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Chapter 18

Riven's P.O.V

"And I don't know she just ran away!" Flora cries on the bed, while Helia holds her. Everyone had gotten back about thirty minutes ago, and after looking almost everywhere in the school, they showed up in mine and Helia's room looking for answers. They thought I might know where Musa was. I honestly feel bad that she's gone and hurt somewhere because of me. I knew I shouldn't have listened to Alicia and I definitely shouldn't have slept with her. What's worse is that I made Musa think that it's her fault that I dumped her. I'm just too scared to tell her the truth. I know that she's been paranoid with Alicia here, because of what her friends from Seattle told me, and she really should be.

Damon looks at me, "What did you do to her?"

I panic on the inside, but I have to be normal on the outside, "What are you talking about?"

He narrows his eyes at me. Then walks over to me and pushes me to the wall, "I know that since we've gotten here, you two have been fighting. Flora also said that you guys had been fighting before she left. I get It maybe to you she's not that special, but she's my life. I love her, and I hate that in the end she's with a guy like you, someone that doesn't appreciate or love her the way I can, the way I do. I know that you're her choice, but I also know that she has a bad choice in guys, so I'm gonna ask you one more time, What did you do to her?"

All I can think right now is that he loves Musa, my Musa. In a flash I have him pinned against the wall, with my hands on his collar. "Listen Damon, I don't care if you love her or not, but you should know that I love her, too. She's mine, not yours, we're going through a rough patch, cause of Alicia, but I love her and I'll make sure that at the end of the day, she's mine."

He just looks me straight in the eye, "She's not yours now and she won't be at the end."

I let him go, "We'll see about that."

"Wait, hold up Riven, you broke up with her." I freeze, and it looks like everyone else does too. Stella keeps talking, "I heard you and your whole speech."

I run a hand through my hair, "okay fine, yes I broke up with her. Are you happy now? I just left after that and came here."

Before I can even think, I'm being punched, more than once. "How could you do this to her? You swore that you wouldn't just do that. What? Did you finally trick her into thinking that you loved her? Huh? Did you trick her into letting you get in her pants?" He's more pissed than I've ever seen him before. That shows you how much he cares about her.

Then Helia's ripped off of me by Ben and Griffon, funny how my own friends didn't help me. "Helia, go take a walk like Damon." He hesitates, "Now!" He nods his head and just leaves. I don't blame him, Jen's scary when she's like that. Then she says, "We'll try calling her family to see if they know where she is." Then she and the rest of Musa's friends leave.

It's silent, until Flora asks, "Why?" Her voice is so soft and so sad. It's weird they've all known her for less than a year and already they love her so much, but I understand I love her too.

I sit on the chair I was sitting on before and put my head in my hands. "I slept with Alicia two days ago."

It's silent until Nabu, my best friend, starts laughing. "Oh God that was good, now seriously, why?"

I sigh, "I seriously slept with Alicia."

"Why?" This time its Stella who's voice is sad and soft, which happens really rarely.

"It was that fight, when we didn't talk for two days. I was pissed and drunk and Alicia was there."

Brandon gets up, "You know what? Here's what's gonna happen, when Musa gets back, you're not gonna talk to her, or look at her, or even think about her. The only reason you'll be near her, is because you are our friend and you have been for years, unless she decides to hang with Damon and them, we're not gonna stop her."

"But Brandon I really do love her."

"Don't give met that B.S. Helia loves Flora and he didn't cheat, even though he had been offered, the same goes for Sky and Nabu, and me and Timmy. Don't forget before the girls, me Nabu and Sky were also players, but we love our girls and we didn't cheat. You don't love her, and for her sake I hope you never try to." Then he leaves with the gang right behind him. Nabu just gives me a look of pity. Maybe it was because he's the only one I ever told that I love Musa. In reality, she's my life. I hate hurting her. Why did i do it? I keep banging my head on the desk.


"Aah," I scream as Drake whips me again. He laughs evilly; either the guy is crazy or he gets seriously turned on by this. Another crack of the whip has me screaming.

Drake must have gotten closer to me because he puts a hand on my back. He prefers to whip me like this with me on my stomach, one of the few things I learned about him since he came back hours ago. "Musa sweetheart...please stop screaming so loud...You should only do that when I make love to you. It's true you know...I have fallen in love with you after watching you after all these years...I will never treat you like Riven and Michael did...and you see I am much more of a man than Damon will ever be...because unlike him...I told you that I love you...Tell me the same Musa." He says all this while stroking my rear end. It is a very unwanted touch, and the thought of telling this sick man that I love him makes me want to throw up. But I have to stay alive.

"Drake baby...what if I lie and tell you that I feel nothing for you?" I pur making my voice as alluring as I can.

I hear the sound of a zipper and something falling to the ground. Then I feel a weight on my back, and I know that it's Drake on my backside, straddling me. He starts massaging me. I know that he's evil and that he's crazy, but it still felt so good. If this guy wasn't crazy, and if he wasn't so old and didn't kidnap me, I would actually consider giving him my v-card.

"Sweetheart...I'm not Drake my name is Dakota." Now I'm just confused.

"What do you mean? You told me that you're Drake."

He somehow manages to turn me around. "I know. I was just messing with you, love. My name really is Drake." He smiles at me like he actually does love me. I actually for him, I think that there really is something wrong with him, so I just smile weakly. "So because you love me, you won't mind me doing this." Before I can ask what he means, he rams into me, which makes me scream (A/N I mean it not like he hit her but the other way poor Musa). I can't help but let the tears I've been holding in fall out. It hurt so much, and I can't help but think that even though he probably doesn't really love me, Riven would have been more gentle, but I can't change what happened.

When Drake finishes, he lays down on top of me. He sees my tears and wipes them away,"Does it hurt that much sweetheart?" I nod, even though he means the juncture between my legs, all I can think about is my heart. It's official, I'm not only scarred, but now I'm not pure anymore. My mom always said that your v-card should be a girl's most prized possession. Now I am damaged and used goods, I'm worthless, now no one would want me. He kisses my lips; it feels so wrong, almost like someone poured acid on my face. "I'm so sorry, but you should rest, you're gonna have customers tomorrow."

I'm scared about what he means. "What customers?"

He smiles, "You're gonna have to dance for them, and strip."

I gulp, "Do I have to sleep with them, too?"

He nods, "We need money. No one will hire me, and I can't do gang stuff." So now I'm gonna be a cheap whore? Wow best two days of my life. Not the Sarcasm. I just nod as if I understand. He smiles, and picks his jeans up off the floor; then he leaves and I fall asleep soon after

When I wake up, it's because Drake throws water on me. "Baby get up. You have to shower and change." I nod, and wait for him to untie me. As I stand up, he looks at me with lust, "Babe, give me a quicky." I look at him unsure. Then his face darkens, "I said give me a quicky." I nod my head

"Of course, love. Why wouldn't I? I live just to please you Drake, I'll bewhatever you want, a cop, angel, stripper, quicky, nurse. I'll be your trophy, as long as you always give me that piece of meat." I look at his hardened package, it's not all that big, but I don't care. He's using me for revenge, I mean nothing to him, he means nothing to me either. After last night, I realized that I don't matter to anyone. Damon and all of them have Alicia. She's just so pretty. Stella and them can replace me with her. My parents also loved Alicia. After we stopped talking, they would always ask about her, even though mom knows what happened between us. No one will ever love me, it's always going go be about Alicia. Why wouldn't it? She's pretty, smart, has a killer body, and she's a cheerleader. She's exactly what they've all wanted, but they got stuck with me. I bet right this moment, they're with her. Maybe if I'm lucky, they'll talk about me a little.


Everyone is so on edge. Except for Nabu and Flora, everyone of them are mad and only talking to me when they have to. I explained that I really do love Musa, to Flora. She understood, but the rest won't even listen to her. Right now, we're outside of the office, her family is inside talking, Helia included. Apparently the two have three brothers; Hale, Hex, and Hector. Her dad is crazy pissed and as her grandparents Saladin and Faragonda are too. All of a sudden, the door opens, and Alicia walks in.

"What are you doing here?" Damon hisses. Until yesterday, Damon seemed like a soft guy, now he just looks scary.

She has tears in her eyes, "do they know what's going on yet?"

"Why do you care?" Stella could probably kill her with all the acid in those four words.

Alicia just starts crying more, "She's my only friend." Of course she is, she's nice to everyone.

Jen snorts, "Yeah right, after what you did to her? Even Musa wouldn't be that forgiving." But I don't know, she's crying really hard and Helia had said that she can't act. I feel bad for her, she has almost no friends, maybe Musa was nice enough to her, knowing her she was.

"Alicia?" Everyone turns to see Mr. Montoya. He's a short, round man who's going bald, mostly because of his habit to run his hand through his hair. Alicia runs and hugs him.

"Henry! How'd they take her, even with the bodyguard you set for her?"

He stiffens, "What Bodyguard?"

She looks up, "Then who was the man that always follows her around?