Redheaded Slut Martini

3/4 oz. Jaeger

3/4 oz Peach Schnapps

3/4 cup Cranberry Juice in a shaker with ice.

Makes 2

Like a Virgin

Chapter 3

"Ms. Swan, may I come in?" And who in the hell is Jacob?

"Ed – I mean, Mr. Cullen," Bella stumbled over her words. "I didn't think you were coming over tonight after all. Um, come in. I'm just getting ready to leave for the dinner."

Edward could feel the tension emanating from her as he stepped into the condo.

She obviously was expecting someone else. Jacob, whoever that is, he thought, creasing his brow.

He was unable to shake the uneasiness he was experiencing in her presence. Edward never had such an uncomfortable feeling when interacting with another person.

His mind-reading abilities usually gave him the upper hand in all his relationships and interactions. He was a grand manipulator. But without being able to read her thoughts, his sails had no wind.

He had to figure out this woman standing in front of him. And there she was – a sight to behold. Her lovely brown locks spilling across her delicate shoulders exposed a creamy softness that begged for his touch, a craving he hoped to satisfy soon.

Bella glanced around trying to look anywhere but in Edward's eyes.

"So what can I do for you, Mr. Cullen?"

Edward had to bite his lip when Bella asked this loaded question. What could she do for me, indeed? He knew what he really wanted, needed since he first saw her. He looked over at the brown leather couch and wished for one thing – Bella poised across it, lying in wait for him with her legs slightly spread and her hair sprawled over the cushions.

He felt his breathing quicken, and with difficulty, he pushed those thoughts aside. He gestured to the couch, asking her permission to sit down where he'd dreamt of fucking her.

"May I?"

"Sure." Bella shrugged, waving her hands towards it. She worried that he was getting too comfortable and, with Jacob's impending arrival, she felt trouble brewing.

Edward padded to the couch and purposely sat near the middle.

Bella chose the chair facing Edward's position.

Damn, if he doesn't look so relaxed and perfect sitting there. Too relaxed! I need to get him out of here before Jacob walks through that door, she worried.

Bella began looking at him rather pointedly. She glanced at the clock on the DVD player. What did he want? I thought he just came to deliver my new phone. But the way he was looking at her made her feel uneasy and squirm in her chair.

"I'm sorry Ms. Swan, but could I ask you for a drink?"

Bella almost told him to help himself. Suppressing her irritation, she smiled tightly.

"Is water okay? Ice or no ice?"

"Water is fine, no ice."

Returning with his drink, she noticed he had a black object in his hands.

"Ms. Swan, here is your new phone," Edward said, handing the phone to Bella without breaking eye contact. He was desperate for any inkling of what she might be thinking.

Bella studied the phone in her hand.

"On the outside, it resembles a standard Blackberry," Edward explained. "Tomorrow, I want you to meet the technology designer, who will personally show you how to use this phone. I think you'll be surprised how much of a punch he packed into a small object."

When Bella took the phone from Edward, she noticed that his hand lingered slightly against her fingers. As their hands touched briefly, she marveled again at the charge she felt.

Edward was hoping to catch a thought or two of hers with his quick touch, but he was also distracted by the peculiar spark he felt when touching her skin. Disappointed, he refocused, taking comfort in the fact that he had one more chance to touch her.

"There is one more item that I need to give you tonight." Placing his long fingers into the pocket of his sports coat, Edward pulled out a small Tiffany's box wrapped delicately with a white ribbon.

Bella's eyes traveled down to the gift in his hand. What is he up to now? she wondered, and she froze as he handed her the trademark blue box.

"Uh, Mr. Cullen, really." Bella looked up confused. "I am not sure what this is about, but I don't think it's appropriate for me to accept a gift from you." But deep down inside, Bella wanted to grab the box and rip off that ribbon. It was from Tiffany's after all.

"Ms. Swan, you flatter me, but I don't give gifts to my partners – at least not until its needed." He ran his hands through his messy hair. "Please, just open it."

Edward was frustrated with the little control he had over the conversation. In his normal dealings with others, he could always gauge his responses or questions from hearing their thoughts. He was used to having the upper hand, but with Ms. Swan he actually had to try. And damn, he found her frustrating.

Bella removed the lid and took the soft blue suede pouch out of the box. Slowly she loosened the pouch's string and peeked inside.

She gasped in surprise at what she saw nestled at the bottom – a beautiful pair of diamond earrings, unique in their design, unlike the plain stud earrings she had received from Jacob. These earrings were set in a torque box of white gold.

Carefully, Bella let the earrings fall into the palm of her hand and peering through her lashes at Edward, she gave him a quizzical look.

"You have got to be kidding me, Mr. Cullen! Why on God's green earth would the Bureau buy these expensive earrings for me?"

"Hand them to me – I'll show you."

Bella reluctantly dropped them into Edward's waiting hand. His large hand dwarfed the delicate gems.

Edward cleared his throat. "You can't see it now, but behind the diamond there is a small GPS chip. The man you'll meet tomorrow also retrofitted the earrings. I'll be able to find your exact location from my phone down to a few feet. It's a safety precaution."

Bella wasn't sure what to think. He's going to know where I am at all timesthat's just a little creepy.

Edward unscrewed the back to one of the earrings and examined Bella's delicate earlobes.

"Ms. Swan, take out your earrings for me. Let me help you put the new ones on. They have a special way of screwing together."

Screwing together? Good luck with that! Bella mused at Edward's subtle innuendo.

Bella removed Jacob's earrings and placed them in the now empty suede pouch. "How long do I need to wear these?"

"These stay in until our assignment is done, Ms. Swan."

Edward made his way to her side. She pulled her hair away from her ears and gently tilted her head. This gave Edward complete access to her exquisite neck. He longed to move the halter strap of her dress and sink his teeth into her, and ravish her neck with his lips.

Mmm…I can almost taste her now. He felt a familiar stirring in his lower regions.

"Mr. Cullen, are these diamonds real?"

"Most definitely, Ms. Swan."

"Why would the Bureau spend this kind of money on me? It doesn't make sense."

"Let's just say that I picked them out for you. They pretty much give me carte blanche." Edward chuckled and winked at Bella. "Hope you like them. I think they will look beautiful on you."

"You picked these out especially for me?" Bella tried to hide her surprise.

"Yes, move your head a little more to the right."

Bella complied and Edward began to insert the first earring. He tried to be gentle, and pressed his hand against her cheek, excited to have skin-to-skin contact.

Finally, he was going to hear her sustained thoughts!

I can't believe he picked these out for me. They are beautiful. He might be a jerk but he does have good taste.

As Edward was securing the earring and hearing her thoughts, he moved closer to her head for a better view of her earlobe. The closer he stood to her the more he wanted to nuzzle his face into her hair and take in her wonderful smell. It reminded him of freesias – his mother's favorite flower. There was something unique about her scent, and as he inhaled, it became his undoing. He found himself getting lost and leaning in closer to her, almost becoming buried in her locks.

"Hey, Bells I'm..."

Jacob stopped dead in the doorway, stunned at the sight in front of him. His girl, all flushed and wearing a sexy dress, was standing with a man's face nestled in the waves of her beautiful brown hair. Jacob felt a powerful surge of adrenaline course through him.

"Jake," Bella choked out, quickly pulling away from Edward. She almost sprinted toward Jacob, an almost visible anger burning in his eyes.

"Ah, this is Edw… I mean Agent Cullen. He just stopped by to drop off a few things for me from the Bureau, and he's about to leave." She glanced back at Edward, pleading with her eyes.

He smiled back at her. "So this is Jacob. Nice to meet you," Edward made no effort to shake his hand. Instead he began reading the swirling thoughts inside his mind.

I can't believe the arrogance of this guy. First he's all over my virgin girlfriend, and then he acts like he knows me? What a cocky bastard. "So Bells, you ready to head out?" Jacob said turning his back to Edward and pointedly ignoring him. The best way to minimize him is to ignore him, give him the cold shoulder, Jacob thought.

Edward was certainly having fun at Jacob's expense. He always enjoyed these games of cat and mouse. Hearing Jacob's thoughts enabled him to set-up a good trap.

So this big dog is worried about me and Ms. Swan. As he probably should be. Edward mused. And the beautiful Ms. Swan is untouched? Damn, he's a fool, but I'll remedy his foolishness soon, and have her crying out for more.

"Well Ms Swan and I were almost done." He moved closer to Bella, who was blushing an even prettier color pink then he remembered.

"Ms. Swan, we need to be at the lab by two o'clock tomorrow. I will pick you up around 1:30 pm, okay?"

Oh shit! He never mentioned this when he told me about the meeting. Bella thought, glancing between Jacob and Edward. Their eyes were steeled on each other and she noticed their hands were balled in fists at their sides. The pissing contest was about to begin.

She should have felt disgusted by their display, but truthfully, she found it a little arousing to find two sexy and beautiful young men sparring over her. It was like getting catcalls. Out loud, you told your friends how disgusting the men were, but inwardly you noted that this outfit would be worn to the club later.

Edward's unbroken stare indicated that he was still waiting for her answer. She knew that she could get to the meeting by herself, and from the looks of it, that would be Jacob's choice, too. But she didn't care what Jacob wanted her to do and this thought shocked her.

"Yes, Mr. Cullen, that will be fine. I'll see you about 1:30." She smiled at him with a wicked glint in her eye, planning her sexy outfit to wear to the meeting, one to make his eyes and crotch bulge.

Edward will be the one squirming this time. I'll make sure of that, she thought.

Edward gasped at her smile, stunned by the beauty of it. He stared back at her and, for the first time in his life, he was at a loss for words.

Jacob cleared his throat, looking back and forth between Bella and Edward. He was seething with anger and he started to feel a rage boil within him. He couldn't believe that this man, some random agent, stood there making plans with his girlfriend right in front of him, and with a sexually charged look on his face at the same time. Jacob knew Edward wanted Bella.

But what troubled him the most was Bella's body language – she appeared to be comfortable with Edward. Her body seemed to be moving closer to him as she answered his question. And Jacob was still waiting for a good explanation as to why Edward had been practically buried in her hair.

At this point he'd had enough of this cocky bastard standing in front of him. Jacob was imagining wiping that smirk off his face and then throwing Bella over his shoulder and yelling, "she's mine."

Hearing Jacob's thoughts, Edward laughed silently to himself. He's no better than a fucking caveman. What the fuck does she see in him anyway? I guess if you want a possessive, crazed boyfriend, he would make the cut. He does have it bad for her. I can hardly bear to listen to all his rambling thoughts.

"Bella, we need to leave. The dinner will be starting shortly." Jacob said, forcefully, more a command than a request. Inexplicably, Bella found herself exasperated with Jacob's attitude and rolled her eyes.

Edward wanted another dig at Jacob before Bella left with him. He was having too much fun and just didn't want the games to end. Placing the arrow in his bow, Edward readied for a quick strike.

"Man, I am surprised you didn't tell Bella how stunning she looks tonight." Edward said facing a fuming Jacob. What a loser, he thought.

Jacob glared at Edward. "I haven't really had a chance to tell Bella yet, but don't worry, I'll be telling her that all night," Jacob exclaimed, looking intensely at Bella's curvy form. I was more concerned about your sorry ass messing with my virgin.

"Bells, you look lovely and I can't wait to show you off." She'll need more than her usual two drinks tonight. I want her threshold loweredsome groping and perhaps a little tongue fun as well. She needs to see who the real man is here. You aren't getting any of that from her, you smug bastard. She's all mine."

Pulling out one more punch, Edward traveled to Bella's side. "Well, Jake that would have been the first thing I would have said to this gorgeous lady."

Edward grabbed Bella's hand, and raised it to his mouth, grazing it sensuously with his lips. Edward heard two things while he softly gripped her hand. Holy cowhis eyes are beautiful, so green. And Jake is gonna be so pissed about the kiss on my hand.

For the second time that day, Bella found herself pulling quickly away from Edward's touch. His last comment went too far and she needed to quickly diffuse Jacob's seething anger.

"Mr. Cullen, I think we all know that that you have crossed the line here." Bella glanced over at Jacob, who was still quietly seething, too angry to speak. She had never seen Jacob at a loss for words.

Bella reached for Jacob's hand and pulled him towards the front door, forcing Edward to follow behind them. Approaching the entrance, Bella motioned for Edward to move past them. As he walked by heading out the door, he gave Bella a covert wink.

Oh, I can't believe that man. Who does he think he is? Bella fumed silently.

Edward stopped and turned to Jacob with his hand extended.

"Jacob, have fun tonight. You should watch those drinks served at the dinner. Might want to stick with virgin ones, know what I mean?" Edward smirked, winking at Jacob.

Bella heard Jacob let out a low growl. It was a sound she had never heard him make before and she knew he was at his breaking point. She pulled his hand close to her, wrapping his arm behind her back. She saw him lean forward and knew what she had to do to keep him from lunging at Edward.

"Okay, pissing contest over. Mr. Cullen, you need to leave, and Jake, we need to get to the dinner."

"My apologies, I may have over stepped the line here Ms. Swan. But believe me, it was all in good fun. Good evening." Edward spoke the last words bowing slightly, as he turned to the sidewalk. Before he reached the street, he stopped and called to Bella.

"Ms. Swan, your earring. I still have the other one here in my pocket." He held out his hand, not moving, clearly wanting her to leave Jacob's side and walk to him.

"Jacob, wait here – I'll be right back," Bella said, moving in Edward's direction and noticing that same beautiful smile from earlier today. It was a smile of victory, like his Yorkie had won the Westminster Dog show, or his rooster won a cock fight. Either way, he was elated.

It was rather unnerving to Bella. But all she needed to do was grab the earring from his hand and head back to Jacob's side.

"Here it is, Ms. Swan. Be careful inserting it. Just remember that I am good at screwing things…in," he chuckled.

Bella's eyes widened in complete surprise. Oh the nerve of this man, as if he can just dazzle me and I'll drop my pantieshe infuriates the hell out of me.

Edward strolled to the street, stopping in front of his Aston Martin Vanquish. Forcing himself to not glance back at Bella, he climbed into his sweet ride.

Jacob had seen the Vanquish when he arrived earlier and had walked around it, admiring its slick beauty. He had always wanted to see one close up, but now all he wanted to know was how an agent for the FBI could afford a car that cost more than his parents' house back in Oklahoma.

Bella thought the car fit Edward to a tee, stylish, slick and over the top. Figures he would have the ultimate sports car. Wonder if he's compensating for what he lacks elsewhere? Bella giggled at the idea of Edward lacking in that department.

When the Vanquish pulled away, Bella regained her composure and attached the back to her earring, walking back to Jacob and preparing for a thousand questions. God, could this get any worse?

"Bella, I can't believe that guy. Who the fuck was he? And what was he doing here with you?"

"Jacob, Mr. Cullen is an agent in the FBI. It's something I can't discuss with you. Remember I told you that my position was going to be difficult at times. I know what a dick he was tonight. I've never met anyone like him while training at the Bureau," she sighed.

"Please try to put this crazy meeting behind you. Let's head to the dinner and try to turn this night around. What do you say?" Bella smiled up at Jacob, rubbing his arm gently. She learned that a soft touch could calm his inner beast.

"Bella, I am sorry, I just don't like it. This Cullen guy looks at you like you are something to eat."

"Jake, please…you're going to have to trust me on this one."

The downtown D.C. Marriott was quite elegant as hotels go, but it did not disguise the truth that the graduation dinner was yet another bland government function. Though the hotel offered spacious ballrooms, government agencies typically only rented the minimum space necessary, forcing the round, white-covered tables close together. The domestic wine was palatable, and a cash bar offered a small selection of mixed drinks and sodas. A portable parquet dance floor flanked by a corner disc jockey pumped tired tunes from a laptop-controlled sound system.

Jacob was singing along and swaying in his seat. Bella wondered how long it would be before Jacob asked her to dance. He danced somewhere just below Fred Astaire, and she loved watching him.

However, Bella struggled to do a one-step, forget even trying the two-step. Club dancing was easier with all those bodies crammed together, but Bella still had a hard time moving both her arms and legs to the music. Usually at the clubs she had some liquid courage to help her forget her own awkwardness.

Jacob reached and took Bella's hand, pulling her from her chair. It was time for their dancing to begin. Fortunately, Jacob made it almost bearable. He helped her feel elegant and smooth as he led her around the dance floor, and she could relax with him in control.

After several standard cover songs and a couple of slow dances, the atmosphere became more club-like. As the libations flowed, the DJ requests took a sexy turn.

Bella and Jake returned to their table. As she sat down, she glanced around at her classmates realizing that even though they'd been together for twenty-one weeks of training, she wouldn't really miss them. The only exception was Angela and her boyfriend, Ben. Jessica's interactions with Bella ran hot and cold. She never knew how Jessica would treat her. Eventually, Bella gave up worrying about it, because the effort wasn't worth it.

"Bella did you ever figure out why Dickward himself was asking about you?" Jessica grinned impishly.

"Dickward?" Bella hoped Jake wasn't listening.

"Agent Edward Cullen. FBI agent extraordinaire, and I hear the action in his pants is not to be missed."

"I have met him but his man-whoring is of no interest to me."

"Oh, listen to Miss Virtue. Come on Bella – you need to have the hairy bag pipes played in your arena and then you'd want to have some of Cullen. I hear he doesn't lack for length or thickness."

Jacob gripped her hand tightly. This conversation was heading into the danger zone, so she leaned into Jacob's side and whispered in his ear. "Hey – you wanna get out of here?"

Jacob turned to her and smiled. "Sure, what did you have in mind?"

"Oh I don't know. How about Cafe Saint Ex?"

As she stood up, Jacob's arm encircled her waist. He seemed needy for her touch tonight, and Bella felt certain that the confrontation with Edward was to blame.

She wondered if her body language betrayed the inner conflict she was having? Could Jacob feel that strange attraction to Edward she was fighting? She hated that between her legs she wanted Edward, while her mind despised him for his reputation – a total player. She felt her face flush even now as she remembered his lips moving across her hand earlier tonight.

Things were different with Jacob; Bella never felt the same type of unnerving heat deep down in her core. She could talk to him easily, and he was a comfortable presence, and made her laugh. But she now had one deep and disturbing question: Where was the passion? Was there any there at all?

Jacob held Bella's hand, rubbing his thumb over her knuckles, as they drove in utter silence to Café Saint Ex club. When they found a place to park, Jacob slumped in his seat, not showing any signs of exiting the truck.

"Jake, what's going on?" Bella couldn't handle the tension between them anymore.

"Agent Cullen – is he going to be your partner?"

Bella nodded.

"I know you won't be able to give me details when you get your assignment, but how do you feel about working with him?

Bella gazed out the window for awhile, and upon turning back, she caught Jake staring at her. He reached his hand up to her hair and gently tucked a loose strand behind her ear.

"He is considered to be one of the top agents at the Bureau," Bella said evenly. "I guess it's a compliment that they paired me up with him. On the other hand he is an arrogant man who thinks he is god's gift to anyone looking for the big O."

Jacob was quiet for a moment. "Does he intimidate you or make you feel uncomfortable in…you know…a sexual way?" Jacob asked it in a calm voice, but there was a definite uneasiness in his tone.

"No, I'm more worried I'll end up Bobbiting him." Bella laughed, hoping to ease the tension that was cropping up between them. Jacob couldn't know that Edward stirred feelings of lust in her body. She looked at Jacob's face and noticed the crease in his forehead. "Jake, you aren't worried about me working with him, are you?"

Jacob shifted uncomfortably, releasing Bella's hand and removing the keys from the ignition. Placing a hand back on the steering wheel, he wouldn't meet her eyes.

What the hell? Bella thought. We've dated for a few months and now I have to defend who I am going to be working with? Jacob's reaction to Edward confirmed her fears; he was taking his relationship with her a little too seriously.

Sighing, Jacob spoke softly. "I don't know how I feel. I just saw the way he was looking at you and I know that look, Bella. He wants you in every sense of the word."

"Jacob, let's go inside and have a good time. Forget about Edward Cullen."

Finally a small smile made its way to Jacob's mouth, and Bella opened the truck's door. Jacob took her hand and they walked inside Cafe Saint Ex. She needed to distract herself from thinking about Mr.-I-Want-To-Sex-You-Up, so she decided to order a strong martini.

"Bella, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said those things to you. I know that this has been a dream of yours for years. I don't want to ruin your first assignment. You're right, let's get in there and party." He squeezed her hand and smiled at her.

Edward felt outplayed after leaving Bella's place. It was true he had succeeded in getting the earrings on her. He touched her, but the brief look into her thoughts didn't reveal anything to him. She appeared nervous around him and Edward was sure she was attracted to him on some level.

His thoughts turned to Jacob. What a dog, Edward mused, gripping the steering wheel tightly. He tried to calm himself down with the thought that in less than three days Jacob would be out of Bella's life for a few weeks, at least.

Damn! Why was he so consumed by thoughts of her? His hardened cock was protesting, yelling to be stroked and have the pressure released.

He had an idea and pulled out his phone. Scrolling down his contacts, he found who he was searching for, saved as, Miss Firecracker!

The redhead will do for tonight. She's beautiful and her mind is always filled with the most delicious, perverted thoughts. Reading her thoughts is like foreplay. What the fuck was her name again? Vivian? No, no it was Victoria. He remembered just as she answered his call.

"Victoria, darling, I am heading out for drinks at Café Saint Ex, and was hoping I could persuade you to join me?"

Fifteen minutes later Victoria was in the car wearing a short skirt and cleavage bearing top. Her spiked heels only added to her hooker like outfit. Her mind was already planning the evening beyond the bar and hearing those thoughts did nothing but cause his erection to become even more painful. He reached down to straighten his hardened rod and moaned at his touch.

His adjustment did not escape Victoria's notice, and he heard mind planning on sucking him dry. His groin actually twitched at the thought.

Victoria undid her seat belt and licked her lips. "Baby, what's a matter? Are you feeling tense?" God he is so hard.

As she unzipped his pants, Edward lifted up his ass so she could yank his pants and Calvin Klein's down. He had been longing and hoping for the sight before him, a beautiful woman getting ready to take him into her mouth. His length snapped against his happy trail, relieved to have some space.

She took his length in her hands and stroked him up and down, slowly running her thumb over the slit. His pre-cum was already beginning to ooze out.

"Babe, you're even bigger than I remember. God I want you inside me so bad," she said her voice husky with desire.

And in every opening, she thought.

She held Edward's eyes as she leaned down and began to pull him deep in her mouth.

Edward's foot pressed unconsciously on the accelerating causing them both to lurch forward. Removing his foot from the gas, he coasted onto a side street and bumped against the curb. Putting the car into park he closed his eyes, reading himself to enjoy the blow job.

But as soon as eye lids shut all he saw were those chocolate brown eyes belonging to a certain Ms. Swan. Edward's eyes flew open. My God what is happening to me?

Victoria's teeth accidentally grazed his tip. He jerked back, and Victoria took him from her mouth and did two quick strokes with her hands using her saliva as the lubricant.

Already, he could tell his erection was starting to falter.

What the hell?

She went down on him again but it was too late. She sighed. It happens to the best of them, she thought.

"Baby, why don't we get those drinks and then head back to my place?" she cooed.

No…no. He closed his eyes again. All he saw was that face slowly being painted with a blush and brown hair that smelled like freesias. Blood began to pool in his groin again, but Victoria was already reapplying her lipstick.

"Shit," he cursed, pulling his pants up. She better be ready to be fucked and fucked hard when we get out of this bar, he thought.

Edward blocked Victoria's thoughts, as she wondered whether she should have accepted an earlier offer for the evening.

Not caring about speed limits, he raced to Cafe Saint Ex. Squealing to a stop at the curb he turned off the car and roughly opened the door. Victoria was already out before he could help her. She started for the club entrance when he grabbed her shoulder and turned her around pulling her to him.

He placed his mouth over hers and roughly forced her lips to open. He lightly bit her bottom lip pulling it as he went to whisper in her ear. "I hope you're ready for me to drive hard into you tonight." He reached up and grazed his hands between her legs. Victoria moaned and pushed her hips into his groin.

"Oh, I am more than ready," she groaned into his chest.

Pulling away from her he grabbed her hand and almost pulled her into the bar. Maybe a stiff drink would drive the image of Ms. Swan from his mind.

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