Ch. 21


Adios Motherf*cker

1 oz gin
1 oz light rum
4/5 oz tequila
1 oz vodka
1 1/2 oz Blue Curacao liqueur
2 oz sweet and sour mix
1 oz Sprite® soda

Shake alcohol, then add sprite on top. Serve on the rocks.

Points to remember from previous chapters.

Edward followed Jasper and Agent Clearwater to the Forks' police station. Due to Edward's personal feelings for Bella, he was given a limit role in her rescue.

En route to the station, Edward called his mother, Esme. While speaking with her, he shed a few tears and confused his love for Bella.

Alice escaped from the Volturi's estate and ran for cover in the woods.


Looking in the rearview mirror, Edward inspected his face. It didn't betray the tears he'd shed while talking with Esme, but his eyes were another story. He rubbed away the wetness under them but their angry redness betrayed him.

Allergies, that's my excuse. He thought with the thick foliage around Forks he'd surely be believed. Fooling Jasper was another story though. Fuck, Jazz knows me better than I know myself. One look at me...

Edward pulled his car next to FBI agent Clearwater's, sedan. He watched as Jasper and Clearwater walked across the dusty gravel to the front of the station. Jasper turned and stopped to wait for Edward, signaling Clearwater to walk on ahead. Keeping his head down and avoiding direct eye contact, Edward approached Jasper.

"Hey, Cullen. You doing okay?" Jasper asked, concerned and genuinely worried for his friend. He noticed that Edward didn't have his normal confident swagger.

"I'm okay." Edward's answer was abrupt and spoken almost as a whisper.

"Something tells me that you're struggling. Look at me." Jasper demanded, but Edward kept his face to the ground not wanting to expose his emotions. "I. Said. Look at me."

Edward shook his head in refusal. "I said I'm fine. Can you please drop it?" His tone reflected his frustration at Jasper's continued demands.

Jasper gave Edward's shoulder a quick, startling shove and immediately Edward looked up at him in anger and confusion. "What the…?" After looking at Jasper's smile, Edward knew his friend had gotten the reaction he wanted. "Alright. Happy now?"

"You really are an asshole sometimes. So what if you're upset." Sighing, Jasper continued with his voice softer, less accusing. "You care a lot for Bella and that fact doesn't mean you're weak. It means you've moved beyond being completely absorbed with yourself."

"Maybe I was better off not caring." Edward began to feel a lump forming in his throat. He took a deep breath hoping to suppress it. "What I feel now, it's more than concern. It's a…um," Edward stopped mid-sentence unable to find the right words.

"Let me guess." Jasper moved to Edward's right side and placed his left hand on his friend's drooping shoulder as they started walking towards the station's entrance. "You're feeling desperate and helpless. Totally new territory for you, man."

Edward looked at Jasper's expression and was comforted to see understanding in his eyes. "Those words sum me up. I've never felt so helpless. I'm beginning to wonder if I ever felt anything before meeting Bella."

"You felt a lot of things, but they centered around your dick, not your heart. You're experiencing your first case of heartache." Jasper knew the knife was dug deep and cutting his friend to the quick.

As they walked through the station's front door, Jasper tried to get Edward focused on the task of rescuing Bella. "Let's get in there and work on finding her. James can't get too far, and besides he has no idea she's a Fed and what the FBI will employ to find her. My bet is he'll do something stupid and give himself away."

Once inside the station, the agents were assigned different tasks in the Code Purple. Edward was going to help with the aerial search, accompanying the Coast Guard's helicopter as it scoured the area.

As Edward drove the short distance to the Forks Airport, he spoke with the Coast Guard copter co- pilot dispatched from Port Angeles. Edward suggested they search the roads south of Forks on Interstate 5. The lodge's security cameras revealed that James pulled out of their parking lot heading south, and it made sense that he would travel in that direction even though the Canadian border was closer. He was a Southern California native and all his trafficking connections were located there.

Pacing outside the trailer serving as the little airport's office, Edward received a call from the co-pilot. "Cullen," he answered.

"Agent Cullen, we'll be putting her down in about two minutes," the co-pilot responded.

"I'm ready," Edward replied. Faintly, he heard the sound of the approaching copter in the distance. His hands began to sweat, as so much was riding on their every move. He decided to check in with Jasper one more time before leaving the area.

"Hey man. You still on the ground?" Jasper questioned.

"Not for long, just a minute or two. What's your status?"

"Heading to Volturi's now. Aro gave me permission to come through the gates. I think I woke him up, since it's so damn early. He didn't seem to have his senses together yet, probably a good thing," Jasper speculated.

"Call me afterward with an update. And please let me know the second you hear anything about Bella." Edward's desperation was apparent in his plea.

"First call, buddy," Jasper answered reassuringly.

"Thanks. The copter's landing. Talk to you later and be careful."

"Always am." Jasper smiled, knowing the Edward who left D.C. a few short days ago would be returning a different and better man. This fact made him more determined to do what he could to find the woman responsible for Edward's transformation.


Nothing, fucking nothing yet. How hard is it to find a black Chrysler 300? Edward mulled the possibilities over in his mind. Maybe James headed north after all. Or he'd stopped to change vehicles along the way, leaving them searching in vain. His palms started to perspire on that last thought. Bella's rescue seemed further away from him, elusive.

As the copter neared Portland, Jasper called Edward with news on the Volturi raid. Needless to say, surprise had worked in their favor. Even when Jasper pointed a gun at Aro and Natalia, the reality of their troubles didn't sink into their thick skulls. They weren't even aware that James had left earlier, let alone kidnapped an FBI agent.

Seattle's FBI bureau flew in its forensic team and had begun scouring the premises, gathering up paperwork and computers. After an exhaustive search of the grounds, an agent with the help of his canine unit, made an unsettling discovery. A young Asian woman was found huddled in the bushes. Cold and dirty from being in the woods, Jasper believed she was a victim of James' human trafficking from Thailand.

The last conversation he'd had with Jasper was nearly two hours ago. Wound tight with his nerves frayed, Edward held up the Coast Guard's surveillance binoculars and looked down at the winding highway. They were given carte blanche clearance to fly through the heart of Portland. All other low altitude aircraft flights were suspended by order of the Feds. Their copter was sailing alone in the sky, searching for an elusive suspect.

"Agent Cullen, we need to put her down and refuel. I'd say the estimated flight time left is twenty minutes." The pilot pointed to the low fuel gage in front of him.

"We're south of Portland now, so where are you planning on refueling?" Edward glanced between the pilot and co-pilot quickly before he returned to scan the traffic on Interstate 5 below them.

"Looks like the closest airfield with copter fuel is Aurora State Airport." The co-pilot radioed the airport, announcing their arrival and getting clearance for landing.

After landing, the pilot encouraged Edward to get out and stretch his legs, use the john, and see if he could scrounge up some coffee for them inside the small airport office. At least it was an actual building as opposed to the Forks' airport trailer.

While carefully carrying three cups of donated coffee back to the copter, Edward heard his cell phone ringing and recognized the ring tone immediately.

"Fuck, that's Jazz." He almost threw the cups to the ground so he could answer the call, but yelled at the pilot. "Hey, come get your coffee or watch it mix with the dirt on the ground."

"Got it." The pilot grabbed two of the cups from Edward's hands and watched as Edward pulled his cell phone out to return Jasper's call.

"Hey Jazz, what's up?"

"Edward, they've found her. She's safe and on her way to a hospital to get checked out. But it seems that she's fine, a little shook up, but fine." Jasper's voice was filled with enthusiasm.

"Where is she? Is she okay?" Edward raised his eyes to the sky in a silent prayer of thanks as he felt his whole body relax from the tension of the last three hours. It almost made him fall to his knees.

"Relax, Edward. According to the relayed message, she's unharmed. They found here in some little town called Aurora. It's right off Interstate 5. And…" Jasper was interrupted before he could finish.

"No fucking way, that's where we just put the copter down for refueling." Edward held the phone away from his ears, calling out to the pilot.

"Hold up on the take off plans. Agent Swan's been found here in Aurora." He yelled at the pilot, who was climbing through the copter's open door.

"No problem, Agent Cullen. Glad they found her. She's okay?" Smiling back at Edward, the pilot lowered himself back onto the ground.

Edward gave the pilot a thumbs up after tossing his styrofoam cup to the ground. Coffee was the furthest thing on his mind. He wanted details, specifics on Bella and the son-of-a-bitch that had kidnapped her.

"Fill me in, Jasper. What hospital did they take her to? Here in Aurora?" Edward paced beside the copter and ran his hand through his hair, trying desperately to channel his eagerness to get to Bella. He couldn't believe his luck but smiled knowing that he should call Esme after he finished with Jasper. There were some ladies back in Chicago that deserved a big thank you.

"She's been taken to a hospital on the west side of Interstate 5. Just a few miles from you. A place called Newberg. Hold on, I'm going to call the officer who rescued her. See if he can pick you up at the airport." Jasper searched over the paper in front of him and located the number for Deputy Call.

"Great, I'll hold." Edward couldn't wipe the silly grin off his face. He was pretty sure that the pilots were starting to suspect his interest with Agent Swan went beyond professional, but he didn't really give a fuck.

She was safe and sound, and his fingers itched to feel her again. He closed his eyes at the thought of touching her soft skin and running his fingers through her silky hair. A strange ache formed in his chest. It wasn't a pain, but more like a longing that needed filling. He knew the feeling would only cease after he had Bella in his arms.

"Cullen, you there?" Jasper interrupted his thoughts.

"Yep, I'm here." Edward quipped.

"Deputy Embry Call is on his way to the airport. He's the officer who rescued Bella and took James into custody. He'll give you all the specifics, okay?"

"Sounds great. And thanks Jasper." Edward paused. "For everything."

"Hey, you know I'll always be here for you, buddy. Now go see your girl. I have a feeling you've got a lot to tell her, perhaps a little confessing too."

Edward knew what Jasper was referring to and cringed at the thought. He had put off telling Bella about his mind reading abilities. Chances had come and gone, but basically he'd chickened out each time. His mouth just couldn't form the right words. And the longer he went without telling her the truth, the more he knew she would be upset with him.

What a fool. I should've told her right after we met and started our assignment. Her thoughts were safe from me, so it wouldn't have made a big difference. Now it's gonna be a rough conversation.

Turning toward the sound of an approaching car, Edward watched as an Aurora police cruiser parked at the airport's small office building. As the officer opened his door, Edward ran to meet him.

"Hey, I'm Agent Cullen." Edward, breathing heavily from his jog to the cruiser, pulled out his FBI badge and handed it to Embry.

"Deputy Call. Embry Call. Glad to meet you, Agent Cullen. I think there's a beautiful lady waiting to see you." Embry's smile and words caught Edward by surprise. "Hop in."

Both of them climbed into the cruiser and buckled up. Edward liked Embry immediately. As he read Embry's thoughts it was clear to him that he was a good man, intuitive too. Somehow he'd figured out from Bella that she and Edward had developed a personal relationship.

"So, you know that Bella and I were working on assignment in Forks, Washington."

"I knew it was in Washington, but the Feds swarming the hospital haven't told me much. Other than James was a human trafficker that you were investigating." Embry took his eyes off the road and glanced Edward's way. "I'm assuming he had plans for Agent Swan."

"Bella, uh, I mean, Agent Swan was mostly likely his next victim." Edward cringed as he read Embry's thoughts of Bella bound and lying on the ground. "Tell me what happened. How did you find her? I really owe you. More than I can possibly say."

"Woke up and went to the station just like every morning around here. But the bulletin came in about Bella's abduction." Embry quickly turned his face and smiled at Edward. "We can drop the 'Agent' business. She told me about you two in a roundabout way."

"Really?" Edward's heart warmed on hearing Embry's words.

"Yes, as we waited for the ambulances to approach, I asked her how she was doing and if he'd hurt her in any way?" Embry paused, remembering Bella's eyes tearing up as they looked up at him. "'I'm fine,' she told me, 'but I'll be better when Edward gets here.'"

Edward saw Bella through Embry's thoughts. She was as white as a ghost with tears flowing down her pale cheeks. His heart shattered and he closed his eyes as they filled with tears of his own.

"Yeah. I thought so." Embry quietly laughed after seeing Edward's state. "You've got it bad too."

Edward wiped his eyes, embarrassed that he let another law enforcement agent see him in such a state. Damn I've gotta pull my shit together now.

"Allergies," Edward implied. "So give me the rundown of what happened."

Finally, Embry told him the story behind Bella's rescue. Explaining how he first saw the car as he drove past the dirt road close to the airport. Embry hesitated before he described the scenario between Bella and James. He wondered how Edward would take the fact that James was shot before he could sexually assault her. Finding James as he pulled down his pants with Bella kneeling in front of him made James' next move pretty apparent. He was seconds away from forcing Bella to perform oral sex.

But Edward didn't need to wait for Embry's words. His blood boiled as he read Embry's thoughts. It was all he could do to keep from blurting out that he'd wished Embry had blown the fucker's brains out. Doing so could've exposed his mind reading skills, so he painfully bit his lip and cursed under his breath.

"As I quietly approached the empty sedan, I overheard James speaking to Bella in the bushes nearby. It was pretty easy to see what he had planned for her." Embry stopped and looked to Edward, surprised that he appeared to be already seething in anger. "But she wasn't going to let him have his way without a fight. As he was pulling down his pants, she pushed him with her head. Her hands and feet were bound, but that didn't stop her."

"That mother fucker." Edward paused to reign in his emotions. "Like I said, I owe you…everything for what you did today."

"I'm glad I was there. It was a matter of luck, I guess." Embry wondered if a little divine intervention was involved too. "The fucker was pissed after she pulled that move on him. He looked like he was out for blood. I was in back of James, trying to stay out of his line of sight, but I knew that I had to act before he picked up his knife. He'd thrown it down on the ground."

"So you shot his ass," Edward stated.

"Now he can face what's ahead of him. And believe me, his ass will be feeling more pain in prison." Embry chuckled.

"I hope you're right. He deserves nothing but the worst." Edward joined with Embry's laughter.

The two men were quiet the rest of the way to the hospital. Embry's mind was busy and Edward had no shame as he read every single one of his thoughts. By the time they arrived at Providence Medical Center, Edward knew the ins and outs of Bella's rescue that Embry had left out of their conversation. He also learned Embry found her very attractive, but decided to give Embry a break. After all, he had rescued her.

After driving through the hospital's roadside entrance, Embry scanned the usually sparse lot. It was filled with police cars and unmarked FBI sedans. He eased the cruiser into an open parking space as his eye caught Edward anxiously reaching for the door. He smiled knowing that this man was more than slightly attracted to the beautiful agent inside.

"In a hurry?" Embry teased with a smirk.

"What gives you that idea?" Edward said, smiling.

"Wait a minute and I'll take you to her room. Otherwise you'll have to make your way through a maze of agents."

"Sounds great. I can avoid the standard introduction shit. Did she seem okay when you left to come get me?" Edward inquired.

"She was okay, but I think she'll be glad to see you. The doctors will probably release her soon, especially since you're here."

The two men walked through the revolving glass doors of the medical center and came face to face with what looked like nothing short of a military take over.

"Jeez, I think they called in every agent on the northwestern seaboard," Embry kidded.

Edward laughed too, noting the obvious overkill of Feds lurking throughout the corridors. "Hey, we don't mess around when a Fed's abducted. It's a total call to arms."

"I guess not. Follow me. Her room's down this hall." Embry gestured to the left with his arm.

Embry escorted Edward past the receptionist and stopped at a busy nurses' station. Edward noticed armed guards standing at attention outside a room down the hall from them. Instinctively, he knew who was behind the door without having to ask. They were guarding James. It took all his strength to keep from running toward his room and beating the shit out of him.

"Hey Ann, this is Agent Cullen." Embry stopped to introduce Edward to a nurse behind the station's counter. "He was on assignment with Agent Swan in Washington. I'm going to take him to her room, okay?"

"I'd give her a few minutes. I was just in her room and she was in the shower." Ann smiled up at Edward. She had never seen such a striking man. His copper hair and green eyes were such a unique combination. She glanced at his ring finger and saw that he wasn't wearing a wedding band. "Can I get you anything while you wait?"

"No ma'am. I'm fine, but thanks." Edward responded, quickly wanting to leave upon hearing her thoughts.

If Edward had to wait to see Bella, he knew exactly where he was going to spend his time waiting. In James' room. "Deputy Call, I'm heading in to question James. You want to come with me?"

"You bet. Wouldn't miss this for the world." Embry shuffled after Edward.

Approaching the door, Edward pulled out his FBI badge for clearance. "Agent Cullen, FBI."

An officer took his badge and gave it back after close inspection. Edward found the guard's thoughts amusing. He's that hotshot FBI guy with the pussymobile. Lucky fucker.

"So what's the suspect's condition?" Edward inquired.

"Blabbering baby about the pain. My kid's had worse from a fall off his damn tricycle. But he's uncooperative when we've asked for details. Refusing to talk, they're getting a federal public defender for him now."

"Thanks, I have a feeling I'll get something out of him." Edward patted the guard's shoulder and opened the door with Embry following close behind.

After acknowledging the agents in the room, Edward's jaw tightened as he took in the scum of a man in front of him. James' thoughts hit him hard, startling him with their evil callousness. Colder than ice, his heart was solid stone, but Edward had a chisel that could hopefully break through it-his mind reading.

"So James," Edward spoke as he moved toward the hospital bed. "I'm Agent Cullen. Perhaps you remember seeing me last night? At the Volturi's?"

Oh fuck, he's an agent too. Motherfucking, piece of shit.

"Yes, you did see me didn't you?" Edward continued with his questioning and James looked confused, wondering how his answers were so apparent. He decided to set his face to 'stone cold.'

What does this bastard want from me anyway? He's got that cock-teasing virgin back?

Edward rushed at James which brought Embry and the FBI agents already in the room closer to the bed, unsure of what Edward had planned. Reaching for his chest, Edward grabbed the fabric of James' gown and bunched it in his two hands as he pulled James closer.

Speaking through gritted teeth, Edward asked. "How the fuck did you know she was a virgin? That's why you kidnapped her isn't it?"

James laughed wickedly in Edward's face failing to realize that his thoughts had just been read. Oh, Mr. High and Mighty's all pissed now. She's his hot button. Probably worried that I fucked her before he had a chance. It's his and that cowboy's fault. Fuckers had no idea I bugged their car.

Edward released James in shock as he heard his thoughts, realizing his own casual talk of Bella's sexual status had led to her abduction. A queasy feeling hit him in the gut as he backed away from James. Embry cautiously walked to Edward's side. Something had transpired between the two men, but Embry was at a loss to know what the hell happened. After all, Edward had just asked question and James responded by only answering them with an eerie laugh.

"Man, you all right?" Embry placed a hand on Edward's shoulder, showing his support.

Turning to look at Embry, Edward confessed. "I did this to her. It was my fault and what if something had happened to her? What if he succeeded in selling her to the highest bidder?"

"What do you mean it's your fault?" Embry didn't see how Edward's words made any sense.

"Take me to her room, now." Edward spoke anxiously, and then he muttered one simple word. "Please?"

"Sure, follow me." Embry led Edward toward the door.

But Edward turned back toward James one last time before he left the room. "Have you ever heard of the Lindbergh Law?"

James' eyes showed no expression as his icy stare met Edward. He was already concocting a plan to exchange information on the Volturi's for a plea. However, Edward wanted him to have no delusions about his fate.

"What you've done today… kidnapping a federal agent, injecting her with a potentially deadly sedative, and attempting to sexual assault her, well you've committed a capital offense, fucker." This time Edward laughed as a flicker of fear flashed in James' eyes before he once again retreated back within his cold shell of indifference. "Yah, it's turn the key and lock your sorry ass away time."

After speaking, Edward spun around quickly to see Embry smiling at the door, waiting for him. "He has no idea how much trouble he's in, does he?" Embry asked.

"No idea, but he'll soon find out. I'll make sure of it." Edward followed Embry along the sterile hallway, stopping in front of a door across from the nurses' station.

"I have no doubt you will." Embry gestured to the door. "Well, this is it. Might wanna give her warning you're coming in."

Eager to see her, Edward skipped the warning as he slowly opened the door and quietly scooted inside. A curtain was drawn around her bed, but he saw her bare legs peeking out underneath it.

"Bella, it's me." His voice was faint, almost a whisper.

"Edward, is that you?" But Bella knew it was him. She felt that strange connection in the air, even with the curtain separating them. Knowing he only stood a few feet away made her heart race. "Give me second. I'm getting dressed."

Shivering, with her hair wet from the shower, she wrapped the towel tighter around her body and looked over the clothes one of the kind nurses found for her. Basic clothing. A pair of jeans, a deep blue cotton sweater, and a pair of panties and bra, if you could call them that. They reminded her of something her grandmother might've worn, and with that thought, she decided to go totally commando.

"Hurry, up in there. How long does it take to get dressed?" Edward paced around the edge of the curtain. His hands lingered on the drape, itching to pull it apart.

"Almost done." She stretched the truth a little bit. After opting out of the large knickers and parachute bra, she was still only clad in her only birthday suit and a thin standard cotton towel.

"Well, I can't wait much longer." Edward found the edge of the curtain's opening and peeked through, seeing Bella facing away from him. Her back curved as she bent over the bed and prepared to put on her jeans. Shiny drips of water ran down her back from loose strands of wet hair. His eyes lowered as he watched her long legs ease into the denim. He tried to look away, but she was a magnet, her skin was his 'true north.' He felt his body being pulled to hers.

A gasp, then a groan, escaped his mouth. He just couldn't keep silent after he saw a glimpse of her bare behind, peeking underneath the towel as Bella pulled the jeans up over her perfect little tush.

His gasp became hers as she turned to see him standing close to her. Their collective shock was mutual. But as Bella stared into Edward's eyes, she held onto her towel tightly with one hand, it was clear to one another what was reflecting in their eyes. And the emotion was mutual too. Longing, mixed with a little lust.

Walking the couple steps to her, Edward spoke from his heart. "Oh, Bella, baby. I can't even begin to tell you… I, um, was worried sick." He felt that once foreign but now familiar lump in his throat. His arms reached out and enveloped her. Bringing her flush against him, his head dropped down, placing kisses along the top of her head. The wetness was cool against his lips.

They were quiet. Holding onto each other. Grasping tightly. Gently rocking. Soothing touches and deep breaths brought a calm to their storm. The events of the day faded behind.

Holding him a little tighter, Bella looked up toward Edward's face. "This is what I dreamt of doing once again. Being in your arms again." Unshed tears glistened in her eyes.

"Oh Bella." Edward bent toward her, his eyes on her lips pausing to see if she wanted him too. Her eyes fluttered closed as she tilted her head up bring her lips even closer. The movement was all he needed.

His first touch upon her lips was tentative, gentle, seeking her surrender. As he felt her relaxing in his arms, his kisses became wild, literally stealing her very breath. His pent up desire was unleashed. One hand pressed against her lower back and the other tangled in her hair. His lips left hers and kissed along her cheek stopping to whisper in her ear.

"Do you have any idea how much I want you? How much I need you?" Edward's questions were a petition seeking her permission.

"I want you too. I've never wanted any one like I want you. It's maddening."

Edward's lips caressed the skin behind her ear. He then trailed feather light kisses down her neck and along the bare skin of her shoulder.

"You taste divine," Edward muttered and continued kissing along the swell of her breast. As he lightly licked a drop of water from her chest, her breathing stilled. He looked into her eyes, thinking he'd pushed too far and would see fear. Instead he saw fire, hot and smoldering. Even after all she'd been through, Bella wanted and needed him too.

Straightening a little, he placed a hand on the towel wrapped around her chest. Slowly, allowing her time to protest, he pulled it away from her body; their eyes locked in a lover's gaze.

They both felt the towel drop at their feet. Exposed, his hands sought to touch her everywhere. Cupping the side of her breasts tenderly, Edwards's thumbs rubbed her nipples before he bent down to kiss them reverently. Skin to nipple, caused Bella to sound out the pleasure his touches brought to her. Lost, as his fingers skimmed and glided over her flesh, she no longer was holding herself up, her legs were completely bent and felt like liquid beneath her. Edward laid her down on the bed and for the first time moved far enough away from her to see the beauty of the woman in front of him.

Flushed cheeks, swollen lips fresh from being kissed. Round and full breasts, hard from his touch. But the look he saw in her brown eyes reflected something that drained and then filled him back up again. All he could do was smile down at her, knowing that he recognized something that had eluded him.

To see love in someone else, you have to have it within yourself first. Once again his mother's words were right.

Climbing onto the bed, his body resting atop hers, Edward moved her hair away from the side of her neck and was bringing his lips back where they longed to be, when the door of the room opened. Keenly aware of their compromising position on the bed and Bella's half-dressed state, the two scuttled off the bed quickly. Bella grabbed the sweater and threw it over her head.

"Ahem, excuse me." The nurse charitably made her presence known. "I need to go over a few things with Bella. The doctor has released her."

Bella pushed the curtain aside. The flush on her face, her swollen lips, and her wild wet hair gave away their lover's escapade.

Chuckling, the nurse brought some papers over to Bella. "The blood work came back all within normal ranges, whatever that man used to knock you out, passed through your system quickly and shouldn't cause serious side-effects. But you should take it easy." The nurse stopped and eyed Bella and Edward then rolled her eyes. "But that advice is probably wasted breath. The only thing I need you to do is sign here. Then you're free to go. Any questions?"

"No, thanks. I appreciate everything." Bella thanked the nurse and signed the paperwork.

"Not a problem, dear." Leaning toward her, the nurse whispered. "But you might wanna fix your sweater. It's on backwards and inside out." The nurse winked at them both as she left the room.

"Could we be any more obvious?" Bella laughed.

"We could lock the door and camp out for a couple of hours." Edward waggled his brow, smirking at her.

As Bella started to take off her sweater, she motioned with her head for Edward to spin around, giving her privacy.

"Wait, I just had those lovely boobs in my hands." But he complied, realizing that the heat of the moment had passed.

"Okay, you can turn around now." Bella straightened her sweater and searched for the comb the nurse had given her earlier. Once she found it, she moved over to the vanity mirror.

Struggling to detangle her hair, she asked Edward a couple questions. "Did you see James yet? I was wondering if he said anything. Like why me?"

"Actually, I went to see him first. I arrived while you were in the shower." Edward confessed.

"He said the strangest things to me. He knew stuff about me. Private, personal things..." She paused. "So what did he say to you?"

Bella looked at Edward as she waited for his answer and saw a man conflicted. Now she was definitely puzzled. He knows something, but what the hell could it be? She thought.

"Bella, we need to talk." Edward held his head down and sat on the bed, preparing to confess… everything.

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