Lethal to Virtue


He pulled his long, wool trench coat tighter around his body. It was so damned windy today and it cut through his clothes. It was hard to believe that only last week he was sunning himself on the beach in Miami.

He smiled, remembering how much he enjoyed the afternoon and midnight delights while there.

Damn, why couldn't all my assignments be in warm, tropical places where the women wore next to nothing?

He needed to find some sweet thing to warm him up. So he headed to the Farm, the FBI Training Center, hoping to find what he was craving.

He used to love these hunting trips to the Farm. He would scan the cafeteria, selecting his prey. Hearing their thoughts, he would weed out the uninterested. It was always a blessing to hear the lust-filled thoughts of the women around him, especially if he needed a good fuck.

But today was different, due to the blistering cold. He hated winter and could feel that spring was tantalizingly near. Still, the ground was covered in a gray sludge that once was a snowy white. Now, the snow trapped all the pollution of the cars and humanity in its whiteness and turned to a dingy gray.

Shit, he mentally cursed, stepping into a pile of wet snow, with water seeping into his expensive leather shoes. Trying to shake the slush off his pant leg, he headed into the cafeteria where his nose was assaulted by the mixture of food, wetness and sweat.

His mind was overloaded by the buzzing of thoughts from those surrounding him. As he scanned the room, he saw his likely target, a classic brunette, tucked away in the corner. Sitting by herself, she was reading and nibbling on some celery.

He ambled slowly to a table close to where she sat, but it was just too loud in his head to hear her thoughts. So he closed his eyes, hoping that this would help him concentrate and get a glimpse inside her pretty little head.

A couple of minutes went by and nothing. His eyes flew open, looking to ensure that she hadn't left the table. He saw her still sitting there, as quiet as a mouse. He must be tired from his foray with that redheaded firecracker. She had kept his mind and cock up most of the night.

Miss Firecracker was pretty decent in his bed, against the wall, and most importantly on her knees, so he might break his rule and have a repeat performance from her. Her thoughts were begging for more of him as she left him this morning, so he had a feeling that she would be available for round number two.

It didn't hurt that her tongue was pierced, and boy did he love the way the bar pressed against the vein in his cock. He shook his head trying, to snap himself back to his current subject.

Concentrate Cullen, concentrate. Concerned that he was too far away, he stealthily moved closer, sitting directly behind her. He tried to see what book she was reading, but couldn't quite see the title the way she held it.

He closed his eyes and tried to pick up her thoughts. Still nothing. Just a radio silence came from the willowy girl with long wavy locks of brown.

Edward couldn't understand the silence that came from her mind. He possessed the extraordinary gift of reading minds since his earliest memory. But as a young child, this skill became a nightmare and shaped how he viewed the world around him. His childhood became quite traumatic as he processed all the thoughts running through his young psyche. He couldn't handle all the dark and evil sentiments coming from the minds of seemingly kind and intelligent people.

Were all people really this depraved? This unanswered question plagued Edward even to this day. The gift bestowed onto him was no longer a blessing – instead it became a curse, and something that he fought to control and conquer. When his parents discovered his gift, they didn't know what to do with him. They loved him, he knew, but their love was tinged with fear.

At first they thought he might be suffering from a mental illness, since it was commonplace in his mother's family. However, after many visits to top psychiatrists, his mind was determined to be brilliant. What other subject could read the minds of his analysts and know all the right and wrong answers? It was his first test at learning to protect himself from the world and those who might exploit him.

His parents sought out Dr. Peter Brown, a child psychiatrist at Yale, highly recommended from the doctors in his hometown of Chicago. Dr. Brown worked with brilliant children who had difficulties dealing with the world around them. Edward's parents told Dr. Brown about Edward's talents privately before he was introduced to the good doctor. After only a short round of questions and answers, Dr. Brown knew that he was dealing with a mind reader – a powerful and intelligent one.

What Edward's parents didn't know was that Dr. Brown was once employed by the FBI as a forensic psychiatrist. The doctor still had strong ties to his former colleagues and he knew that the young man in his office had talents that would serve his country well.

So after the unsuspecting family exited his office, Dr. Brown called his friend, Tyler Crowley, Assistant Director of the FBI. Tyler scurried around his office after speaking with Dr. Brown and chartered a flight out of Washington, D.C. to New Haven, Connecticut.

That one simple call would forever change Edward's life. He became a guinea pig of sorts to the highest levels of government. He was promised so much by so many, but all he really wanted was a normal, quiet mind. But where could one go to escape one's own thoughts?

As he approached the age of eighteen, the FBI begged him to begin training as a special undercover agent. After turning them down many times, he finally relented upon realizing he would be financially set for life. It would also bring him a sense of satisfaction when he helped bring justice to the evil bastards in the world. But today, his target was sitting right in front of him.

Edward continued to study her as she stretched her legs out onto the chair in front of her. He'd have to give her high marks for great legs that looked luscious in a short, tight mini-skirt. Not as tight as he had seen some woman wear, where you could you see the outline of what they had on underneath. Her snug skirt outlined her shape perfectly. He wished she was bending over the table, allowing him a better view of what was surely a lovely, tight ass.

She turned the page of her book and took a sip from her standard cafeteria coffee mug. He thought about her file and what he had read about her. She graduated from the University of Arizona with honors and her required senior thesis was impressive – the relationship between large corporations and human trafficking. She had spent a summer working with Ruen Rom Yen (Harbor House) in Thailand, an organization that helped rescue children from the festering sex trade in surrounding Bangkok. She had seen evil close up.

He remembered having an overwhelming desire to meet her face to face as he read her bio. She had intrigued him and that feeling grew both in his mind and cock after he saw her full body photo at the bottom of her file.

What I wouldn't trade for a little sex with her, he thought.

But in fairness, Edward, knew the shadows that layered the human mind. He was exposed to the blackest thoughts on many occasions, the hidden sins, and the torment of evil present in so many minds.

The girl shifted slightly in her seat and glanced around as if she felt someone watching her. She pulled her legs off the chair, putting the book down in front of her. She arched her back in a stretch that numbed Edward's brain and warmed his crotch, and he saw her glancing quickly at her watch. She seems startled by the lateness of the hour and knocked her mug over, spilling its contents across the table.

"Shit!" she cursed, rising quickly and looking for the nearest napkin dispenser, which was at the table just behind her and in front of him.

He glanced over towards her face and took in her body. Rich brown eyes, red lips and a skin color that was even and beautiful. She wasn't tall but not short either, and even with a bulky sweater, it was obvious that her waist was tiny. As his eyes roamed down her lovely body, he saw that her legs were covered in black tights. God how he wanted to slowly peel them from her legs.

However, he was brought back to the present as her arms frantically dabbed at the spreading liquid.

Surely he could hear her thoughts as she anxiously tossed napkins everywhere. He was desperate now as he concentrated on her mind. But still there was nothing. Her mind was closed to him. Never had that happened to him before. He was at once horrified and drawn to her.

Throwing the wet, coffee stained napkins on her tray, she struggled into her heavy jacket, picked up the tray, placed her book in her bag, and headed slowly to the conveyor belt that whisked the trays back to their fate. And with that she was gone.

He slowly uncurled himself from the hard, blue plastic chair, becoming aware again of the crowded, disjointed thoughts of the people around him.

Then he heard someone's mind imagining what his tight ass looked like under his trousers and guessing at the size of his package. Oh if they only knew, it would surely put a smile on their face, he mused.

He scanned the room, his eyes hungry for the admirer, finally settling on an attractive, honey brown haired girl. Her figure was worthy of a try. He smiled at her and rested his teeth slightly on his bottom lip.

Normal fraternizing rules didn't apply to him, and he was allowed to swim in the office pool. The higher ups ignored his vices, because they depended on his supernatural gift.

"Oh my god, he just smiled at me. Should I walk towards him? Wow, he is hot and he's headed over here. Please don't let me have any fruit seeds in my teeth. His feet are huge and if that is any indication..."

"Good morning," he said, in a smooth, velvety voice.

"Hi," was her first response.

Oh come on, she thought, was that all I could manage in front of this gorgeousness? He heard her think this and gave her that smirky, panty-dropping, trademark smile.

"I was wondering if you could help me out with something?" he asked, licking his lips at the end of the question.

Hell, I would do anything for you just to see that tongue again. She nodded yes and looked up him shyly through her lashes.

"Tell me where I can find Miss Isabella Swan."

Her countenance fell and a scowl almost made it to her face before she recovered.

"I think you just missed her." What the hell? she thought.

"Oh, that is a shame." He took a step closer to her, causing her breathing to increase.

"I would love to have a drink with you though." He smirked and stepped back, almost laughing as he listened to her lust-filled thoughts.

She was almost panting, envisioning what could happen after the drink they shared.

God! This was too easy. He took her hand into his and opened her moist palm, placing his business card there.

"Hey, give me a ring sometime. You will find that my shoe size is reflected elsewhere".

He turned and headed towards the exit door, stifling a laugh as he left the cafeteria. But that laugh was short-lived, as he walked outside and was met with silence. It reminded him of that girl. The one that he couldn't read.

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