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Chapter 24 – Epilogue



Eris screamed, the pain worse than anything she could ever imagine. She squeezed the metal bed rails in each hand, twisting the steel in her grip. Her clenched eyes opened as another spasm passed, but everything was a blur amidst the tears. The wavy outlines of several people were around her, all of them saying something along the lines of encouragement. To keep going. Not like she had a choice in the matter, but this pain was going to kill her.

"C'mon sweetheart, you can do it," said a gruff voice by her ear. The one voice she cared about.

Eris gasped, panting as she had a few moments reprieve. The only time she'd experienced such earth-shattering pain was when her wings sprouted. Now it felt like that pain had migrated to her crotch, then magnified about a hundred times. She drew in a breath to say more, but the next spasm was already upon the siren. Her shriek shattered one of the overhead lights.

"Shit!" Someone swore.

"Here it comes!" Said another voice.

"C'mon sweetheart. Push!"

Eris flexed her muscles and screamed again, flapping her wings; it felt like something was ripping her apart from the legs. And as her scream died down to a low cry, a tiny voice joined in.

"We've got one!" Said a familiar female voice.

"Whadaya mean you've got one?" Said the gruff war vet by Eris' side. "There's another?"

In answer, Eris cried out again and pulled on the bed rails. The "ping" of snapping metal was hardly heard as she ripped the handles off in her thrashing.

"Almost there..." said Dr. Allan. "Almost..." With one final shove, Eris gasped and felt the last of the pain dull to a low throb. And with its passing, came another crying voice.

"Twins!" Alexis shouted.

"Say what?" Zoey asked from the back of the large room. She and Louis, along with Francis, Isabella, Pandia, Selene, and Nick were there for moral support. Not that any of them could see what was going on. A privacy sheet was hung up to preserve the modesty of the event. Although close to his comrades, Bill didn't think it appropriate for them to be in the room at all, but Eris wanted them there for moral support, just like she wanted her husband by her side. All of the immediate "family" were standing a healthy distance away in the large room, hearing the miracle of life more so than seeing it.

"What?" Bill shouted.

"Remove your sonic protection!" Dr. Allan shouted.

Everyone in the room, save Eris, removed a set of large, yellow, construction worker style ear muffs. There was no doubt that the delivery would be typically painful, but Eris' birthing screams were a bit more than just loud. Without ear protection, no one would've been able to be in the room with her.

"Twins?" Bill gasped, tossing the ear protection aside as he peeked around the privacy sheet to address the others.

"A boy and a girl," Alexis said, wrapping the crying newborns in two receiving blankets. She and another nurse quickly took them behind another sheeted off area to weigh them and get vitals.

"Double trouble, old man." Nick said, slipping his arms around the RSI on either side of him.

"It'll be worth it," Pandia and Selene giggled, kissing their shared boyfriend on his cheeks as he drew them in close. They snaked their hands over his back, their fingers entwining as they rubbed him.

"Yeah till they're old enough to raise hell like their older sisters... ack!" Nick yelped as two pairs of fingers pinched his ass. "Uh... not that it's a bad thing."

Selene resumed playfully rubbing his back, content with that answer. Pandia, however, was now completely fixated on the sheet that only hid the sight behind it from the ordinary humans in the room. The white witch could clearly make out the two tiny glowing auras on the other side, her eyes alight with excitement.

"Lemme see my new siblings!" Pandia squealed like a child and practically charged forth, but Nick held her back.

"Hang on Panny." He said, turning her around by one shoulder. "This isn't the best-"

"But I wanna see my little brother and sister," Pandia whined, her pleading red eyes looking just adorable.

"Nicky's right, we can see them later," Selene said, gently placing a hand on her sister's other shoulder. "They aren't going anywhere, so let's give Matron and papa Bill some private time with their new children."

The white witch pouted but said nothing else, staring longingly in the direction of the new life in the room.

"Good idea," Zoey chimed in. "C'mon Louis lets give them some time."

The group of friends quietly filed out of the room. As the door softly clicked shut, Eris let out one more gasp and fell back onto the bed. Her platinum hair looked frizzy and haphazard. A line of sweat was over her gray forehead, her pretty gray lips parted to allow her exhausted breath to come out in gasps. The gray goddess' tired amber eyes focused on nothing, but the ceiling. Giving birth had been the most taxing ordeal she'd ever been through.

But when she was presented with a pair of little crying cherubs wrapped in blue and pink receiving blankets, her eyes lit up like two fireflies.

"It's my honor," Dr. Allan said as he handed the newborns over to the exhausted, but no less joyful, gray goddess.



A pair of black heels click-clacked on the off-white linoleum floor, the wearer taking a calm gait towards the large open waiting area that was anything but "hospital quiet." Alexis was hardly noticed by anyone as she stopped by the edge of the waiting area, all of its occupants engaged in conversation.

Louis and Zoey stood together in the middle of the open room, very anxious to see their comrade's children. Two three-seat couches stretched along the longer wall, with Pandia, Nick, and Selene sitting in one, and Francis and Isabella standing in front of the other as though guarding their option to sit down if they felt like it. The two witches were chattering excitedly about all the things they were going to do with their new "siblings" when they were old enough. The con man sat quietly in the middle, leaning back so he wasn't blocking the sister's from seeing each other. Why they didn't just sit next to each other, instead of flanking him all the time, was a mystery to the former law breaker. But even as the two RSI witches went on and on as though he wasn't there, both their hands squeezed his legs lovingly, reminding him why he was always in the middle. Francis stood, idly thumbing his vest, with Isabella standing closely behind him. Ellis and Jade sat in a small loveseat against the shorter wall. The two young lovers had stayed well away during the birth, both of them concerned about the impact Eris' screams would have on the huntress. None the less, they were both eager to see the very first "cross breed" children.

Alexis cleared her throat, and the room fell silent.

"Louis. Zoey." She said, addressing the young couple. "As god parents, you two get to go first."

"Thanks Alexis... woah!" Louis was yanked right past the R.N. and down the hall, Zoey holding his hand and nearly breaking into a run to see her god kids. "Slow down Zoey, they're not gonna float away!"

"You don't know that," Zoey said with a grin as she pulled him down the long hall.

Alexis chuckled as she watched them hurry away, then took her place next to her big boy and her RSI daughter.

"I can't wait to see them!" Pandia said, practically rocking in her seat before turning to Dr. Allan's assistant. "Alexis what are they like? Are they cute?"

The R.N. simply laughed. "They look like newborn babies, and they're adorable."

"Oh come on," Selene chimed in, her comparatively casual demeanor finally falling apart with anticipation. "You know what she meant. Who do they look like?"

"Not telling," Alexis said smugly. "You'll just have to wait and see them for yourself."

The monochromatic witches pouted and settled for snuggling onto their mutual boyfriend, who tried to maintain the role of being aloof and disinterested, but was failing horribly at it more and more lately.

"I'm sorry we couldn't be there," Jade said shyly to her boyfriend in a whispered tone.

"Shoot. Coach n Rochelle din show up neither." Ellis whispered back, rubbing her hand.

"I know but..." Jade trailed off, her face blushing red. The memory of how she'd lost herself to her more primal instincts never ceased to embarrass her. She reached to pull a hoodie over her head to hide her shame, but there was none. The huntress hadn't worn those types of pullovers for months at the request of her boyfriend. As he'd put it, she was "purtier than a sunset on a summer day" and he didn't like when she was shrouded.

"It's okay hon, ah know you're concerned 'bout what would happen if ya heard Eris scream like ya did the day of th' wedding." Ellis threw his arm around the blushing green-eyed woman and pulled her close. "Lookin' back on that night though, it wuddn't a bad thing."

"Ellis!" Jade stared at him in mock anger, but the country boy only smiled knowingly. Jade was still red as a beet, but couldn't help smiling back. Embarrassed as she'd been, she'd never trade that night for anything...



The cold concrete rooftop smashed Ellis in the back, Jade's sudden pounce driving him down with such force that the wind was knocked out of him. The country boy couldn't scream, couldn't fight back, only watch in horror. His glowing-green eyed girlfriend was consumed by her hunter instinct. She began clawing and tearing at his clothes, ripping away shreds and tossing them aside the way a dog would kick dirt when burying a bone. Cold air brushed over his exposed chest, and then a sharp pain lit up around his groin from his pants being forcibly ripped away. He felt a shiver pass right down to his bones, but not from the chilly night air.

The huntress threw herself into him, grabbing his arms and pinning them by his head as she went nose to nose. Her glowing green eyes pierced his soul, almost as unnerving as her gleaming canines that looked sharp enough to tear body armor.

Ellis' life flashed before his eyes. He'd survived mobs of boomer-driven zombies, tiger-like hunters with their lethal pounce, the noose tongue of smokers, acid pools from spitters, and the death punch of an enraged tank. Even Keith would call him luckier than a cat sauntering through a Chinese restaurant during the dinner rush.

And now this is how it would end, torn to pieces by his new girlfriend's claws.

Jade's mouth opened, fangs gleaming. Ellis clenched his eyes shut, remembering how painful that first tear into flesh was and would be...

But then she kissed him, rather forcefully, but not entirely unpleasantly. The young mechanic's went from fear to outright confusion, stated by a muffled grunt on his part. The huntress ground her hips into his bared groin, pushing all of herself onto him with such force. It felt like she was trying to suck his tongue right out of his mouth, she was kissing him so hard.

Their lips parted suddenly, a string of saliva stretching and snapping as the huntress sat up. The survivor sucked air to try and put out the fire in his lungs; he hadn't even thought to breathe. The huntress kept her powerful legs clamped around him and practically ripped her hoodie as she tore it over her head. Her t-shirt met a worse fate, being completely ripped apart at the collar. There was no bra to hide her charms, which defied gravity all on their own. Two generous hand-fulls, each capped with a perky pink bud practically taunting his lips. Ellis caught himself gawking, until a growl broke him from his trance. Jade's eyes, the color of her name, were ravenous, unyielding, and locked on the survivor beneath her. She growled again as if in warning for him to stay still. She slowly stood up, straddling him, then tore at her own jeans, the button flying off at the waist and the zipper flying down. She grunted and screeched, the tough material not ripping away as easily as her hoodie and t-shirt.

Ellis' knew his accent and country roots led folks to judging him as simple-minded. However, he was anything but the southern stereotype. He was a survivor, and a true survivor had more than just lightning reflexes, razor sharp aim, and tireless stamina. A true survivor was also fast thinker, on or off his feet. Thus, it didn't take but a second on his part to realize Jade wasn't interested in killing him. What was mistaken for feral rage was actually uncontrolled, animalistic lust. He wasn't sure exactly what had come over her; not a moment ago she was relaxed but shy, barely sitting right next to him while they talked about their lives. It probably had something to do with that scream he'd heard earlier.

Still, Jade was more worked up than a kitty in a catnip bush. Ellis needed to calm her down, and there was only one way he knew how.

The country boy sat up quickly, grabbing the huntress' jeans by her waist and yanking them down. She snarled as though angry, but the look in her eyes told him otherwise. As he pulled the pants around her ankles, she tried to tear away her panties but tripped on her jeans. With a dog like "yelp" she fell right on her rump. She was about to spring up, but in a kind of deja vu, a muscular mechanic was already on top of her.

"Second time tonight I've pounced a hunter," Ellis said with a smile as he kicked away the jeans around his captive's ankles. Jade growled but didn't struggle, her own mind very conflicted between her sudden inflamed lusts and her adoration of this naked man. He smashed his lips into hers, forcing his tongue between them. The huntress clumsily returned the kiss, squirming as something rather hot and rigid poked the front of her panties. They broke apart again, another trail of saliva, only this time it was the green-eyed RSI who was panting.

Ellis pawed Jade's breasts, leaning in low to nip her neck while she squirmed beneath him. Her hot breath came in puffs over his ear, her claws dragging not too forcefully over her lover's back and up his shoulders as he kissed down her body. His mouth took a breast, tenderly suckling as his hands carried out their own plans further south. The huntress mewled in pleasure, sounding vaguely like a cross between a wolf and a tiger, as her lover continued working his talented lips down her body. Upon reaching her panties, Ellis couldn't help but chuckle at the flimsy cotton undergarment, covered in pictures of cute little puppies. He breathed deeply, his lover's scent of arousal making his vision blur. He ran his tongue up the moist groove in the center of the cotton barrier, and with that first taste both of them groaned lustily. He did this a few times, his nose bumping the covered love button atop her slit, every lick making his huntress squirm and whine. Ellis slowly drew the soaked cotton barrier down Jade's gorgeous thighs, letting the wind take it from his fingers when it cleared her ankles. Revealed to the night air and his ravenous eyes was the entrance to her most desired place. Adorned with a thin coat of light brown hair, the vertical slit into paradise was pink, tight, and drooling. White nectar seeped from the tight crack, one large "teardrop" beckoning to him.

Ellis growled like a true hunter and dove face first between his lover's legs, forcing his tongue into that tight entrance to suck more of the white nectar from within.

Jade arched her back and howled as the warm fleshy thing licked her intimate spot, her claws running through the mane of hair that was wriggling between her legs. Even through her panties, Ellis' tongue was magic. But once he bared the entrance to her core and licked, it was too much for her to contain. She was trying to resist at first. Not him, but herself. She was fighting her instincts, her humanity beginning to wrestle control away from her primal side, though she was far from completely recovering her senses. If she had, she'd have been mortified of her lustful behavior and for scaring her lover. She would've taken off like a bat out of hell and probably gone to the other side of the earth. She'd almost found her voice. Almost regained control of herself. Somewhere in the recesses of her mind, her "tamed" humanity was trying to reason with her, but when Ellis licked her, the voice of reason was but a candle flame compared to the supernova that her lust exploded into. She wanted him! Now!

Even from flat on her back, she was up in an instant, the cold on her crotch longing for her lover's warmth. Ellis sprung to his knees but was too slow this time. Jade lunged, falling clumsily onto him, grinding and rubbing against his crotch as she nibbled his neck. Ellis bit at her ear and flipped both of them over, ready to give her what she wanted, but Jade's instinct demanded she be on top. The lovers flipped each other over and over, Ellis practically laughing as he tousled with his needy huntress. Their lips met again, hot breaths snorting from each others noses while their lips held their faces together.

However neither of them were aware that they were rolling a little less than parallel to the edge of the roof, each tumble of grunts and kisses bringing their heads closer to the edge. And when Ellis suddenly felt his shoulders catch only air and his head fall back to see the sky upside down, did he suddenly realize this. Jade panted and pressed her wet mound against the underside of the Ellis' manhood, the huntress' slitted entrance slathering sexual drool all over the mechanic's tool.

"Wait! Jade we's about ta.." Ellis started, but Jade didn't seem to care. Another rock of the hips and Ellis was swallowed into the tight recesses of the woman atop him. Jade screeched excitedly and slammed her ass down, her claws smashing into the concrete edge of the rooftop, sending chunks of rock falling twenty stories to the streets below.

"Ahh fuck!" Ellis roared as his lover took him. Even with death only a foot away, it felt like he was on the edge of heaven. Jade began to ride him like a prize bull, impaling herself over and over.

Ellis had a death grip on the huntress' hips; every time Jade slammed herself down she was pushing with her legs and nudging them ever closer to the edge. The young mechanic arched his back, simultaneously meeting his eager lover's tempo while trying to move them both away from a premature end to their coupling. The lust-crazed huntress cried out at her captor probing even deeper within. She lost herself to this act, pushing down harder still. The two lovers established a rocking motion, Jade's riding pushing Ellis shoulders to the edge of the roof, and his own counter-thrust moving them back away. Their pace had sped considerably in a short amount of time. Jade was riding him so fast her bouncing breasts were a blur. A bead of sweat ran down her perfectly smooth, toned stomach, ending at the patch of matted hair that framed where her legs met. The country boy felt a familiar tightness in his balls at the sight of it. He swore he could see his hardness pushing her flat tummy out with every thrust. The thought of being so deep inside her; the fact that he brought out her inner beast was intense. He needed to fill her tummy, make it practically swell with all the cum her pussy was trying to milk from him. He'd be damn fool not to.

Ellis roared and arched his back once more, this time holding his lover half off the roof as he ejected his load into her. Jade screeched and craned her head to the sky, squirting her own passion all over her love's hips. She convulsed, pushing down on him to ensure every bit of his release made it inside her.

They slowly came down from their orgasm and the pull of gravity, the huntress falling completely onto the survivor. Ellis felt the cold grit of the roof on his back, but it was nothing compared to the warmth of his green-eyed lover, who was purring in his ear as though asleep.

The young mechanic stroked his lover's hair, finding himself at a loss for words for the second time.



"It wuz th' only time ah remember bein' quiet... well, afterwards." Ellis whispered to the blushing beauty, both of them huddling together like they guarded the greatest secret in the world. Jade only nuzzled his cheek and hugged him tight, as though trying to hide her face from the room, though no one paid the cuddly couple any mind.

"Ellis. Jade. You guys are next." Zoey said with a satisfied smile. Like the cat who'd eaten the canary.

"Thanks Zoey. C'mon lets see the lil ones." Ellis and Jade sprung up and hurried down the hall.

"Whaaaat?" Pandia whined. "But I thought family would get to go next!"

Louis only shrugged. "They asked to see Ellis and Jade next. No idea why."

"Probably just saving the best for last," Nick said, pecking the white witch on the cheek.

Pandia giggled. "You're just saying that to take my mind away from my little siblings."

"It worked, didn't it? Ow!" Nick flinched when Pandia pinched his side.

Trying to change the general subject, Isabella spoke up. "Good thing there were enough of those 'earmuffs' to go around," she said while running a brush over her raven black hair to remove any tangles. She slid her arms around her love, embracing him and resting the top of her chin on his shaven head.

"No kiddin'," Francis mumbled, thinking about how much Eris' screams made his head spin even while wearing the ugly yellow earmuffs. He wished he hadn't looked either. Not that he could see anything in detail, but the silouhette behind the sheet looked horrific enough. And he swore he felt a drop of something hit his cheek. "Shoulda had eye protection too."

"Oh come off it. There was a sheet up, so it's not like you could see any of what was going on." Alexis teased. Both of them had seen more than their fair share of blood and gore, between herself working in a hospital and her boyfriend blasting literally hundreds of zombies to chunky kibbles. The R.N. honestly thought her man would be able to handle simply "hearing" childbirth like it was nothing.

"Besides," Isabella chimed in, "Are you saying you're not going to be by madre's side when it's her time?"

"He better if he knows what's good for him." Alexis said flatly.

"Will you be?" Francis asked the exotic RSI.

"A ridiculous question, 'padre'." The former smoker said with a smile, bending over to peck him on the lips. "You know we're inseparable," she continued, sliding her hands around her adoptive parents. "All of us."

Francis chuckled at that, remembering just how inseparable the three of them had become the night of the wedding.



Francis was taken off his feet with Isabella's body charge, the two of them spilling half onto the couch and the surprised R.N., all three of them crashing to the floor.

"Shit!" Francis swore and tried to push the raging smoker off his naked form, but it was no use. Isabella's tongue had withdrawn from the R.N., and in the next instant she forcefully grabbed the back of Francis' head and smashed their lips together, kissing the biker with a raging passion that was bubbling over.

Francis gasped and sucked air when Isabella released him, his mind still trying to decide if he should try to subdue Isabella or... or what? She wasn't hostile. A little rough, yes. But then he kinda liked it. Hell, what would Alexis think of all this? She got off of him, then focused on the stunned R.N.

"Izzy! What's gotten into...mmmph!" Alexis mouth was suddenly sealed by the smoker's lips in a passionate kiss. Alexis pounded a fist against Isabella's arm in protest, but it was clear it did nothing to deter the horny RSI, who was now completely on top of her sponsor. The R.N. moaned into the kiss, her "daughter's" eager hands pawing and mashing her bared breasts. Alexis ran her hands over Izzy's rump, pinching the round derierre and making the smoker jump in her embrace. Isabella's hands left Alexis' chest for a second and she moved into a kneeling position, fumbling with her catering pants to unbutton them. Alexis grunted and broke the kiss, yanking the pants to her ankles. She stood up in a startle at the sound of tearing cloth; Izzy had ripped her shirt off and threw it to the floor. As the smoker yanked her bra off she stood up bare, not the least bit shy.

This time Alexis crashed into Isabella, resuming their kiss with even more lust than her partner, grinding their chests together. She nearly lost herself in the moment, but then she remembered...

"Uh.. damn." Francis said, finally regaining his own footing and staring at the two women, who looked as though they'd been caught on camera. The two froze and stared, Izzy's tongue having withdrawn and idly toying with the ebony goddess' slender neck.

"Izzy!" Alexis gasped as she pushed away, remembering herself. She stared between her two lovers, waiting for something to be said. The panting former smoker seemed just as indecisive, switching between her naked "madre" and the man she loved who was just as bare.

"Francis. God I'm so sorry!" The R.N. cried, fearing she may have just thrown everything away she'd rebuilt with her man, over a moment of passion with her ex lover.

"I... uh..." Francis started, also having a tough time deciding who to stare at. His ebony lover was so curvy, but Izzy's lithe body was just as alluring. His lower appendage pointed out like a diving rod. Alexis visage shifted from worried, to confused, then to her coy, cheeky grin.

"You pervert," she said slyly. Francis opened his mouth to defend his understandable lechery, but Alexis silenced him by grabbing his thick arousal, then beckoned Isabella to join them. The RSI stared at her sponsor with needy eyes, asking silent permission.

"Go on, touch it," the R.N. whispered as she took her "daughter's hand and placed it where hers once was.

Isabella cooed and squeezed the hot, rigid member with fascination, while Francis only groaned. Taking that as her cue, the former smoker dropped to her knees and coiled her python-like tongue around the thick appendage as she drew it into her mouth. Alexis followed suit, kneeling beside her to get an up-close view of the action. A guttural groan seemed to resonate between all three of them, Isabella getting wet at tasting her madre's juices mixed with the biker's skin, Francis giving into what he knew would be the best blow job of his life, and Alexis touching herself at the erotic sight of two people she loved engaged in such a carnal act.

"Doesn't her tongue feel good baby?" Alexis purred,looking up at her lover while she gently petted Izzy's head, encouraging her.

Francis could only answer with a groan as his cock was completely enveloped. The smoker's tongue would coil around him and squeeze, then unwind before winding around again and squeezing. It was unlike anything he'd ever felt before. His rough hands slid over Izzy's cheeks and to the sides of her head, suddenly slamming her onto him. Izzy gulped and gagged but met the challenge head on, her brown eyes looking up pleadingly. She moaned, her mouth full of what she'd wanted for so long.

"Fuck her face Francis," Alexis gasped, working her dripping sex over now with both hands. The RSI and survivor bucked their head and groin together in a primal, savage manner, which only turned Alexis on more. Several times Izzy gagged and a burst of drool erupted from her stuffed lips. The slimy residue hung from her chin in ropes, which dribbled down to her breasts. Her lover's balls, which at first were slapping her chin, had now tightened up in preparation.

Francis roared and shoved Izzy's head into his crotch as he came. "Mother" and "daughter" groaned together when the biker's entire body shook with orgasm. The first shot went right down the smoker's throat, which in turn caused her to gasp and pull off, the second and third shots splattering on her chest.

Isabella fell onto her rump in a kneeling position, gasping for breath while her serpentine tongue, which seemed to have a mind of its own, licked her breasts clean of her lover's hot, sticky cum.

"Geezus," Francis huffed, putting a palm to his face. God damn but he'd never come so hard from getting head. Isabella's tongue was tighter than any pussy he'd ever stretched out before. Once the spots cleared from his vision, he looked down to find Alexis and Isabella kissing, the two women sharing his load.

Even though he felt like he'd fed Izzy a quart of cum, he was still hard as a rock.

"Want more, stud?" Alexis gasped, breaking the kiss with her RSI.

"Mooorree," Izzy moaned and fell on her back, legs spread like a needy, shameless whore. But unlike a harlot, her vertical smile was perfect and tight. One would guess her to have never been touched before.

"Don't forget me, big boy," Alexis added, turning around on all fours and wiggling her rump before she crawled on top of her "hija."

Francis took in the scene before him, trying to burn it into his mind in case this never happened again. Before him were two of the most beautiful women he'd ever seen, but it was their position that made it so unique. Alexis was still on all fours over Isabella, but she'd managed to slip her cocoa calves under Izzy's olive skinned thighs. This gave the tattooed survivor two entrances to heaven, both of them so close together they almost looked as though they were one.

Which left him with a rather frustrating, but no less enjoyable, choice to make.

Izzy and Alexis were both squirming and writhing together in anxious anticipation as their man drew closer, both kissing like the lovers they were. Their fingers were interlocked, Alexis holding Isabella's arms out to the sides as though pinning her down. She cooed at the feeling of Francis' hands squeezing her cheeks, and she could swear she felt his knob brush between them.

But when she felt Izzy's breath hitch, she broke the kiss and saw her hija whimper.

"Mierde... es tan grande." The stunned Latina panted, her eyes watering a little.

"I know sweetie, but you'll get used to it," Alexis said, backing her rump up so Francis hips would smack her ass he slammed into Izzy. Alexis resumed kissing her daughter, rocking with her undulating body. It was like Francis was taking them both at the same time.

"Do you like this?" Alexis purred in Izzy's ear. "Tell me."

"That's my line," Francis grunted between thrusts.

"I love it," Isabella gasped, hooking her long, slender legs around Francis' calves. "The two people... I love... at the same time."

"My little hijaaaaahh!"

Alexis was about to say something about her daughter being as "spoiled" as her mother, but Francis had decided just then to change places, his length filling the sexy R.N. to the hilt as he bottomed out in her. Her comment turned to a cry of surprise but was silence just as quickly by Izzy's hungry mouth.

"Fuck you're so tight," Francis groaned, burying his vanilla stick into the perfect upside-down chocolate heart before him. It wasn't that either woman was tighter than the other, but more like they both had their own unique feeling as they coiled around him. It was like comparing apples and oranges, but oh so much the sweeter.

Francis was good to share between the two women, fucking one for a while before quickly pounding the other. Despite the turn-taking, only one of them would get the brunt of his orgasm. He hated choices like this.

And he would have to make it fast.

"I'm not... gonna last much longer." He grunted, thrusting faster.

"Complazcan el papá," Izzy moaned as her turn resumed. She was so close to cumming, but every time Francis gave fair due to Alexis, her pending orgasm would subside. It was maddening. "La elasticidad él to mí."

"C'mon stud," Alexis groaned, rubbing her swollen clit with a free hand as she kept her own fire burning. "My pussy's on fire and only your thick ball cream can put it out. Come in me!"

"No! Come in me!" Isabella groaned.

"Not a chance," Alexis said confidently. "Francis knows which pussy is best." She looked over her shoulder with a coy yet expectant stare.

"I... hate... decisions." Francis huffed as he pulled out of the RSI's tight hole.

Izzy whined and Alexis grinned as the biker made his choice.

"So I'm doing this my way," Francis grunted, slipping his slickened cock between the two vertical smiles that were pressed together, one on top of the other. Both women gasped in surprise but didn't object as the object of their desire rubbed both their clits at the same time, fucking between their bodies.

Alexis crashed her lips into the woman beneath her, a rough yet not unpleasant means of sharing their arousal. The R.N.'s head was swimming; the new stimulation an immense turn on. Between the friction of her lover's rod rubbing her engorged clit and the sensation of her other lover's heart racing against hers, she was going to come very soon.

Isabella returned her "madre's" kiss, her serpentine tongue actually pistoning like a cock as they kissed. It was all too much. She never thought she could feel such intensity from the two people she adored at the exact same time, but she was. She only wished it would last longer, but she was already about to climax.

"Oh fuck," Francis groaned, picking up the pace. This was it. He was going to give them both what they wanted, at the same time!

"Give it to us," Alexis gasped, breaking her kiss for just a moment.

"Si papi!" Izzy chimed in.

Francis roared and slammed into the two of them so hard he felt his hip bones vibrate, and then everything he had erupted between them.

The two women cried as their orgasms arrived together, each bringing her arms around the other in a tight hug. And in the next instant, the feeling of hot, sticky cum blasted them both between their tummies, further lubricating their gyrations.

The three lovers fell apart, the two women rolling to the sides to allow their man to lay in the middle. The RSI hugged her survivor's muscular form from behind, purring and nuzzling his neck. Francis lay on his side, idly kissing her coca-skinned lover, who placed her arm around him, her hand and her "daughter's" hand finding each other and folding together as they both held him.

"Mmmm... Francis," Alexis purred in his ear. But he was already falling into blissful slumber. "Francis... Francis..."



"Earth to Francis."

"Wha?" The tattooed survivor's head popped up like he'd fallen asleep in class.

"Space out much, big boy?" Alexis said teasingly.

The biker stared vacantly for a moment, then ran a hand over his face. "Yeah... I... just hate waiting is all."

"Well you don't have to anymore because it's our turn." Isabella said excitedly. Sure enough, Ellis and Jade were back, both of them looking like they'd just won a damn lottery.

"Groovy," Francis sighed. Nothing against Bill or Eris, but newborn kids weren't his thing.

"Grooooovy," Pandia and Selene said, mocking him. Zoey and Louis couldn't help but laugh at that.

"Mock me all ya want 'ladies'," Francis said to the black and white witch twins. "But I get to see your siblings before you do!"

But instead pouting or glaring, Selene rolled her eyes and Pandia laughed heartily, leaving the biker confused.

"You must've really been out of it honey," Alexis said, kissing his cheek. They've already been in to see Bill and Eris with their kids.

"Oh. Probably just saving the best for last eh?" Francis said with a grin.

"That's my line, greasy." Nick said with a smirk.

"Bite me Colonel Sanders," Francis mumbled as he was led off to see his God children.



Two tiny bundles of joy peered out of from their wrappings, their cries of apprehension silenced with curiosity when held by the loving arms of their mother. Both had a thin layer of platinum hair that barely covered their otherwise bald heads. Rosy, flesh colored cheeks filled out their round faces, each with a small button nose and lips pursed together in curiosity and comprehension. But all of this could be easily overlooked thanks to their eyes. The left child, wrapped in his blue blanket, had a gray right eye and an amber left eye. The right child in her pink swaddle had an amber right eye and a gray left eye. Held side by side, it was as almost as though they shared the twin amber eyes of their mother.

"They have your eyes," Bill said, gently presenting a finger to his son. The little baby gurgled and grabbed the war vet's finger with a tiny hand, but instead of five chubby digits, there were the faintest impressions of pointy, yet dull, claws. "And your hands."

"They have your eyyyyes too, darling," Eris sighed happily, gently stroking the cheek of her little girl, who tried in vain to suck at the trimmed claw of her mother as though she would get milk from it.

The twins remained silent, their mix-matched eyes taking in the world around them with astonishment, most especially the two people who looked back at them with an equal amount of astonishment and adoration. A pin could have dropped, but instead a whispered question broke the silence.

"Biill," Eris asked softly, staring at their babies. "What shall we name them?"

Before Bill could answer, the first visitors were already knocking on the door.



Two years later...

The glow of the setting sun lit up western facing sides of Rayford's buildings like a motionless fire. Atop one of the tallest of these buildings, was cast an elongated shadow of an angel, it's owner approaching the roof's edge. The wind whipped and blew against her, as though trying to push her back, but she did not falter.

It was time, she knew.

"Eris! Wait!" Shouted the voice of her husband from the center of the building. He'd thrown open the door and was running in a huff.

"Whhhyyyy?" Eris sang, turning to face him.

"I... are you sure you want to do this?" Bill asked, his aged gray eyes filled with doubt and worry.

"Yes my love."

The war vet sighed and shook his head. What he wouldn't give for a smoke right now. Ever since Eris had taken the chance to use her wings, she was hooked on the sensation of flying. The first time she was only aloft for a few minutes, landing to the ground rather clumsily, nearly breaking her ankle in the process. But the feeling of the wind in her hair and the sight of the town from so high was enthralling to the gray goddess, so she tried again and again. With practice, gliding from high places became as natural as walking, and on a few occasions the winged goddess was able to gain altitude by flapping her wings. Now, flying was a routine enjoyment she partook in almost every evening, about when the sun was setting. Several times she wanted to try carrying Bill with her, to fully experience this new sensation with the man closest to her heart, but the war vet was insistent about remaining earthbound, more because he felt he'd be too heavy for her than any fear of heights. Their very first argument was over her desire to take their children into the skies. Though no longer infants, the two toddlers were still far too young to be exposed to something so dangerous. Eventually, however, the stubborn war vet conceded to his love's desires after many nights watching her fly as effortlessly as a bird on the wind.

But he was still nervous as all hell.

"This old man would be lost without his family."

"You'll never lose us." Eris said reassuringly. She held up two giggling bundles of cloth, the kids so wrapped up you could barely tell there was a two-year-old inside each one. The war vet took them in his arms and gave each a kiss on the forehead.

"Daddy loves you," Bill said as he handed the apples of his eyes back to their mother. "You be good for mommy. Don't try squirming out of her arms."

Eris arched her eyes and smirked, leaning in close. "And where's my kiss, papa?"

Bill pulled his wife into a long embrace, kissing her with a fiery glow that rivaled the setting sun, but would never fade.

"Iiii loooooveee yooou Biillll," Eris sang, her wings fluttering.

"I love you Eris." Bill said.

The gray goddess turned to the edge of the roof, feet in a wide stance, her legs bending.

"Hold on my little ones," she said, flapping her wings once.

And with that, she leaped off the building, disappearing from sight.

The war vet was practically on his goddess' heels, peering down the thirty story plunge his wife had just taken. His heart was beating a mile a minute as she continued to dive.

She'd already fallen almost ten stories. Normally she would be airborne by now. It had to be the extra weight of their kids. He knew it would be too much. No! She was going to fall to her...

And then like a kite catching an updraft, he saw her enormous black wings open, turning her sudden descent into a full out glide.

The war vet let out a breath he forgot he was holding as his love gained altitude, flying across the sunset sky like a true angel, the faint sound of his children giggling carried on the wind. He noticed several soldiers stationed at guard towers around the outskirts of the town took a moment to watch the soaring siren. He couldn't blame them; his wife was truly a sight to behold, in the sky or on the ground.

It was incredible, but the old vet still felt a pang in his heart since he couldn't be right up there with her. He worried, since she didn't always stay within sight, either flying far too high up to see or well out of range of the base. Thank god she agreed that she would not venture outside the outskirts of the town with their children in her arms.

Bill smiled faintly as Eris swooped low, just over the treetops of Rayford park, toes rustling some of the leaves and annoying a few nesting birds. With another flap she regained altitude and sailed further into the town, away from the park and out of sight, the war vet's smile fading as she did from his view.

She would come back. She always did. But the war vet still missed her terribly. He remembered back when she wouldn't have dared tried using her wings to glide, let alone fly. It seemed like only yesterday.

Then again, a lot of things seemed like they were only yesterday. It was only yesterday that Louis and Zoey were trying to get pregnant, and that was still the case, but for the second time. Their first was a boy, born only a year after his own children. He chuckled at the memory of Louis' face: An exhausted expression turning into outright astonishment when his new wife said they would keep trying till they had a girl. The poor systems analyst looked wiped dealing with one child; two would probably kill him. He tried to talk some sense into his fiance, but Zoey wouldn't crack, tough nut that she was.

Francis and Alexis were pregnant for the first time, about three months along if he remembered correctly. Isabella was ecstatic to have a "little sister" especially since she wasn't sold on having children herself. That suited Francis; the idea of just settling down was hard enough for the lone wolf that he was, but the realization of becoming a father had finally broken the biker of his selfish attitude... somewhat.

Another evening breeze kissed the war vet's face, his brow furrowed in thought. The other four survivors had come a long way as well. Though he wasn't nearly as close to them as he was his three comrades, the eight of them shared a bond through different members of their groups. Coach had taken a liking to his dance partner from Bill's wedding, and the two of the were teaching cooking classes to those interested. The former con man Nick was decidedly happy in a polygamist relationship with Pandia and Selene. The white witch was trying to get pregnant, while her dark sister wanted nothing to do with kids. Nick didn't mind either way, which was surprising to everyone given his rather aloof attitude. He and Francis must've attended the same school of "I-don't-give-a-shit."

Then there was Ellis and Jade, the happy go-lucky mechanic and RSI huntress had stunned Dr. Allan and the medical staff when they announced several months ago that they were expecting. This opened up a whole new set of questions since it was believed that RSI procreation (with one exception) was all but impossible.

Rochelle had a fling with Sgt. Powers that lasted for a time, but both decided they weren't ready for anything serious, as their work had just begun. The former U.K. soldier remained in the states, he and Frank the Tank spearheading the campaign to reclaim entire towns. The petite bi-racial girl had fulfilled her dreams of becoming a news reporter. In fact, she was the first reporter to appear on television since the outbreak, once the local broadcast tower had been recaptured. She gave a compelling address about the progress being made in defeating the MR-1 virus, and the resulting unification of humanity, both "infected" and "non-infected" living together in peace, here in Rayford. Though it was yet unknown how many people they'd reached, it was a monumental speech about life in the new world. When more of the US had regained telecommunications, the president himself requested permission to use Rochelle's speech as the basis for his own address to the entire nation. A great honor indeed.

Yes. So many things were changing as fast as the setting sun, the orange fire in the sky having smoldered into a faint red and purple glow as dusk arrived. It scared him sometimes, they way it all happened so fast. Just like his age. He never thought his own "dusk" would be upon him so quickly.

The war vet felt a sudden gust of wind as a familiar angel landed next to him with a flap of her wings, the two bundles of joy in her arms still alight with excitement and adrenaline from their first flight. Bill's son gurgled and reached for him, the war vet taking him from his mother and holding him aloft. It was as though he couldn't get enough of the dizzying heights. Their daughter cooed and nuzzled the gray goddess' breast, content to stay in her mother's arms.

As they stood beneath the starlight sky, Bill looked into the eyes of his children: The colors of steel and fiery amber a visual juxtaposition of their mixed blood.

Yes. Dusk had arrived.

"I looove yooou Biiil," Eris sang again, kissing him tenderly and wrapping her wings around her entire family.

"I love you too Eris."

But the dawn of a new age had begun.



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