time he was gone so Harry didn't bother waking him. The phone vibrated across the table. A text from Lenore WE'LL WAIT AND SEE popped up when Harry opened his phone. Things had gone better than he had hoped then. With a deep sigh Harry finished off the last swallow of his glass and trudged up the stairs to his bedroom, he could start packing in the morning.

Harry lay in his bed looking up at the ceiling for a long time. Sleep had always been elusive for him, now, after the war and with what was happening with Lenore, it was even harder to fall asleep. Harry tossed and turned in his bed and after about an hour fell into a fitful sleep.

No, Dean that is not our job. Our job is hunting evil. And if these things aren't killing people, they're not evil! You don't think I can see what this is?

Harry could hear Sam's voice in his mind, could see him standing in front of his brother arguing. Flashes and snatches of the conversation bombarding his mind

What are you talking about? That was deans voice and suddenly Harry could see them too, standing in the dim light of the parking lot.

He's a substitute for Dad, isn't he? A poor one. Sam was angry and hurt and it wasn't just the frown on his face that told Harry that. He could feel it too.

You know what? I'm not even going to talk about this. Vulnerable, too close to the truth, pain.

You know, you slap on this big fake smile but I can see right through it. Because I know how you feel, Dean. Dad's dead.

Harry felt his own heart clench at the thought that these men, these brothers, had lost their father. No wonder Dean seemed so enamored with Gordon earlier.

And he left a hole, and it hurts so bad you can't take it, but you can't just fill up that hole with whoever you want to. It's an insult to his memory.

Then Harry felt Dean punch Sam as if he had been the one punched and punching at the same time. Then his dream…vision changed scenery to Lenore and Eli arguing. So much pain and sorrow filled them at the death of their comrades that Eli was saying things he would have normally never said. Grief did that to a person. Then Eli was gone and Lenore was outside and Gordon was there behind her cutting her with a bloody blade

Dead mans blood, Bitch the word flowed through Harry like poison. Making skin burn where the blade contacted with it; weakness and lethargy pulsing through sluggish veins.

Harry woke with a start. "No," He whispered as the last vestiges of the dream/vision wore away. Sometimes he really hated the side effects that Voldemort's death had on his magic, awakening of long dormant parts of it once the evil of the Horcrux had been gone. Now though he thanked his lucky stars because he might just be able to save his friends this time.

With almost no thought Harry hurriedly pulled on a t-shirt over his bare chest, grabbed his wand from the bedside table, checked Teddy's monitoring charms quickly to make sure the child was still sleeping and apparated to Lenore's farm.

Harry found himself in the hallway just inside the door when he heard a gun cocking and the words, "Let him go," Harry looked to his left to see Gordon holding Sam, arm bloody knife at his throat.

"Now!" Dean shouted raising his gun a little more.

Harry raised his wand before striding into the room. "I'd do as he said if I were you, Gordon."

Dean and Gordon turned their weapons on him. Harry didn't flinch. "You let Lenore and the others go Gordon or I swear I will break my oath and kill you where you stand."

"Harry," Lenore whispered. "Don't."

Harry glanced in Lenore's direction and saw how very bad off she was. Gordon hadn't been trying to kill her, he had been torturing her. Harry stared at her; visions of Olivander in the Malfoy cellar, of helpless muggles being beaten and tortured to death by blood thirsty Deatheaters. Harry's arm was trembling and the words to the killing curse were on his lips, green sparks falling from his wand.

"Don't," Lenore said again "Harry. Think of Teddy," That did it. Harry changed the intent of his spell seconds before he cast. Incarsarus Gordon was now bound in magical ropes. Sam and Dean stood shocked and silent as Gordon struggled against his bonds.

"Get her out of here Sam," Dean told his brother, as Harry stepped up to Gordon, eyes flashing with malicious intent.

"You have threatened my friends for the last time you piece of shit," Harry spat as he shoved Gordon to the floor. The hunter went down and the resounding thud of his head hitting the floor made Harry grin.

"Who the hell are you? Witches don't usually hang with vamps," Gordon was still as cocky as ever.

"I'm no demon-deal-witch. Though a few moments ago I came damned close," That was the price of the killing curse. It was a deal with the devil himself who would take a portion of your soul every time you used it. Harry sent a silent cutting Hex at Gordon's cheek for the insult.

"Hey man, I need you to step away from him real slow," Harry had forgotten that Dean was even there until he spoke. Harry looked over at the hunter; Dean had seemed to have lost his…admiration for the hunter at Harry's feet, though he was holding his gun straight at Harry now.

Harry glanced down at Gordon. This man had tortured Lenore, killed three of his friends and generally made Harry's nice normal life a living hell. Harry thought of just killing him the muggle way, wrapping his hands around the man's windpipe until he stopped breathing or better yet getting one of the vials of poisons he kept at home in the locked potions cupboard, slice the mans ebony skin with a knife dipped in basilisk venom just enough to cause pain but not death. Torture him like the man had tortured Lenore.

"Step away," Dean said again stepping closer, his voice stern and commanding.

Harry took a deep breath of the blood filled air and stepped back once, twice. Harry shuddered at how very hard it was to let this man go. Harry closed his eyes as he abruptly turned and left the two hunters there. Harry strode right past Lenore and Sam, who were sitting on the porch and strode out into the darkened yard. Harry was barefoot and the grass was wet and the night was cold, but none of it penetrated his mind as what he had almost done penetrated his mind.

Harry had almost used the killing curse. Lenore had been tortured, and he had been thinking about doing the same to Gordon. Harry rushed over to a nearby bush and promptly vomited the meager contents of his stomach. It took 5 minutes for Harry to stop retching. When he did he turned to his Vampire friend.

She looked horrible, pale, even for her, with deep dark circles under her glassy blue eyes. Her skin covered in red and black blood, her clothes were ripped in a few places and there were unhealed knife wounds all over her body. Harry approached cautiously. Sam was still a hunter, even if he didn't think the vampires were dangerous he might think Harry was.

Sam didn't say anything as Harry knelt in front of a dazed Lenore. Then, with tears in his eyes Harry placed his hand on Lenore's forehead and stomach. Lenore moaned in pain and protest but Harry held firm. Then the gashes on Lenore started to ooze deep black sludge, Lenore was shaking and convulsing, Sam yelled for him stop but Harry mentally put up a barrier between them. He was going to do this.

The sludge started running out of the wounds and then the gashes all along Lenore's exposed skin started disappearing one by one only to appear on Harry's only slightly darker skin. Sam was trying desperately to stop what Harry was doing but nothing the hunter did worked. After a few moments Harry pulled away, dropped the barrier, and promptly collapsed.